Sunday, May 23, 2010

So We Had This Little Tree Rip-Off

Did you ever here the saying "if it's too good to be true, then it is"?  Yeah, well.....

Hubby came across this guy through his work.  Not sure exactly how it all started, but the guy does lawn service work and due to the economy was a little down on his luck.  We have a tree we've been wanting cut down, but that is very pricey.  "Billy" said he'd do it for $200.00.  Wow!!  That's awfully cheap for that job and he gave a price without seeing the tree.  First though, he needed some of the money in advance to get his equipment out of the pawn shop.  Hubby agreed.

"Billy" came up last Saturday.  It wasn't without turmoil though.  On his way there, his truck broke he had to wait for his mother to come pick him up, run him back to her house to get her truck, and then come back (we're in Pennsylvania, he's in West Virginia).  "Billy" eventually showed up started cutting down the tree and it was obvious he knew what he was doing.  He loaded the truck with the first load of branches and stated he'd be back, reminding us that he had to dump the load in West Virginia.  "Billy" never came back, "Billy" won't even answer his phone when we call.

"Billy" left, leaving branches blocking the alley which hubby and I had to pull into the yard (remember hubby has a bad back).  We are now stuck with at least a truck load of branches laying in the yard...and the tree is still there!!!  I imagine that $200.00 didn't go very far once you paid a pawn shop, towed a broken down truck (plus repair) and paid the price of gas to run from WV to PA.

I think "Billy" had every intention of taking down the tree, got there, realized it was a much bigger project than anticipated, thought he'd start and then get out of there as soon as possible. 

What "Billy" doesn't realize is that he does business out of WV, made the deal in MD and the work was in PA.  Wow "Billy" guess what?  I can report you to THREE Attorney Generals offices now.  I may not see the work finished on this end, nor the money again...however, you won't be ripping off anyone else again either!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Grey's Anatomy Season Finale (spoiler alert)

I watch very little network TV, but I do like Grey’s Anatomy.  This past week was the season finale and I must say it was quite enjoyable.  I also want to give two thumbs up for not having a season ending cliff hanger – it’s so retro TV!!!


This season brought a hospital merger, which meant some new characters.  Since everyone was competing for their job it set you up to really hate the new comers because you were so attached to the regulars.  However, that’s all it did – it never really developed those new characters nor took that particular storyline anywhere…most of them fell into the background.


Comes the season finale…there’s a shooter in the hospital.  First person shot and killed is newcomer Reed.  She reminded me of a female Alex (a regular) but again, since her character was never developed, her death was more unexpected than anything you truly cared about.


But the best scenes in the whole finale were between a patient (played by Mandy Moore), Bailey (female regular) and Percy (male newcomer).  Percy ended up getting shot and it was up to Bailey and Mandy to try to help him.  Percy asked if he was dying; Bailey assured him he was not; he told her not too lie; she told him she wasn’t and she would let him know if he were.  Eventually his wound was bad enough that she felt they needed to get to the OR.  The two couldn’t lift him so they pulled him along on a bed sheet to the elevators only to discover that elevators had been turned off (remember there’s a shooter).   This put Bailey in pure meltdown mode (not something that normally happens to her)….but once she calmed down, she set on the floor next to Percy put his head in her lap and told him he was dying.  This went into a death scene where Percy told her to tell Reed he always had a crush on her (neither were aware she was already dead).  I bawled my eyes out!  Though Percy’s character was never developed…you couldn’t help but cry.


And yeah, there was Derek dying and needing emergency surgery, Meredith’s miscarriage, etc…  All kinds of stuff happening to the regulars; but Dr. Charles Percy’s death and Bailey’s meltdown were the highlights of the show.

Monday, May 17, 2010

This & That

The filing fairy showed up in my file room over the weekend and caught up all the filing!!  Yeah, I was shocked too - I walked in to file and wondered "Where are all my piles?"  But thanks to my co-worker Brenda for doing that  !!

We're going to be a person short after this week for at least a 6 week period...I'm so dreading this as it gives too much pressure on the rest of us to get things to work.  I have a headache just thinking about it!!

And that's all I got for an update at this time.....

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


"The best way to appreciate your job is to imagine yourself without one." - Oscar Wilde

I came across this quote recently and believe it says a lot.  There are lots of people out there who have lost their jobs or on the verge of losing one, on furlough, hours cut etc. They're living everyone's worst nightmare.

I work with WHINERS.....lots of them.  It doesn't matter what they're given, it's never enough.  I work for a County Government and I really can't complain too much on the pay or benefits.  For my area, I'm making good money for office work, I pay very little into benefits - the County pays the majority.  The insurance plan is a good one and doesn't cost me a whole lot.

