Thursday, March 31, 2011


Well it seems that Lucy's original owners were the type that shouldn't have pets at all.  Apparently their way of getting rid of the dog is to open the front door and let it loose!  They say they got rid of her because she pooped and peed in the house.  Really?  REALLY???  I think we've had one accident - she holds herself all night and all day.  Is there something wrong with this picture?

My cousin said that they very rarely left her outside - could explain why her "business" was done indoors.  Now I feel as if we really did rescue this dog!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I posted a photo of Lucy at FaceBook and had a lot of nice comments!  My one cousin posted this:

You know, it's funni, because I would swear this used to be my neighbors dog that they got rid of a few weeks or so ago. She had her toenails painted hot pink at one point!! doubt in my mind we're talking about the same dog.  I emailed my cousin immediately and asked for any details she could give me - still waiting to hear back.  I may get some background on this dog yet!  I'd like to know - how long did they have her, why they got rid of her, any history really.  It would be a big help!

We're still having some issues with her and Keyser; I think she thinks they are playing and when he's had enough, she doesn't know when to stop.  Keyser isn't really acting himself either.  That upsets me.  I was talking to hubby this morning and he has those concerns as well.  She does seem to have some mouthing issues.  I've watched a few youtube videos regarding this (very normal) and am going to try a few tricks with her to see if they work.

I do hate having her in a crate at night and then back in to leave for work in the morning.  As the weather gets warmer I'm hoping to take her on some very long walks to pull her energy level down!

And as I told hubby today...Remember - Molly's Place (where Toby & Keyser are from) always has told us to give it 30 days.  You'll know within that amount of time whether the household will work or not.  That's our goal right now.

Oh, and though my sister may not see pit in her; another cousin of mine that has ones, says yes!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

No Title - I Have None!

Though there are still some minor issues with Lucy and Keyser and he still wants to go in the crate when I'm trying to tell her to; things are going pretty well.

I scheduled her wellness visit via the Humane Society today.  I already know it won't turn out to be a "freebie" visit as she needs another distemper shot.  My sister works at the Vet and while we were talking about her my sister made the comment "There is no way that dog has pitbull in her."  I said, "Really? Cause there's discrepancy in her paperwork and we're not sure."  She said, "She doesn't look like any pitbull I've ever seen."

Hubby made the comment today of how someone must of been really working hard with Lucy in regards to training; he then said "I surely hope no one is missing her."

I hope that too.  Nothing is worse than losing a pet and never being able to find them.  All you can do is hope and pray that they end up in a home well cared for.  Though I would contact the local Humane Society when my animals are missing, I'm sure many don't think to do that.  Lucy was only picked up March 9th.  Someone may still be looking.  :(

Monday, March 28, 2011

Just So Everyone Knows.....

My blog mainly exists for myself. It’s my online journal that I allow others in to. It’s very helpful to me to work out things going through my head and such…I guess it’s a form of therapy.

I’m saying this because I don’t want anyone to think that I’m regretting adopting another dog, as I’m not. I went through ups and downs when we got Toby and again when we got Keyser. So I absolutely was expecting it this time around also.

A new dog upsets the normality that was established in the home – it affects EVERYONE- human and animal. Once everyone establishes their “place”, things get better. It’s very important to me to read up on the pit bull breed as that is what I’m pretty sure I’m dealing with and I want things to work. Like I said, the paperwork from the Humane Society is inconsistent. They picked her up the beginning of March as a stray and listed her as an 8-11 week old pit bull mix. Then within a few weeks she became a 9 mo. old puggle mix. Two entirely different things!

I don’t believe that she is in the 8-11 week old range because of the training. She seems to be housebroken (we’ve had one accident), crate trained, knows a few commands, is extremely friendly with everyone, all ages…someone had been working with her and I don’t believe you’re going to have that much training in an 8-11 week old puppy. I’m sure her wellness visit at the Vet will help determine the age range.

Hubby will take her to work some days, so she won’t be totally confined to a crate; but hey, that’s how Keyser spent most of his in the early days. It was funny this morning…I got a treat to try to get her in the crate; and every time I said “crate” – Keyser went in it (see he remembers his training) – I had to remove him and start over!!


For the most part the weekend with Lucy has gone well.  But she and Keyser have had a few scuffles that concern me.


