Sunday, January 30, 2011

Today Was My Birthday....

Today was my 47th birthday.  Oh, I'm not ashamed to admit my age, it's nothing anyone should be ashamed of.

The weekend started on Friday.  Kim and her hubby, Robyn, Tod, Jim, Kevin and I went to eat at Carmine's Italian Restaurant.  The food was extremely good, but way too much!  We all ended up with take home boxes!  Afterwards Kim, Robyn, Tod and I went to Jim & Kevin's house.  They live in a church - no kidding, their place was a church at one time and I've been dying to see it.  Absolutely LOVE it!  It's so really cool.  Though Kim, Robyn and I have been friends since high school; Tod, Jim and Kevin I met through Kim.  They are new friendships that I hope to continue - what a great group of guys.  Oh and make sure to check out Jim's blog (click his name up there in the first sentence of this paragraph).

Saturday was one of those regular grocery shopping and such days.  Today my hubby took me out to eat, then we shopped.  We bought our turtle Bob a waterfall and then I got new cookware at Kohl's.  Then this evening CC and I went to the movies.  Fun day!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Special-ness Is Beginning To Wear Thin.....

Joppa went outside Sunday morning and well...vanished!  Didn't come back Sunday evening.  No sight of him Monday morning.  Nothing Monday night.  Nowhere this morning.

I just knew someone had him.

I was angry and upset over this.  He would never just NOT come home.  Someone had him.  I decided today to contact the Humane Society; if he wasn't back by the time I got off work, I was hanging flyers.  I figured maybe if someone saw him on a flyer, they'd know to let him back out.

I emailed the Humane Society a photo and descripiton when I got to work.  Within an hour, I had a phone message from them, "We think we have your cat."

I immediately called in.  Since my email mentioned his microchip, they'd scanned him right before I called back and now could guarantee that it was definately my cat!  HURRAY FOR MICROCHIPS (I am however waiting to hear why he is no longer listed under our account at 24 Hour Pet Watch, apparently the chip is registered to us but his photo and such is gone).

Apparently, Joppa was down the storm drain at the corner.  Some woman heard him meowing and found him.  Course she couldn't get to him, so she calls the fire department.  They get him out; the woman decided to keep him over night and then took him to the Humane Society this morning.

Hubby says when he walked the dogs Monday morning, he saw the fire department down at the corner!  That would of saved us $25.00 had he gone down to see what they were doing.

Yep it cost $25.00 to get him from the Humane Society.

He's special (and expensive) all right!

My last post was a little snippy - I know.  I was really upset (still am) over the Colton thing.  The Netflix/Computer thing went very well and I'm actually glad I did that now.  I hadn't had a long conversation with my Aunt in quite a long time (years probably) and it was nice to do that.  So I whined for nothing...oh well, that's life!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Please Don't Hire Me Out

I'm a computer person.  I love computers.  I'm not just talking about surfing the net and such...but I like the option of seeing how and why they work too.

I've learned a lot about computers in the 10+ years I've had one.  I've upgraded computers and have even built my own computer.  It's not as hard and/or as complicated as people think.  And a quick internet search can provide you with a wealth of information.  You're not the only one to have that error message or that computer noise.

However, I'll do ANYTHING to my own computer...but I won't to someone else's because I can't afford to buy them a new one if something goes horribly wrong!  So though working on a problem is a learning experience....I really can't always produce miracles.  And so many people don't understand that.  Sometimes you just truly do need a new computer.  Sometimes you may have to contact your internet provider to get a new modem....things like that happen.  It's not rocket science.

But my post today isn't about the people who call me with a question, or to help set up the new computer, or to help move their blog....or anything like that.  It's the people who seem to think they can hand out my phone number to others.

Case in point...when my Dad discovered you could get netflix on the TV via a Wii system - he had to have a Wii.  Several family members went together to get him one for Christmas.  I bought the wireless router that would be needed.  My nephew and I hooked it up.  Got everything working.  Oh my Dad is never without a complaint - sometimes the signal gets lost, the movie stops and you get the "retrieving" message...which he always says I caused.  But that's a signal issue not a computer one.  Can't help you there.

Anyway, my Mother for years wanted her kitchen wallpapered and right before Christmas, my one aunt and uncle did that for her.  She wanted to pay them, but the response was "You don't charge family."  Anyway she had them over for dinner this week.  Dad showed off the netflix and well.....guess where I'm going Monday after work???

It's not that I mind helping them; it's not that I want paid for anything - I agree with the "You don't charge family."  But wouldn't it of been better to of asked ME first????  It's a simple set-up, but I just have this funny feeling that something is just not going to work right and I really don't want to be there all evening Monday.

Am I wrong in feeling this way????

