Saturday, August 28, 2010

I've Got The Blahs Today....

I'm very "blah" today.  I should be sitting on a balcony staring at the ocean, like I am every year at this time.  Instead...I'm spending my vacation at home.  The money just wasn't there....  We're hoping to get to Myrtle Beach the week of Thanksgiving and take the dogs with us.  But for now, I'm just "blah"......

Going through some old Myrtle Beach photos, I came across some of the first year we were there.  There were lots of feral cats around and there were these adorable kittens hanging at the hotel that everyone fed:

There were five all together.  The one to the front was my buddy.  Had I been able to catch her, she'd be living with us right now.  They loved to eat, chase after sticks and such...but they just wouldn't let you get close enough to touch them.  I think about them every year we are there...I often wonder what happened to them.

On a happier note, Kevin Spacey will be in NY in 2010 in Richard III.  So I've started saving my pennies for that.  I'm trying to get the webmistress at Driving Mr. Spacey to come along.  She says she has a few quarters saved.  It would be nice to meet up with a group again.  It was a lot of fun last time. 

It seems so very long ago.  We all use to have fun online as well, again...that seems so very long ago.  The group has kind of split up into little groups and gone separate ways.  It's very sad.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

This & That

Yep, I know – I’ve totally been neglecting this blog.  Sorry about that, I’ve just been extremely busy.

The absent co-worker has returned and things are slowly getting back to normal.  My file room,  however,  is a mess.  Yes, someone had been doing it all these weeks, but not to my specs and the files will never pass the upcoming audit in December.  So I’ve lots of work ahead of me to get that straightened out!!

On a happier note, I’ve started a side business!!  I’ve taken my love for animals to the next level…, no- not a rescue but sort of a pet store!!

If you are familiar with Tupperware, Longaberger, Mary Kay, etc. home parties…well it’s sort of the same thing except I’m selling pet products!  Though I came across 3 companies doing this, I chose Shure Pets because I really enjoyed the fact that there was no pressure and the one consultant sent me information and let me decide myself (one of the other companies spammed me to death).

Naturally….my very close friends and family (Kim, Linda, Rhonda, Judy, CC, Beth – to name a few) I’ll be hunting down to schedule parties…however, for those that live outside the area – you can view the catalog here: Shure Pets Catalog and place orders here:  My Shure Pets Site.  If you’d like a catalog to keep, please email me and I’ll send you one out!!  They've been doing some updating, so if you come across an item in the catalog that's not on the site, please email me and I can get it for you!!

I’m very excited about this venture and I hope my friends and family will be supportive J!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

And Then There Were None....


Gabby died today and an era ended.  I'm guinea pig-less for the first time in 38 years!!  Very  hard to believe - but it's actually true.

I've decided no more, but in his memory, I'd like to remember the guinea pigs of my past:


Chloe, Phoebe, Molly & Lucy

Tweek & B.J.

Tweek - he just loved his food dish!

Percy & Gordon


Mama & the surprise we came home to one evening (which is why she's called Mama, don't remember what I named her before this happened).

Yep, baby guinea pigs are born with eyes open and the ability to eat normal food, but they do nurse...
Verbal (b&w), Willow and Daisy.

Hamlet - he was being sold as snake food in a pet store, just couldn't let that happen!

Linus - he was a wedding gift from my co-workers and my very first hairless, and yes, he did have personality!

Melville - and yep, that was his name when we got him!

Chip - he had a bulls eye butt - lol!!


Will & Chip when we first got them - aren't they adorable???

Ed.  When he got older he went blind, but he would follow my voice when I fed them in the morning; always knew exactly where I was.

Chelsea and Jasmin.


There was also a Lily, I don't remember having any photos of her though.  There was also another hairless named Lex - he was all brown rather than the pink and again I don't remember any photos.  Duchess - somewhere there is a photo of her but I can't seem to find it.   And of course, my very first guinea pig - Starsky, again his photo is wherever Duchess' is; I had hoped to end with it, but I can't locate it.

The end of an era.....

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Maryland Flag is Displayed Wrong on a Political Sign

I'm driving to work the other day when I noticed a HUGE campaign sign sitting in someone's yard.  What caught my eye first was that the Maryland Flag on the board was upside down.  No, I'm not kidding, there is actually someone running for Maryland State Delegate that apparently doesn't know how the flag is to be hung.  You would think someone working on that campaign would of caught it.  I wonder how many people don't notice that it is wrong.

As it turns out, I pass 2 of these signs on my way to work and the second one is at a stop light; so I can get a better look.  Nope, it's upside down all right.  Each day, for a week, I'd stop there and try to figure it out - was I missing something?  Maybe the flag is flying away from his name and thus, it would be correct - nope, that would only make sense if a flag pole were visible on that side and there's no flag pole on either side, so I guess it could be either...but really should you have to think that hard to make it right?