She doesn’t bother Toby at all.  He laid down the law and she respected that.  But try and try Keyser tries to do the same and she just comes back for more. Poor Keyser is also jealous and definitely not himself.  I know the adjustment takes time, and I know we’ve always been told to give it 30 days and I plan to do that; I just don’t want my dogs and cats to feel like prisoners in their own homes.


My other concern is the inconsistency with the paperwork from the Humane Society.  How do you go from an 8-12 week old pit bull mix to a 9 mo. old puggle mix overnight?  The more I’m around her, I see much more pit bull than puggle.  And if she’s only 8-12 weeks old she will get bigger than Keyser and Toby.  I’m afraid that once she does, she’ll be able to overtake them and that could lead to disastrous results.  Since she seems to always want to go after Keyser at the neck…I have an issue there.


I know there are lots of horror stories out there about pit bulls; and for every horror story there is dozens upon dozens of nice ones.  But a common thread I see is that when a pit bull attacks, they attack to maim; not just a bite like another dog may do.  That’s not what I want.  I also was on a pit bull activist site (an activist site FOR pit bulls, not against) and they highly advise not to ever leave your pit bull unattended with other animals you may have.  *That* bothers me, because life in a crate is no way to live, but free from harm must exist from my other pets.


Time will tell.


But she is just as cute as a button!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

And She Shall Be Called.....

We picked up "new puppy" yesterday at 4:00 p.m.  It was a lot of fun.  Kim came out from her office to see us and another high school friend Marie was doing her volunteer time.  We bought a few things while there and the staff loaded us up with some other things as well - it was like they couldn't give us enough!  We were there almost an hour!  Adoption takes time.

As soon as we walked out the door, "new puppy" squated and peed - Oh what a good girl!  I decided to give her a walk around the parking lot and for some reason she thought we were getting into a truck parked there.  Hmmmm.....familiar with car rides as well.

On the drive home, we spouted off different names thinking she may respond.  Maddie and Bella are very popular names for dogs these days and we thought if she responded to one maybe that was her original name.  Nope!  We kept going through everything we could think of - no response or it just didn't fit her. 

Once home and needing to get her to respond, a name was becoming necessary.  She was sitting next to me on the loveseat and I looked at her and started with names again.  Nothing...  finally I said "Lucy" - she licked my face.  So "Lucy" she is.

I've been reading through the mounds of paperwork they gave us.  She was picked up along Frederick Street in Hagerstown, MD with bright pink toe nails.  They originally checked her in as a pit bull mix baby at 8-11 weeks.  When they finally were testing her disposition they decided she was a puggle mix at 9 months (birthdate of June 22, 2010).  I don't think they can be that exact but I'm hoping the age is close as that means she won't get much bigger.  I can see pit bull in her though, she has that boxy face like they do.

As for the home front, cats seem okay with her.  No accidents, she seems to be housetrained.  Whined a little at first in the crate last night, but then settled down and slept straight through.  She does know some commands.  When hubby left this morning with Toby & Keyser, she hopped in bed with me and slept.  She snores too!

So let's toe nails, knows commands, housebroken, super friendly....yep, she belonged to someone!

So far so good, pictures coming soon!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

She's Still Nameless..

Still haven’t decided on a name for the new puppy.  We decided to wait until we get her and see which name matches her personality.


On a good note, she was spayed today and since my sister works at the vet this was done at – I got a phone call!  All went well and she came out of the anesthesia with her tail wagging!  


Some Much Needed Information

Since hubby and I had looked at several different dogs the past 2 weeks, I must share some of the reading.  Almost every dog kennel has a description card/sheet giving information on that particular dog.  One of the things is where the dog came from.  These varied:

Owner surrender.
Owner surrender - can't afford to keep.
Owner surrender - can't afford Vet bills.
Owner surrender - dog has medical issues.
Owner surrender - owner moved to nursing home, died, etc....

The last one is a very sad one, breaks my heart everytime.  Where the hell is the family???

All are very sad, I hate to see owner surrenders. 

Can't afford?  You're telling me that until the economy gets better you can't afford the dog/cat food at the dollar store?  Yeah, it's probably not the best but it's an option to try prior to a surrender.

Dogs get medical issues, I am well aware of that these costs can be high.  Please consider that before getting the animal.