On top of that; my family is having my birthday dinner tomorrow ( a week early ) and I wanted to take Colton with me.  Well I long as I have him back at a certain time for his nap.  Nap time is the same as dinner time - so it's a no go.  That upsets me a little....and I would think being a big football fan, having a newborn and then getting the opportunity to have a break from the 2 year old would be a good thing.  Apparently, it's not.  Hubby insists it's a schedule thing....but somehow I don't think the bio-grandmothers have this problem.  I know, I shouldn't think this way...but I can't help it.  Back in the summer when they wanted to golf on Sunday afternoons the issue of a nap never came up.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Weight Watchers

There are a lot of people looking for weight loss due to their new year's our meetings have increased in size.  This is a good thing.

CC was telling me that she was in the grocery store this past week and saw a woman and husband shopping and the lady was grabbing items with the points on them.  When the lady noticed CC using her point calculator; the lady asked if that was worth purchasing.  CC told her yes as you need it to calculate points.  The lady proceeded to tell her that she had been told to just look for the points on the packages.  CC explained to her that those points are not accurate due to old packaging.

I don't know where this lady is doing her WW meetings at or if she's just grabbing information from here or there and attempting on her own - but her way of doing it is completely off. 

Let me give advice again:

Some of the old packaging is still out there and the points are all different now.  Either recalculate to be sure or make sure the points say POINTS PLUS (and not just POINTS).  Points Plus is the correct way to go.

Don't buy only products with the points plus on them.  You cannot survive on frozen foods and such.  You'll get sick of it and it just isn't healthy for long term use.

You NEED that calculator.  It's the only way to do it!  If you have an iPhone you can download an app instead - but you must have a way to calculate.  It's a very good investment.

Stay within in your point range, track what you're eating, weigh and measure - you can succeed!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Size 10 In A Year

I came across a diet blog I had started some time ago called "Size 10 In A Year" my goal was right in the title...get to a size 10 and reach that goal in a year.  Well......I started Weight Watchers on September 4 months I've reached a size 10!  Actually I've going past that and am heading for a size 8 - AMAZING!!

In the last post I promised photos of me now - haven't done those yet.  But they will be coming as I would like to have some photos to chart further weight loss.

Friday night hubby and I went to dinner with Kim and her hubby Chris.  I had picked The Greene Turtle as CC and I had eaten there before and I knew what to order; however, when we got there they didn't have a table and couldn't tell us when they would and basically the girl was rather rude.  We opted to go elsewhere.  We ended up downtown at  Bulls and Bears.  It was very good and I highly recommend the pork chops - YUM!!  Cost me a little more in points - but I still ended up with leftover ones!

So life is good!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Oh The Fat Photos

I didn't think much of before and after photos of myself until I attended the funeral of my great uncle today.  My one cousin and I were talking about Weight Watchers - she reached lifetime status a few years back but has regained and is rejoining.  She said when you compare photos you'll be amazed.

I'm no where near goal yet, but I have lost quite a bit of weight and gone down 2 full sizes and halfway to the next size down.  But I never took starting photos of myself - but I went through some computer photos and yep - I have fat photos:

The very last one with me sitting is the most recent and was taken 2 weeks prior to starting Weight Watchers - that's one hundred and eighty-four pounds sitting there!!

Tomorrow, I'll do me now!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Red Robin Restaurant and Other Information

Saturday CC and I went shopping and ate lunch at the Red Robin.  If your unfamiliar Red Robin is famous for burgers and their bottomless french fries.  Neither which are good for Weight Watchers. 

However, we did find some good choices.  We chose the grilled chicken sandwich and opted to have it wrapped in lettuce rather than on the bun.  We chose the melons over the fries and we each had a cup of chili.  Much healthier than a burger and fries and it was very good.

I did find the Red Robin nutritional values here:  I had to customize the sandwich though because the nutritional info includes the values for lettuce, tomatoes, onion, etc..  and WW considers those 0 pts.  But as it turns out the chili was 7 pts and the chicken wrapped in lettuce was 4 pts.  So that's not bad at all.

I think I'm going to start including links to restaurant nutritional values over on the's always very helpful.

Also - my friend Joanne (whom I was just in NY with) has lost 25 lbs. (applause, applause) using the help of Lance Armstrong's site Live Strong.  I've checked this out and it has lots of information on it, so I've added it under the diet site area.  She's losing by counting calories and has been very successful with it.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Little Bit of Kevin Spacey.......

I know I've had several tweets/emails in regards to my tweet that I was in the front row seeing Kevin Spacey. Most people were What? When? How? See how important it is to read each post on the Legacy Group??? This event was posted way back in November!

As you probably know by now though...Kevin was one of the many celebrity interviews at The NY Times Art & Leisure Weekend, he was the very first one actually. And myself and several list members met up to enjoy this event together.

Thanks to Mindy for being first in line (because she is actually an on time person - unlike me who set the time but was late) and checking with us to see how many there were so she could rush in and grab enough front seats!! LOVED IT!! I'm in complete awe when I'm "thisclose" to the man! However, the theatre was small and I don't think there was a bad seat...but if you can be in the front...why not?

