Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Let's Make Better Choices Rather Than Diet

As you probably know, despite my intentions..I struggle a lot with diets.  I'm opting not to diet anymore - instead, I'm going to look at healthy choices.

In other words, I'm not going to follow a diet.  I started walking last week and have kept up with it.  Exercise is healthy.

Today I went out and bought some fruit and veggies for snacks.  Where I normally get home from work, I chow down on whatever snacky thing is around - chips, pretzels, etc..  Today I chowed down on baby carrots & celery sticks with a low fat veggie dip!  I also bought some bananas, cantalope and strawberries.  Veggies & fruits are always healthier than chips and such.

I need to work on my water intake.  When I put my mind to it, I actually do very well with water.  I've gotten out of the habit and need to turn that around.  Another habit I've broken is breakfast...I bought some cereal to kick start that again.

I want to buy some of the "Hungry Girl" cookbooks.  Anyone have any of these?  Are there some that are better than others?

Going to make healthier choices one step at a time - not all at once!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thank You!!

My post a few days back about motivation and healthy snacks when it comes to dieting brought this comment from Kim:

"We both know there is no easy fix and I am no longer a believer in "will power" either. It is never a case of you either have will power or you don't. You make your own. I have said this before on my blog so I know you have heard it before, but I give myself no option whatsoever with exercise. There is no "do I feel like it or not?" It is just like going to work for me; I HAVE to do it. What I will guarentee is that if you make yourself do it consistantly 3-5 days a week, it will eventually be something you NEED. Your body will crave it. You will also sleep better for having done it. Desk jobs don't tire out our bodies, only our minds and I think we sleep better when both are weary. Exercise will also help you de-stress if you have trouble turning your mind off at night. Only you can make the decision to do it, but I can promise that when you do decide, it will be worth it."

Very good advice and not something I didn't already know (I did work at a YMCA for 12 years), but the line that caught my eye was "There is no "do I feel like it or not?" It is just like going to work for me; I HAVE to do it. "

I don't want to go to work either, but I go anyway.  Oh yeah, there's the paycheck thing but if we look at exercise that way instead of a paycheck, better health is the reward!  Thank Kim!!

Also thanks to Donna who suggested a snack of apple slices with laughing cow cheese.  I often buy that cheese and have never thought to add it to anything other than a cracker!!  Good choice.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

With A Little Bit Of Kevin Spacey Thrown In.....

My blog's tagline includes Kevin Spacey...this blog has been lacking "spacey-ness" lately.

Kevin started twittering over a year ago (and YES, it really *is* him - has said so on tv interviews) which led to a Facebook page as well.  The page was originally started by a fan, but Kevin's "people" took it over..though there were promises of getting it cleaned up - it never really materialized.  Kevin's posts normally come in via twitter and when he does post it's normally publicity type things.  He has answered a few questions, but that hasn't happened in quite sometime.

Unfortunately it's become a playground with several "fans" thinking they are the monitors of it.  They talk about things that have nothing to do with Kevin and if you say something, they bash you stating it's a public board. They have called people delusional and stalkers....basically if you're not the same type of "fan" that they are, well then you're sick and have nothing better to do with your time.  They however can post whatever they please which includes spoiling the endings of some of his movies for those that haven't seen it.  It's just a bickering mess!!

I think the board should be closed from public comments.  It should only contain information Kevin posts there and maybe he could allow commenting after that (as long as it didn't get out of hand).  It would be a more worthwhile board. 

I also am wondering what Kevin thinks, if and when, he ever looks down that page and sees all the bickering and name calling. 

Are we in high school again????  Didn't I do a post similar to this a year or so ago of how I felt like I was in high school when I had fallen from the "trusted" fan group over some videos???  Hmmmmmm....... 

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Joppa's Journey

Joppa's been journeying the neighborhood......

It started Sunday evening around 7:00 p.m.  My sister-in-law called to see if we could come move an air conditioner from one of the bedrooms to the living room.  Joppa ran out the door when we left, crossed the street and positioned himself on the neighbor's front stoop.  We didn't see him again that evening...but that's happened before.

Didn't see him the next morning either.  But once at work, hubby called me to say that one of the neighbors down around the corner had found him sleeping on their front porch, she called the number on his rabies tag and the Vet called to say he was in the neighborhood.  Hubby called her, she said she had given him water and while she was watering her garden, he was rubbing around her feet; she finally looked at him and said "Why don't you climb that tree?"  In which, HE DID!!  But Joppa wasn't around when we got home nor any of the evening - he now WAS officially missing.