Vet bills?  Well if we're just talking about regular check ups and shots, there are some cheaper options.  Check with your local Humane Society for upcoming rabies clinics.  Also check out Luv My Pet .  They offer some great package deals for animal vaccines.

Strays.  How do you become a stray?  Didn't the animal belong to someone?  Take our new girl for instance.  She was picked up as a stray.  A little puppy with painted toenails and knows the command "sit".  That is a dog that had a family.  Where are they?  Don't they miss her?  Didn't they report her missing?  If they were looking, why did they stop?  I still to this day look for my Strat cat.  What's wrong with people?

Pets are a big responsibility.  They are lifetime commitments.  If you can't give the lifetime, don't get the pet (and that's no offense on those that have ended up in nursing homes or don't outlive their pets).  I also do realize that many people have lost their jobs and of course, your family will come before the pets.  Please try to find them a good home first. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Got the call before I left work - our adoption application was approved!  Fawn will be spayed tomorrow and we can pick her on Friday afternoon!

We still haven't decided on a name:  Addison, Lucy, Elsie, Chelsea, Zoe, Lacy, Patti, Molly, Mallory......  it's so overwhelming!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Today is Keyser's three year anniversary with us. We didn't intend to get another dog...but it just happened. The night before we stopped in "The Pet Store" in Chambersburg, PA and I fell in love with a Puggle. Unfortunately, she had a HUGE price tag and no papers coming with it. Once home, I checked the website for the rescue we had gotten Toby at. They happened to have 3 puggles available - a tan one, a brown and white one and a tri-color. We went up the next day, but had to go up later - which often can mean the dog you're hoping for is gone. I had chosen the brown and white one from the internet. We get there - all 3 are still available; but I kind of liked the tri-color better (we later found out the brown and white one was blind). They get him out for us and we begin the decision. It's a puppy, 2:00 a.m. walks and such...... I'm not kidding when I say that within 5 minutes of us getting him out of the cage....2 other people show up wanting him!!! It was a sign (the same thing happened with Toby) we took him!!

I'd be lying if I said the adjustment was easy - it wasn't. Little puppies are like having babies....but all has been going well and let's just say..."It's A Good Thing He's Cute!"

Keyser's Rescue Photo:

Keyser's First Day At Home:

Keyser All Grown Up:

In case you're wondering....most Puggles that you see are brown. Puggle's are not pure bred's but are referred to as "designer breeds". Puggles are a cross between a Pug and a Beagle. Keyser is considered a "second generation" Puggle, which means his parentage could be any of the following: Puggle to Puggle, Puggle to Pug or Puggle to Beagle. Coming from a rescue - we really don't know.

A Dogging We Have Done...

Yesterday I saw a cute little dog listed at the Humane Society of Washington County.  This was the place we had gone and looked at the little dog Molly from a few posts back.  This little girl is named Fawn and was listed as a terrier/pit bull mix.  I knew that wasn't true, I was staring at a fawn colored puggle or at least a mix of one.  I emailed the photo to hubby and told him I thought we should go look.  He called me at work and we agreed to meet there when I got off.

We arrived, signed in and went to look at dogs.  We didn't ask for her, we just thought we'd walk in and look around.  Some of the same dogs were there and a few new ones.  I rounded the corner and there she was absolutely thrilled to see me!  Cute as a button she is.  I pulled out a treat from the container on the wall and turned back to her kennel.  I told her to sit, she did.  Obviously she had training, I also took note that at some point her toenails had been painted pink.  Hmmmmm.....someone obviously thought a lot of her, why is she here? 

I pulled her info out of the pocket and noticed that her breed was listed as a puggle mix on there (didn't I tell you I was staring at a puggle?).  She was picked up as a stray.  Some training, pink toenails, stray...  no one coming to claim her?  How very sad.

We were impressed enough to wait until we could access the "get acquainted" room.  She is EXTREMELY active.  Kelly went over all the information she had with us.  We decided it was worth setting up a meet and greet with Toby & Keyser. 

Since hubby usually takes the dogs to work with him....Toby & Keyser were in the car.  The staff decided we could do the meet and greet right away.  First it was me with Keyser.  She was all over Keyser, Keyser was stiff as a board.  The staff found it odd that he didn't get after her by standing his ground; but then, that's Keyser.  Then hubby went in with Toby; after 10 minutes Keyser and I joined them.  Apparently Toby was the opposite, he let her know in no uncertain terms that he would not tolerate her behavior.  She respected that.  So all was well. 

