Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sizing Up Sperm

Hmmmm...yep, y'all weren't expecting that title huh???

Last night Polt and I went to Waynesburger for dinner and back to his place for wine, snacks and Glee.  Arriving earlier than the start of Glee, we first finished up an episode of Smallville and then discovered that American Idol was running over pushing Glee back to 9:30 p.m.  So we did what any other 2 people would of surfed.

TV surfing led us to the National Geographic Channel which was showing well, the race that sperm go through and why some achieve and some don't.  What caught our attention wasn't really what the show was about but was more so of the fact that the show chose to "upsize" the sperm to human size.  Which basically means, there were all these people dressed in white each representing a sperm and racing across a field.  Yes, you read right - and No, we weren't smoking anything.  Polt was quick to point out that he was pretty sure that no one's sperm would consist of all nationalities and colors.  Yep, even this show aimed to not discriminate against anyone.

Just so you really don't think I'm tripping...I've found the synopsis on the web:

"Each of us was the grand prize in the ultimate reality contest, the amazing race a sperm makes on the road to fertilization.  Millions of sperm compete while overcoming armies of antibodies, treacherous terrain, and impossible odds to reach their single-minded goal.  To illustrate the full weight of the challenge, Sizing Up Sperm uses real people to represent 250 million sperm on their marathon quest to be first to reach a single egg."

And in case you're interested this is repeating on Thursday, April 20th @ 4:00 p.m.  And I'm sure it'll be showing again & again, so you may want to check their website for future listings.

I kept thinking what it would be like to be an actor and having your agent call you for this job - lol!!!

Anyway, Glee was good.  Not fantastic as usual, but still worth watching.

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