Kevin was very relaxed and seemed very comfortable and the first thing I noticed was no shoestrings in his shoes - lol!! Is this a new fashion statement??? It's just so funny the things you happen to notice when he's right there! And big thank you to Liz who was brave enough to get up and ask a question!!

Meeting up with the other fans is just as exciting as going to see Kevin.  Everyone seemed to have a good time and was very nice!! If you ever get the opportunity for a group trip - it's definately the way to go!

After the interview and dinner, Joanne, Liz, Mary, Ginger and I went to see Casino Jack (yes, it was a Kevin Spacey kind of day). Another thanks to Liz for driving us through the city - brave girl! This movie was very good and I hope it goes to a wider release so everyone can see it on the big screen. You do have to pay attention though!!

Once Joanne and I got back to the hotel we talked for another two hours, then decided it was WAY past our bed time; so we turned out the light and continued TALKING!! I guess we fell asleep while talking-lol!! Must give a big THANK YOU here to Joanne for guiding me through the city (I always seemed to want to go in the wrong direction) and especially the tour and the hows/whens/whys of Penn Station - I was like a pro by the time the train arrived!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

On the train heading to NYC. RIght now just sitting. I have no idea why but we're sitting.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Is Your New Year's Resolution To Lose???

I didn't make any New Year's Resolutions as I rarely keep them but I know lots of people do and one of the top ones is to lose weight!

I'm with everyone on that one, I made that resolutions many times but normally by the end of the first week I was completely done!  But back in September I was totally in the correct mind set (you have to have that in the right place) to really take the challenge and lose some weight!!

CC and I opted on Weight Watchers and we've been very successful with it (see my sidebar).  And though I've still got a way to's some helpful tips & hints for the New Year's Weight Watchers:

Obviously if you're doing Weight Watchers (WW from here on) you already know about this little guy:
This is the Points Plus calculator.  He's forever in my one hand when I grocery shop.  You cannot do the new program without it!  There is a download for those with IPhone (and supposedly ones coming for Droid, Blackberry, etc) and on the WW website (but I can't very well carry my desktop through the grocery store)..but regardless which you use, you do need to be able to calculate the food label to determine the Points Plus value (PP from here on).

If you go to meetings or are a member online and can shop on the online will want to get this:

The first two books on the left are available for meeting members and given to you for free when you sign up.  This information is on the WW website for those that subscribe to it.  The other two books are the Complete Food Companion & the Dining Out Companion.  These two books have point values for hundreds of food and are great carry alongs to have.  Another need - something to track those points in, whether you choose the weekly freebie ones at the meetings, purchase the 3 month journal, track online or just use a plain old notebook (make it small so you can drop it in your purse) - track, track, track what your eating and what the point values are.

So you've got your basics, now what?  Well you positively cannot do WW without these gadgets:
Yep, you'll need measuring cups and spoons.  As you see I have an entire basketful!  You can never have too many sets.  Keep them at home, work and on the go - you'll be glad that you did!

Another very useful diet companion is this:

The food scale!!  This particular one is the new WW one (Christmas gift for me).  But you don't really have to have the WW one.  Prior to this one I've used the one below purchased at Kmart:

He's worked really well and will become my back-up and tag along when needed.  Though electronic scales are more accurate, if your pocketbook just can't afford one a regular food scale will do; give it it's own special place on the kitchen counter.

Okay, so you have the WW basics and you have the diet basics.  Now what?  Well here's some more helpful things to get you on your way:

WW Magazine!  Full of tips, recipes, inspiring stories and coupons - it's well worth the subscription!

All fruit is point free on the new program - always have a big bowl available in your kitchen for snacking.  I plan on getting one of those fruit racks that hang from the ceiling, since my kitchen doesn't have a lot of counter space.'s something I bet you didn't think of!  Love my Sharpie's - that's what I use to write the point values on the food labels as you can see below:

See???  Now I know what the points are without recalculating.  I mark everything when I get home from the grocery store.

Speaking of the grocery store - watch when purchasing items that have the WW Points value on them.  There are still a lot of items out there in the old packaging so the points on them are inaccurate.  It should say "Points Plus", if it just says "Points" - you'll need to calculate the Points Plus value to make it accurate.

And *that* should get you all started!!  Still undecided on what diet to choose?  See my sidebar to to the left - there are links to some of the most popular ones!  And Good Luck!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

I Think It Was A Fluke...

It's hard for me to believe that I lost 3 lbs. over Christmas.  Though I didn't over eat; I did indulge a little and cannot believe that that much weight loss occurred.  Oh you're probably thinking, "Don't worry about it, it happened."  But I have to worry..when I see a weight loss that great...I'm seeing a weight gain coming up.

I try to stay away from the scales at home as it causes too much stress.  I'm so close to being in the 150's again and I just want to keep going down.  Due to my NY trip this week, I'll miss weigh-in.  I may go on Saturday instead or wait until the next week.  I haven't decided yet.

My NY countdown counter seems to be moving too fast.  I don't leave until Thursday, which in my book is 4 days away and not 3......

Hopefully more tomorrow.