So what's there to whine about?  Well......shift transfers, cereal, milk, peanut butter, bread, cottage cheese, apple butter.......  We've recently started a monthly Staff Council Meeting and these are the main topics that I have to sit and take minutes on for a two hour period.  Yep, I'm not kidding about the food part either.  There *are* items that are brought up that are considered safety issues - and therefore are actual complaints.....but some of the stuff I'm just sick of hearing about.  GET OVER IT!!!  I'm also sick of the "I, I, I" whiners - most of these haven't even worked there long enough to whine!



Two Blasts From The Past....

Three years ago today (yes, it's been that long ago) two exciting things happened to's two past postings to mark the anniversary:

KevieBear Meets Kevin Spacey

After the Saturday matinee when the stage door crowd started to thin out, I approached the man and said "Can I ask a favor?"  He said "Sure" without looking up from his signing.  I said "Will you have your picture taken with the driving mr. spacey bear?"  He got this cute little grin on his face, looked up and said "I'd be delighted."  He took the bear, read his button ("I was mooned on Broadway"), laughed, posed and handed him back saying "I hope he has a safe journey home."

What A Guy!!!


Then later that same evening:

Thursday, May 10th I went to the stage door with the gift bag.  I wanted to be up front at the barricade in order to give it to him personally.  The one Security Guard saw me and asked me who I was giving it to and I told him Kevin.  He explained that Kevin is unable to accept gifts that are not cleared through security first and I wasn't able to do that.  However, he said he would be more than happy to take the bag backstage to the room where things are inspected.  So, of course, I handed it over to security.  When he came back out, I explained that it was a one-of-a-kind specially made gift and I really wanted him to have it.  The Security guard admitted that he himself had already "peaked" in the bag and I needn't worry.  In the meantime another security guard came out with a thumbs up that the bag had cleared.

On Saturday, May 12th, we went back to the stage door to wait for Kevin.  We noticed the one Security guard carry a few items to Kevin's car - I immediately saw my gift bag and got excited!!!  What a slice of heaven - he apparently likes the gift as he's taking it with him!!!  Joanne said that I would probably be receiving a thank you card soon!!!

Well, when Kevin came out the stage door HE WAS WEARING THE SHIRT!!!  I was right there and said "That's my shirt!!"  He said "Did you get me this shirt?"  I said "Yes"  He said "I LOVE this shirt!!!"  So I asked him to pose for a picture, which he willingly did...then I asked for one of he and I, which he replied "Sure, come here..."  I was able to cross the barricade to HIS side and put my arms around him as he did me!!!  While Joanne took an enormously loooooooong time to take the picture (thanks for that sweetie - it was worth the wait).

What a night...........

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Comcasting We Will Go....

If you remember, I had an issue receiving DTA's from Comcast Cable.  UPS claimed they left them on my non-existent front porch and then I was given a run around between Comcast & UPS.  Finally I got someone at Comcast who was to ship me 2 more out and report the others in the land of the missing.

Only they didn't do that.  I gave them about a week and no DTA's showed up.  So I contacted them again for the status via the online chat.  That way I could print out the conversation and have the person's name.  The first rep was a female who was more than happy to help.  She checked the status and promptly gave me the UPS tracking number.  Only it was the tracking number for the missing ones.  She sent me higher up.  This time I get a male rep who is more than happy to help.  I go through the entire story a second time (good thing I'm a fast typer).  He apologizes and asks when I reported the missing ones.  I did know that date.  He apologizes and says that whomever I spoke to never marked my account of anything and never ordered another shipment.  He promptly does so, gives me a confirmation number and 2 days later my DTA's arrive.

I hook one up to the tv in the bedroom and the other to the computer (to use via Windows Media Center).  I then get online to do the activation.  For some reason it didn't like my account number.  So I get on the phone to activate via the automated phone system.  The first thing the auto-lady(AL) asks is, if my last for digits of my phone number are 1234 (that's not really the numbers it gave me, but I don't remember them), I immediately says "No".  AL then asks for my phone number, I give it to her.  Too make a long story short we got through this very long process and nothing happens.  I decide to go try the one in the bedroom.  I again call the AL, she again asks if the last 4 digits of my phone number is 1234, I again reply "No" and she asks for my phone number, etc..

After 20 minutes, AL decides I need a live person, so she connects me.  A very polite lady comes on.  She has an accent but is understandable.  She needs to verify the account.  We do; she sends the signal and like magic the DTA works!!!  Hurray!!  I just wasn't in the mood to try the other one as it was late.

The next day I again try to get the DTA at the computer hooked up.  Again I am asked if the last 4-digits of my phone number is 1234 and again I say "No".  AL again must connect me to a live person.  Another nice lady, but it still doesn't work; she advises it could take up to 45 minutes and just call back if nothing happens.  Nothing happens; it's late, I decide to deal with it tomorrow.

