Monday, February 28, 2011

Weight Watchers and Dogs

Two of my co-workers (not any of the ones that work directly in my office) are going to Weight Watchers on Wednesday after work!  I'm so very excited for them!  They've asked a lot of seems most people worry about "starving" or having to give up their "favorite foods" - nope, you don't have to do that on Weight Watchers!

Hubby and I have been considering another dog.  Several months ago we had brought home a beagle that we called "Lucy" from a local pet store for the weekend.  It didn't work out as well as we had hoped, but Lucy did end up getting a really good home.  A Boston terrier mix has been at the same store for some time; but he got adopted out the minute we decided to give him a try.  Seeeessshh......

Today we went to the Humane Society of Washington County, MD to look at one of the dogs "Molly" they had on their website.  She's a terrier mix that was found as a stray.  We get there, Molly is still available they send us into the back.  It's such a sad experience walking through that area and seeing all those dogs wanting your attention.  Most are pit bulls or pit bulls mixes - all were extremely friendly and it was so heartbreaking.  Anyway, we reach  Molly's kennel and Molly isn't there....a sign indicates she's "out to the vet's".  We continue walking around.  Every kennel has a dog.  I come across this adorable little pocket dog named Peaches - she and I bonded immediately.....unfortunately Peaches has several applications already.  The other couple who were in there also inquired about her...she was quite popular!  We were informed that Molly was at the Vet's and would be back in tomorrow.  There were no applications on her yet, so we put one in to put us at the front of the pack.  We'll meet her hopefully tomorrow and if all goes well, we'll go back with Toby & Keyser to meet her as well.  I'd share a photo but they already took her off the website!

If anyone reading here lives in the Hagerstown, MD area and is looking for a dog - please visit the Humane Society there.  They are busting at the seams with dogs and the lady informed us that there are 60 more in the back waiting to be evaluated before being put on the adoption floor. And well with all the kennels on the adoption floor being full, you know what has to happen to make room.   I know there are a lot of stories out there about how hard they are to adopt from but they just want to make sure the animal doesn't end up back there!  With so many...the adoption may go a little easier right now.

Yay for Danica's Daily!

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Everyone should be a big fan of Roni's!!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Another "Weight Watchers" Isn't Working For Me Post

Thursday while in line at Weight Watchers waiting for weigh-in, CC and I were chatting with some of the people.  One girl began to say how Point Plus was not working for her and that she is totally frustrated.  She then proceeded to tell me how for the first two weeks she only ate fruits and vegetables and it did nothing more than make her sick of both.

Let's look at this for a minute.... only ate fruits or vegetables?  Absolutely no where in the WW program does it tell you to do this.  And really?  That's all she ate?  What about her points?  All fresh fruits are 0 pts.  Most veggies are also with the exception of the starchy ones (potatoes, peas, corn).  So was she using her points with the starchy veggies or was she not using points at all?  And she wonders why the program is failing her.

She then proceeded to tell us about the dinner she pulled together for her family before arriving...I didn't catch everything but it was some pasta dish that involved cheese wiz and I got the impression this was a WW meal to her.  And she wonders why the program doesn't work.

Though I'm in agreement that one program doesn't work for everyone and you really have to find the program that is right for you; you do have to give the program a chance and you can't do that if you aren't following the guidelines.

If you're another person struggling to get to your WW leader and make sure you have some menus to show as well.  It can really be an eye opening experience.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Lack Of A Title....

I feel like I had a lot to share last week and so little this week!  Last week our weather had cleared, we had some nice warm weather and well's snowing  :(

I am so ready for spring.

Over the weekend I cleaned the computer room - it amazes me how dirty this area gets.  I decided to move my rabbit Olivia into the computer room as she was all by herself in the other room.  She seems to be enjoying the company.

Other than that, not much happening!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Today Is Beautiful!!

It is such a nice day out - and it's doubly nice because I had the day off!!!  Hubby had an appointment at Johns Hopkins (everything is fine) and I had taken off to go with him.  We were back rather early so I got to enjoy most of the day.

I went to our local Good Will today and ended up with 2 tops and a leather jacket.  The jacket was in top tip condition and I just couldn't pass it up.  Then I stopped at Kmart and bought a few sweaters off the clearance rack for $5.99 each.  So it was rather a productive day.