No Joppa this morning either...but again, once at work, hubby calls to advise that several neighbors had called the Vet last night leaving messages and he IS in the neighborhood.  As a matter of fact, he's lying on laps, purring and just enjoying all the attention he's getting.  His next call informed me that someone in the low income housing development up the hill had him and they would have him INSIDE until someone picked him up.

This disturbed me a little.  I mean, we live right down the hill - it's an easy walk and Joppa knows where he lives.  None-the-less I went home at lunch to get him - no one was home.  I called hubby and he gave me a phone number.  I called, she said she'd be home in 15 minutes and that Joppa was in the car with her!!  Yeah, seemed strange to me too!

Anyway, they dropped him off right a the house.  It was a young girl with her mother and daughter.  Very, very nice people - they loved him to death!!!  I assured them that he would come visit since they fed him.  We chatted, then I took Joppa inside - he immediately wanted back out!!  He's going to stay in for a few days....

Monday, June 21, 2010

Need Some Motivation

I just cannot get motivated.  Remember I started with Atkins and then switched to Weight Watchers - well I've done nothing, absolutely nothing.  So that 10 lbs. I lost, all came back.

I just like food.  One of the things I've noticed is that I really like to snack.  I noticed that today when I got home...I immediately had microwave popcorn and then some pretzels.  Not bad snacks, but not overly healthy either.  I realized I'll never suceed without snacks...so I just need to find some healthy things to have around.
  So what do you suggest?  I'm thinking carrots & celery with a dip which is pretty much a given; and of course, there's fruit.  But I really need snacks that taste like, well snacks!

My other issue is exercise.  I've absolutely zero motivation in that area.  I like to walk, but the humidity has been terrible.  I could probably do mornings, but I haven't been sleeping well and I'm too dead tired in the mornings.  I know, one excuse after another.  HELP!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I Was Attacked

Oh don't go into a panic - not attacked by a person on the street or something...by one of the cats.

Many years ago, while watching TV one night with Sebastian lying on the back of the couch behind my head, I made a sudden movement and Sebastian freaked grabbing my head. My ear bled horribly and it hurt like hell.

Then another time Sebastian & Mickey were running through the house chasing each other, I was sitting on the couch. Sebastian stopped next to me on the couch, gave me a look and pounced on me! Fortunately I had reacted fast enough to cover my face; he left scratches on my chest (that I still have scars from) and a bruise on my arm that was his paw print (no kidding).

Last night, I'm lying on the loveseat and Sebastian comes in wanting some loving. He hops up and lays down on my stomach, I'm petting him, he's purring up a storm....there was no sudden movements or anything but all of a sudden he just pounced my face!! I screamed, he ran and hubby who was asleep on the sofa nearly fell off of it. I cried as blood was running down my face - hubby questioned what I had done to the cat?????? (yeah really???). It's left me with a scratch on my nose (which is the worse and not hideable by make-up) and several puncture type marks around my eye. FORTUNATELY he missed my eye all together.

Not happy today, need to make a decision on Sebastian.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Some This & That

First off, my comments are not turned off.  Polt said he isn’t able to leave comments…I don’t know what the issue is but the settings are correct; it must be a godaddy glitch.  Hopefully it will work its way out.


Next – Joppa *did* return.  Later that evening, before it got too dark, I decided to go for one last search.  When I got outside, I heard the “jingle, jingle” of Cooper’s collar and said “C’mon Coop, let’s take a walk down the alley.” As I turned towards him, who is running behind him?  JOPPA!  So Cooper was the rescuer.  The next day they were both out ALL NIGHT.  But Cooper came in the next morning with Joppa right behind him.  We’re trying to take baby steps with it though.  I don’t know how well he’d be if Cooper wasn’t out with him.  But each time he seems to come from the neighbor’s house.  She feeds a stray cat on her back porch, so I’m wondering if he’s up there begging for food?  As skinny and small that he is, she probably thinks he’s starving.  We bought him a collar and there’s a microchip clinic coming up in July.