I've spent so much time obsessing over that flag, that I totally have been missing the rest of the sign.  So the other day at the stoplight, I went further.  The sign has a lot of "bling" to it - too much as a matter of fact, there's just too much going on.  The first line is "I Support" - Really?  Why else would it be in your yard?  It's pretty much a given that if the sign is in your front yard, that's the person you're supporting - so that line is unnecessary.  Each line of text is going in opposite directions - one line slants backwards, one slants forward, one is straight.....that sign just gives me a headache....and did I mention you can't miss it because it's HUGE and very, very colorful!  I'm sure they wanted it to stand out - but it's standing out for all the wrong reasons. 

I'll be interested in seeing how the election goes....

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Photo of The Week

I feel as though I've really been neglecting my blog, so I thought it was time for a post.  I thought a "Photo of The Week" would help fill in the gap! 

Last week, hubby and I opted for an evening walk with "the boys" and when I came out the door, I was able to take this shot:

No posing was needed, that's how they all were when I walked out the door (glad I carry my camera almost everywhere).  It's just such a perfect shot and the dogs are posed so nicely!  Love It!!


I'm also very excited, because I found an old Duran Duran penpal from many years ago on FaceBook.  We were in our late teens, early twenties when we wrote each other and pledged to be friends forever (and we all know how that goes)...I can remember at some point we stopped writing and just tape recorded our voices instead and sent those back and forth (and we could talk much longer then we could write).  I also think we shared a few phone calls; but we lost track of each other and life went on.  I've thought about her many times over the years and always wanted to do a search but I couldn't remember her last name.  Last night I pulled out some old photo albums and there were her photos, when I turned one over she had just signed it T.J. - but the minute I saw the "J' - I remembered the last name!  A Facebook search showed LOTS of people with that name - so I took the old photo and started comparing it with faces.  I'm not kidding you that I had only hit the second or third page of names when a familiar face caught my eye!  I pulled it up, compared the photos - and knew it had to be her!  And sure enough, I received a message from her this morning stating that Yes, it's me!!

There are still 2 Bay City Roller penpals I'd love to find....and the Loverboy ones are easy cause we all just never truly went away - we're always very refindable!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010


People sometimes amaze me.  Just for the record everyone, your computer is not going to last forever.  Those who don't use their computer a whole lot can get by without an upgrade very often; but those who use there's a lot have got to understand that sometimes upgrades aren't available, newer printers and such may not be compatible with an older system, and sometimes computers just die.

They just do people.  You aren't ever going to buy one computer and it's going to last you FOREVER.  New game won't play on your computer?  Read the specs on the game to see if your computer can handle it - no? Well then you can't play the game or you have to upgrade your system.  It's a fact of life - live with it.

No, I haven't been dealing with anyone in particular; but I often get a question about how someone's computer is acting up, or it won't do something and I ask for the specs (which no one ever knows) and then I ask how long have you had the computer and get the answer of 5+ years.  When I tell them a computer that old really isn't worth the upgrade that a new system would probably be cheaper, I get the "Well I paid $500+ for it, it should last longer."

No people, it doesn't.  The minute you walk out of the store with your new computer it becomes outdated and continues to.  Just like a car it's not something you're ever going to buy just one of.  Unless you're someone that very rarely uses a computer; I'd advise you should plan on a new one at some point.

It's the computer age!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Thursday Thirteen

No Thursday thirteen this way too tired!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Sad Side Of Life

This week, while at CC's, Josh and his friend Sharon found a little kitten at Penn State Mont Alto campus.  She was down in the storm drain.  CC and I went over and sure enough there was this poor little kitten all curled up down there mewing.  With the help of the campus police, we were able to pull up the metal grate and fetch the kitty out.

Kitty was in poor shape, she couldn't stand and kept just plopping over.  We don't know how long she may of been there which meant dehydration and possibly heat stroke (because the humidity has been awful) - there was also the possibility of injuries from the fall and I also wondered if perhaps she's been hit by a car which in turn knocked her into the drain.

But we took her back home and opened tuna which seemed to perk her up!  She walked a little, purred and loved all the attention she was getting.  Sharon took her home and the next morning took her the vet.  The vet determined she had worms, medicated her for that and sent her back home with some food and formula.

I'd like to say this had a happy ending....but it doesn't.  The next night the kitty died.  This makes me very sad, because obviously the vet missed something!! 

Anyway.....I am really glad that the kitty didn't die all alone laying in the storm drain; at least she was in a home with much loving attention.