For my birthday I had gotten new cookware.  This past weekend hubby brought me home a peg board, so today I put everything together:

I absolutely hate digging through the cupboard for a pan, so this was a nice solution!  I absolutely love my little skillets (the square one on the bottom row and the one right above it), I bought them after Christmas and they are so perfect for eggs!  My new set came with one even smaller (top right)!  Little pans are a nice addition to have.  Here's my other two close up:

No kitchen should be without them!!  Run out, buy yours now - lol!!  Another kitcheny find was at the dollar store.  Someone on the Weight Watchers board mentioned these and I just had to go get some:

It's a water glass with the measurements on the side!  I bought four - what a great idea!  No more measuring out the milk and then pouring it into a glass.  All in one!

I am rather obsessed with kitchen gadgets these days!

Oh Yeah, SHURE.......

I want to thank everyone for the help and support you’ve given me during my ShurePets venture; but that venture is now over.

I’ve had a very horrible experience with them delivering orders and it was like a living nightmare.

Case in point. A friend ordered via my website on November 6, 2010. Never received her order. Many of my emails regarding this went unanswered. When I did get an answer it was “things are backordered” (though none of the items appeared on the weekly backorder listing) or “we’ll ship out what we have”. Nothing would occur and when I’d contact again for status it was like the other conversations never took place (though I have emails stating otherwise). On a party order everything was delivered but one person’s orders…again I went through the email fiasco with no solution. It got frustrating!

Finally, I contacted the Better Business Bureau for help getting this resolved. Now Shurepets wanted to talk to me to get things take care of! Amazing isn’t it?  The excuse for the above orders was “problems with the postal service” and “I haven’t been receiving any of my emails”. Hmmmmmmm………you haven’t been receiving my emails? I have copies of them with YOUR ANSWERS!!

Anyway, all monies are being refunded and I will close out the BBB report when I see those credit card credits. What’s sad is that they have really good products and my pets love them! But I just can’t do business this way.

Even if I chose to continue, I’m already out… have to have $300 worth of sells in a 3-month period to stay active. I had that my first three months (though over ½ of that has now been refunded). My second 3 months began in December and ends in March. I certainly couldn’t have parties with orders outstanding and no answers! Mid-February now – can’t scramble for parties.

The whole experience has just been a bad one…..a lesson well learned.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Inside Me Lives.....

"Inside me lives a skinny woman crying to get out...
...but I can usually shut her up with cookies."

We've all seen the above quote, sometimes it's accompanied with a cartoon.  But when you're losing weight the opposite it true:

"Inside me lives a fat woman demanding to get out..."

But there is no shutting her up - she wants to be fed.  Dieting doesn't stop...well, it doesn't unless you want that fat woman back.  And when she comes back, she comes pack with vengence - many, many more pounds.

Remember my post about my "fat clothes"?  Well CW1 (the one that claims I offered her fat clothes) had to take paperwork to court Friday and asked me to go along since she's never done it before (it's usually me).  I have a funny story to tell about that morning that will be in another post; but after court, picking up lunch and heading back to work she starts discussing weight and well, she tells me she saw a friend who had lost an enormous amount of weight on WW several years ago.  It's the first she's seen her since her weight loss.  She informed me that the girl has gained all the weight back plus more....and informs me that that is what happens - WW doesn't work.

Grrrrr......yeah, there's a lot I could of said at this moment and just let the mental abuse I've been taking from them come to ahead.  But that's what they want; and I'm not giving them that. My response?

"She didn't stick with the diet.  All diets work but you have to continue with them.  Diets don't fail, people do.  Do you think that isn't something I don't struggle with?  I know that I'm going to be struggling with my weight for the rest of my life."  (maybe not exactly, but my response was in that content)

I didn't really get much of a response out of her; but she was a little nicer the rest of the day. 

But it made me think of that "skinny woman" quote above and made me realize that there IS a fat woman living inside of me always anxious to get out.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy......

CC and I had a very busy day yesterday.  I'm not kidding, I was wore out!

We first went to BB's Outlet in Shippensburg, PA.  This is a discount grocery store run by the Amish.  It's very crowded but has some great deals!  So it's worth the trip.  We would end our day going to another similiar type store in Greencastle, PA.