Has anyone tried Dr. Elsey’s Cat Attract Litter?  Spunky is my oldest cat and she uses the rug at the kitchen door as her litter box…even if the rug is not there she’ll go straight on the floor.  I had her to the Vet and they claim it’s a behavior issue and told us to get Feliway – that was an expensive “didn’t do a damn thing”.  She hangs in my computer room and comes down the stairs to go to the kitchen to do her business when she has her very own personal litter box in the upstairs!!  She’s ruined the back door and I don’t want the other cats picking up the habit, because although I can clean and scrub, they may still be able to smell it!  The Dr. Elsey’s litter is only available at Petsmart and it runs about $13.00 a bag.  I’m thinking I’ll have to do all the boxes with it or else everyone will be going upstairs.  Suggestions anyone? 

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Joppa, Cinemas, and Curb Appeal

Sometime this morning, while hubby had the outside basement door open, Joppa must of gotten out.  We've been unable to find him........ (my house must be cursed when it comes to cats, huh?).  Oh we're not giving up, but it doesn't look good right now.

The movie cinemas on Leitersburg Pike finally reopened.  CC and I have been waiting on this FOREVER, as we've always liked these theatres.  Under new management and having gone through months of much needed renovations, they finally opened this weekend.  There selling point since day one was that you don't have to take out a loan for the movies.  Ummm...yeah, right!  Obviously oblivious to the movie theatre business.  Because a church is involved in this, they won't show "R" rated movies, so that may make or brake them, but none-the-less they opened. 

The movies and times were posted on their Facebook page, most of the movies we have seen or were kiddie, but we decided on "Robin Hood" starting at 7:20 p.m.  We arrived at 7:15 p.m. to discover that the movie time had changed to 7:00 - well in Laura's book that's STRIKE ONE!  Now we had to decide on another - most had all ready started leaving us with few choices we decided on "Killers"; well this particular movie was showing in the VIP theatre which meant the cost would be $12.00 a ticket instead of the regular $8.00 price.  Well Laura is not paying $12.00 to see a movie she really doesn't want to see.  In case you're wondering, the VIP theatres have leather reclining seats.  So that's STRIKE TWO!  We settled on "Prince of Persia" which we didn't want to see, but that was the only option.

Now we go to concession...we get the normal - a large popcorn ($6.00) and two medium drinks ($4.00 each)...they don't sell Juju Fruits or Everlasting Gobstoppers, so in Laura's book that's STRIKE THREE!  (three strikes and your out and we're not in the theatre yet).  Then they hand us the large popcorn.....it's what all other theatres in the area consider a small, so well gee....I'm out of STRIKES!  Can I use a STRIKE FOUR?

The movie was alright but certainly not worth $8.00 so wait until it's on HBO or something (not even worthy of a rental).  The theatre had been cleaned and we realized the seats hadn't been replaced in the renovation in this particular theatre because there were no cup holders.  The bathrooms however are a huge improvement - thumbs up on that!

So back to the "not needing to take out a loan" for the movies.  Their admissions are no cheaper than any other theatre and since the popcorn sizes are not comparable to other theatres, there's no money saving there.  I had high hopes, but they failed miserably.  I realize it's only the very first weekend, but if I don't see some improvement soon....I'll have to continue elsewhere.

While voicing some of my concerns on the Facebook page (nicely of course), someone was raving about the VIP seats...I expressed my concern that $12.00 was too much and I really didn't need a recliner.  Their response?  It's so worth the extra $2.00.   Hmmmm.....I don't know, but when I took math in school $12.00 - $8.00 was $4.00 not $2.00.....but perhaps I'm wrong!  LOL!!

This weekend Hubby and I worked on some curb appeal with the house.  We took down the shutters, which were black, and spray painted them "wine red".    We have one more set to do - they are on the top floor on the one side and the ladder won't reach (it's kind of a hill on that side) and hubby will have to go on the roof to unscrew them...we thought we'd do that an evening this week. 

The window sills were black and I painted them white.  We took down the wrought iron hand rails on the front stoop and carpeted it with red carpet.  Hubby painted the front door red. 

It was ALOT of work.  We're hoping to get some landscaping done now.  The only issue we ran into was on the alley side of the house with shutters....on the backside of them were many, many wasps nests - they were VERY unhappy...hubby had to go buy wasp spray to handle it.  Other than that though, things are looking good and the neighbors across the street said it was much improvement!!  YEAH!!