So today, when I got home I decided to switch the DTA's.  I hook the working one to the computer and it continues to work and take the non-working one to the bedroom.  Hook it up and call my favorite AL.  She asks me if the last 4-digits of my telephone number is **** and I answer "Yes" (cause this time they were actually right).  We go through the normal 20 minute auto system with no activation so she connects me to a live person, who just happens to be the nice lady with the accent.

Now this is where this whole scenerio takes a very interesting turn (y'all won't see this coming)...She starts to verify the account and asks if the name on the account is "John Doe"(obviously using a fake name here).  I say it is not; she asks for my phone number and then has the correct account and gets the DTA activated.

What was interesting?  The name she had given me that was incorrect; happens to be the name of the person that lives IN MY OLD HOUSE!!!  (you know the one where my cat Mickey keeps going back to).  I have no doubt that the last 4 digits of their phone number is 1234. 

Though my bill is always correct, somehow I think there's a mix-up somewhere!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

This Is A First

CC and I went to the movies this evening.  First CC cooked us a delicious meal of stir fry, fried apples and homemade biscuits, then we headed to see the remake "A Nightmare On Elm Street".

We were probably the oldest in the theatre and since it was a theatre full of teenagers, it meant cell phone hell.  No one's phone rang, they were smart enough to turn off the ringers; but several were texting and one behind us at some point was actually talking on their's.  Dark theatre and lighted cell phone screens just aren't a good match.

To make matters worse, towards the end of the movie I feel rather wet.  I then felt it again and wondered who behind me I was going to remove from their seat if it happened again.  And well, it did - no mist this time, it was harder.  I then realized CC was looking at her arms and she asked the obvious "Are you getting wet?"  I answered with the affirmative.  Then I notice the 2 kids in front of us start looking around, I asked if they were getting wet - yes they were.  As a matter of fact, it was more than some sprinkles at this point and we realized the ceiling was leaking.  We had to get up and move.

After the movie ended, I went to the lobby and had this conversation with the manager:

Me:  Excuse me, but it's raining in the theatre.

Manager:  Really?  Which one?

Me: (pointing) That one.

Manager:  That's odd, it never rains in that theatre.

****NOTE:  So is he telling me it's normal for it to rain in the other theatres????  So should I check the weather before going to those theatre from here on out cause apparently they all leak now.***

I walk him in the theatre to show him where we were sitting, which was quite obvious from the wet floor.  He apologizes and thanks me.  No free passes.

Had it been raining in the movie, that would of been some great special effect!!

As for the movie.....well, rent the original!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

It's Been An Interesting Day, So Far

Gee....I had a post started that went POOF!!!

My lights in the upstairs went out.  Neither the ceiling light in the computer room nor the guinea pig/rabbit room is working.  The light in the hallway between the 2 rooms has also started to hesitate before coming on (which is how it started with the other 2 lights).  Fortunately, my sister Beth's boyfriend is an electrician.  We had thought the switches were bad.

They stopped by today to replace the switches.  If only it had been that easy.  Whomever had wired these lights apparently didn't know what they were doing - or chose to do it cheaply.  Apparently somewhere within the ceiling/walls is a junction box working the computer room light - we can't find it.  The problem must be with a loose wire at the junction box we can't find.  Rather than ripping out the ceiling/ was decided to run both rooms off the hallway light and cut off the electricity to the invisible junction box as that's a fire hazard.  Project must continue next week and we need to get 3 new lights as the wiring in the old ones were all deteriorating.  We did find some interesting things though.  There is a crawl space off both rooms and in one area we found 2 metal washtubs.  We assumed they must of been used for a leak at some point - which is possible as the roof had been replaced at some point due to a leak.  When he pulled the light out of the ceiling in the rabbit room, we found a saw!!  It was funny.


Though I did really like my Net10 service and phone - and I do think they are the best prepaid deal out there, I opted to go back to my Sprint service - not the phone, just the service.  My Sprint phone was a Samsung Instinct and was totally touchscreen.  It calls people randomly from my purse, but wants to give me a hard time when I want to dial a number (grr...); it spent alot of time uncharged in my purse.  It wasn't until I got my Net10 phone that I realized how much I liked the slide out keyboard - I used it a lot, went through quite a bit of minutes.  I came to realize that it was the phone and not my lack of use where the problem is.  I decided to get a new phone and settled on a Samsung Exclaim:


Yep, it opens in 2 directions.  I didn't get the blue one though, mine's a pinkish-red.  So far, so good!!  And if you didn't get an email from me telling you to switch back to my old cell phone number, please let me know!