But in between the food shopping...we went THRIFT STORE shopping!  When you're losing weight "in process" nothing can be worse then the expense that comes with buying new clothes.  New clothes are good, but when you have to keep buying, buying and buying due to weight loss.  It's get very expensive.  So I'm all for the motto of "What's one man's trash is another man's treasure."  Nothing could be more true.

I ended up with a black pair of Lee Jeans, Tommy Hilfiger Jeans and dark green Liz Claiborne jeans (all size 8's).  Also picked up a pair of shoes and a foot spa for hubby!  It was a very good day.  I did notice however that Good Will prices tend to be higher than the other thrift stores.  Not that that's a bad thing!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Yes It Does...No It Doesn't....Yadda, Yadda

There are many opinions of the New Points Plus Plan introduced by Weight Watchers back at the end of November.  Anyone that had been doing the old program successfully were a little leery...if it ain't broke don't fix it.  Though I initially was against it I am now embracing it and seeing the benefits from it.

Not everyone is though.  A lot of people are complaining of gains, plateaus and such and insist it wasn't happening on the old program and are choosing to go back to it.  Which is fine, I'm a believer of do what works for you.

But I have some news for you - your body does not know if you are doing the old system or the new one.  It has no idea!  Sifting through a lot of the posts on the board I see a lot of the people complaining, insisting that they are following the program exactly.  Really?  REALLY?  Does anyone really follow any program exactly?  But one particular post caught my eye today.  The writer was also considering dropping out an going back to the old plan due to weight gain.  She had spent the last week counting points both the new and old way to compare the plans.  In other words, both menus were the same but the point values would be different do to how the points are calculated.  What she discovered however was that it was the fruit making her fat.  Hmmmmmmm....

I realized the issue in this particular case.  She was claiming of eating the EXACT SAME THING only doing both calculations.  So my guess would be that neither plan was working for I said above your body doesn't know which your using.  What I think happened here was that she ate exactly how she would of one the old plan and threw in the free fruit as extra.  YOU CANNOT COMBINE THE OLD AND NEW PLANS - IT WILL NOT WORK.

Rather than using those free fruits as "fillers" - why not use them in place of the snacky stuff?  The whole program is geared to make you choose the healthier alternative plus get those Healthy Guidelines in!  Healthy Guidelines you say?  Ah....another issue - aren't you getting yours?

Healthy Guidelines - 6 liquids (preferably water but any liquid counts); 2 healthy oils, 5 servings of fruit or vegetables, 2 servings of dairy - you know what they are.  Most everyone tries to ignore them.  I don't always get all of them in, but I've really been making the effort the past few weeks and it's really paid off!

Though I don't care whether or not you choose the old or new plan;  please make sure that you take the effort to do it correctly.

For an ego boost today: One of the officers came into my office and said "I don't know what you are doing, but you look really good." :)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Do What's Right For You

While over on one of my favorite weight loss blogs - Roni's Weigh - I wandered to her other site Green Lite Bites to look at a recipe.  Under her green smoothie recipe were many comments..but not all were about the recipe.  There was someone who started posting about how milk and milk products are bad for you, etc...  Roni's response was that she rarely drinks milk, uses almond milk if any but still uses yogurt and cheese in moderation.

This did not go well with this person, she continued on the horrors of milk and well then on the horrors of Weight Watchers and how their success rate is minimal if any and naturally backs it up with links, books and anything else to prove her point as "holier than thou".  She then went on to post over on her own blog of how she got into a fight at a Weight Watcher blog (this person does mostly vegetarian from what I could see) and of course continued to say how she has nutritionist and such backing her up.  ***In reality the fight was all in her head as Roni appreciated her comments and agreed to disagree.***

Yep, all this over a Green Smoothie recipe - Amazing isn't it???

Weight Watchers does not fail people - that woman can post all the links to the statistics that she wants...but it doesn't fail.  No "diet" fails....people however....yes, it's not the diet, it's the people that fail.  That was my comment.  And someone under me agreed with me, a person doing the Engine 2 diet (which is plant based-added the link to my sidebar).  I think I'll let my doctor and my bloodwork speak for itself, regardless of what the "experts" say.  Not knocking this persons "choices" - if she's doing what works for her, that's great!  But I think it's wrong to knock what's working for someone else.