And tonight?  The new season of "True Blood" starts - so very  happy!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010


I had a bad Applebee’s experience…..


Tuesday I went with CC to her son’s graduation.  Graduation went well with no issues.  Afterwards our graduate wanted to go to CafĂ© Del Sol for dessert.  Unfortunately they were closed.


So we headed to the only place we could think of that would still be open – Applebee’s.


They seated the 7 of us immediately.  The waitress came and took our drink orders and brought us our drinks, we then ordered.


Ann, Cory and Ron opted for a dessert.  CC and I opted for the appetizer sampler, Sharon opted for the new potato chip appetizer and Josh opted for both appetizer and dessert.  It was approximately 9:15 p.m.


About 20 minutes later the waitress appears with the desserts, says the rest is coming, but she wanted to get the dessert out so they didn’t melt.  They were already melting.


Appetizers never came….we wait & wait; the waitress apologizes and says a manager will be over.


Approximately 10:00 p.m. here come the appetizers.  Josh has to leave and his appetizer was made wrong – kitchen has to redo it, he has to take it to go.  They are out of Sharon’s appetizer, but didn’t bother to mention it until they are delivering everyone else’s – she decides not to get anything else.


CC and I begin to eat our appetizer’s; but do to the lateness Ron decides we need “to go” boxes and our bills.  We pay and pack up.  But during the process we ask the waitress when the manager is coming over.  She states that it was the manager that delivered the appetizers.  Hmmmmmm…….  Never tells us she’s the manager, does not offer any apologizes or compensations.  Very poor manager.


The next day while checking my account on line, I see that Applebee’s charged my debit card more than once.  Technically the one charge is in a pending mode, so I think that they caught it and cancelled it out and it’s just in limbo, but I’m watching it; however, that was the final straw.  I got online and fired off an email to the main Applebee’s main office.


They called the next day, took all the details, apologized, agreed with me and are shipping me out a gift card at the amount my appetizer was.  I will certainly not be using THAT at my local Applebee’s.


I’ll eat McDonald’s before I eat at Waynesboro, PA Applebee’s again.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Nice Weekend

This weekend I had my first experience with Indian Cuisine.  Kim invited me to dinner with some of her friends (who are fast becoming my friends as well) and we went to the Bombay Peacock in Hagerstown, which just opened.  I was a little leary at first, I'm a very pickey eater and am normally a meat & potato American kind of food gal, but I decided to give it a go, and am so glad I did.

Kim's hubby Chris (he's from England and I love to hear him talk - the accent is great) was very informative with the menu.  I couldn't really pronounce alot that was on it though.  Chris, however, was well versed and started us with onion bhajia (indian onion pakora) which were much better than a blooming onion at The Outback.  He also decided on a variety basket of Naan which provided several different flavors (naan is flatbread) and for dinner, I rather played it safe and had Sizzling Tandoor Shrimp - quite spicey, but very good.  I now really want to go back and try some more things.  So with age, I'm expanding my taste buds.  And in case you're wondering, I had the menu in front of me while writing this - I'd of never remembered the names of the items - lol!

Today we took the dogs to Furry Fun Days Doggie Carnival in Shippensburg.  Unfortunately the weather wasn't very accomodating - light rain, cloudy, windy and it one point there was a tornado watch in effect, however that seemed to be below Shippensburg, but it put some of the vendors in a panic and they quickly packed up....so we weren't able to buy the oodles of doggie treats we planned on buying.

But it was fun anyway - we do like to find things that we can do with the dogs.

Next weekend will be a busy one - we're going to do some outside work around the house - including painting window sills, painting shutters, fixing screens and maybe some landscaping.  I want to get those washtubs out of the crawl space we came across when fixing the upstairs lights.  I want to spray paint them and use them as planters.  So maybe I'll have some before and after photos for the blog next week.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Joppa Finally Arrives Home

Several posts back I had mentioned that hubby was fostering a cat at his shop which we decided to bring home.  We did that on Sunday.  I can't say it's a very easy transistion...Sebastian is doing a lot of hissing, howling & whining, but he does that anytime we bring a new animal home, so he'll settle down soon.  Spunky doesn't seem to care and since Joppa knows Keyser & Toby from the shop, there's been no problems there.  Cooper is just a slight jealous, but they jumped off the bed and through the house last night to play; so that's going well.

Some photos:

He & Keyser were chasing a fly.