This is why I've always stressed that you need to be in the right frame of mind and find the right weight loss program that works for you for a lifetime - not temporary.  You can lose all the weight on a diet that you want...but if you lose it than stop and go back to old ways - yeah, I guess it is easier to blame the diet than admit that you failed.  Though you'll find many things on my blog regarding Weight Watchers (because that's what I do), I do have the listing of other available diets.  If it confuses you too much, you should ask your doctor what he the way, you should check with your doctor before starting any weight loss program anyway.

But I'm going to be fair - the commenter does have a nice blog with some good recipes that many may find useful - so you can check her out here:  Healthy Girls Kitchen .  Many of you may find this useful, adding to sidebar as well.

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Today I'm officially a size 8.  Yep, you heard that right - EIGHT!  I've also gone from the size Large top to a Medium!

I'm so very excited!!

I did do a little exercise today besides walking the dogs.  I used the Wii Fit to run, hula hoop, and balancing and also stepped a few minutes on my stepper.

Yes, I had to post it on FaceBook and all the nay-sayers will see it...but...GOOD!  I'm working very hard for this weight loss and I deserve to toot my own horn!!

So....TOOT!  TOOT!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I've Lost Weight, Get Over It!

I'm sick of the nay-sayers...that would be the people I referred to in my last post. 

Today at weigh-in my total weight loss became 30.8 lbs.  UNBELIEVABLE!  If someone would of told me a year ago that I could lose that much weight and stick with it, I never would of believed them.

That's why it's important to have the right frame of mind and find the right program for you.  Remember it's a lifestyle change that you have to make and do's lifetime not short-term.  Which is why I'm done with the nay-sayers.

I've lost weight.  I can't help it - I have.  I feel good and I'll be damned if I'm going to apologize for being successful!  I can't lose weight for anyone other than myself and I really don't think I should have to go back to the old me to make others feel better about themselves.

And yeah, I know y'all are waiting for me to fail - don't deny it, I know you are.  But you know what?  I don't care and now I've more determination to prove you wrong...another goal!

You control your own mood...if you want to spend it being miserable over my success...go ahead, that way you're not bothering anyone else.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Take My Fat Clothes - PLEASE!!!

You really can’t depend on sizes anymore.  Each company has different guidelines for such.  My wardrobe consists of varying sizes.

Since I’ve lost weight, I decided it was time to clean out the clothes.  Not everything in the Goodwill pile is “too big”.  Some of it is things I never wore, no longer like, or don’t know what I was thinking when I bought it!

But anyway, I’ve begun cleaning out my closet.  About a month ago, I mention this to one of my co-workers (CW1).  As an after thought, I asked her “Do y’all want me to bring them in for you to go through?”  She answered in the affirmative.  I actually forgot about it and also forgot to mention it to CW2 & CW3.

Well today, CW3 informed me that CW1 told CW2 that I came in one day and said “Would you like to have all my fat clothes?”

Please step outside the box with me for a minute……

ANYONE that knows me, knows I would NEVER say that to a stranger much less to someone I consider a good friend.  And HELLO – I myself have a weight issue and it will be a lifelong struggle to maintain a healthy weight (which I’m nowhere near yet).  So why would I refer to someone else as fat??

Okay back in the box……

Obviously CW3 could see from the look on my face that the conversation hadn’t gone the way she’d been told.  I gave her my version, which to her made more sense. I also explained that the clothing wasn’t all “too big”.  She then told me that CW1 has also been complaining that apparently “I” see her as the fattest in the office since I never mentioned it to CW2 & CW3.  I again explained that I had actually forgotten about it until she just mentioned it and that’s why I hadn’t said anything. The day I mentioned it to CW1 – only she and I were working.

Back outside the box……

My one sister has told me when I reach a size 6; she has pants for me – HURRAY!  What could be better than free clothes?  Technically I guess these are her “fat” clothes; but I don’t care…I love getting free clothes.  Cheap ones are okay too – there are great finds in thrift shops!  But someone has size 6’s they are going to give me???  Hey! I now have a goal!!!

In the box……

Naturally CW3 has asked me not to mention it to CW1 or CW2.  And she’s right there as it would cause more problems than it’s worth.  But it still ticks me off that she told people I said that….and well how many more did she tell and so on and so on…..

So I ask all of you…..was I wrong in offering the clothing???  And is there a better way to handle that situation?