They then gave us time to discuss and well, we decided to give it a go.  I filled out the application and we're just waiting to hear back.  I don't expect a problem and they are already arranging to have her spayed.

I'd love to share a photo, however, they remove those immediately from their website so I wasn't able to capture it.  HELLO BFF KIM - can you see if you can get them for me and email them to me?  I like having the shelter photos...I have Toby's and Keyser's both.

Anyway, we don't like the name Fawn; we're deciding on another.  I'm leaning towards Addison (Addi for short).

Hubby brought the crate up from the basement and it's sitting in the living room.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


I'm really struggling with my weight loss.  One week I'm up, then down, then up, then down....  the weird thing is it's the same amount from week to week.  One week I was down 1.6, the next I was up 1.6, then down .8, then up .8.  Isn't it weird that it is exactly the same amount?

I'm really making sure I'm tracking and definitely am still measuring, but I've hit a plateau and am not real sure what to do about it.  I have started some walking since the weather is getting  nicer and am hoping that helps out.  Any advice?  How does everyone else get past a plateau?

I am beginning to learn how to order when out though.  Today, I went to the grocery store and on the way back wanted to grab something to eat.  That's not an easy tasks anymore.  I know exactly what to get at Wendy's, KFC and Subway.  We have no Wendy's in our town and KFC and Subway meant heading towards the other end of town.  I opted to stop at a convenience store, Rutter's. 

Before Weight Watchers, this was a very easy choice.  Normally I grabbed a hot dog, bag of chips and a mini-funnel cake.  Today, I had to be good.  I opted for turkey and swiss on a sandwich thin with mustard, lettuce and pickle.  I sided it with a banana and then decided to treat myself to a frozen coke (slurpee, icee or whatever they call it there).  But as with every other convenience store I walk into the frozen drinks are defrosting and such - I mean IT NEVER FAILS.  So I had to get a Coke Zero instead.

I find it funny that I'm now eating something I never would of ordered before!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Enchilada Bake

I did Atkins very briefly a year or so ago.  One of the sites that helped me live through those few short weeks was Linda's Low Carb Menus & Recipes.  However, her recipes certainly weren't designed for Weight Watchers (obviously). 

However I was on her site this week and came across her recipe for Enchilada Bake .  The photo looked yummy, but a quick calculation with my PointsPlus calculator brought a serving size to 9 pts. - YIKES!!  I decided to lighten it up and brought the serving points to 5.

My Lightened Version of Linda's Enchilada Bake:

4 oz. fat free cream cheese, softened
2 eggs (yes you can use egg beaters but it won't change the points)
1/2 teaspoon taco seasoning
8 oz. reduced fat shredded cheddar cheese
With blender, mix the cream cheese and egg until smooth.  Add taco seasoning and mix well.  Stir in cheese.
Spray a 9x13 dish with cooking spray.  Spread the mixture evenly over the bottom.  Bake at 350 degrees for 30-35 minutes until browned but not too dark.  Remove from oven and let cool for 10 minutes.

1 lb. lean ground beef (I used 4% fat)
3 teaspoons of taco seasoning
8-1/2 oz. can enchilada sauce (I used mild, but you could use hotter)
8 oz. reduced fat shredded cheddar cheese

Optional:  You could also add chilies, peppers, mushrooms, onions or anything else that strikes your fancy - just watch in the event it's something that will add points.

Brown the hamburger with any of your options; drain fat. Stir in the seasoning, enchilada sauce. Spread over the crust. Top with the cheese. Bake another 20 minutes or so until bubbly.

Again there's some options you could use here to top it off with:  lettuce, tomato, fat free sour cream, salsa - just watch for point additions.

Here's the crust prior to baking:

After baking:

And the entire thing baked:

It was very yummy and even hubby liked it, which is always a PLUS!  I cut it into 8 slices which made it 5 points each.  You could do 10-12 slices and they'd be 4 points each, but would be rather small.

Thanks to Linda and her site for this wonderful recipe!!

For a printable verison of this recipe:  Click Here

Saturday, March 12, 2011

I'm starting another blog called "Lighten Up" where I'm hoping to take regular recipes and making them Weight Watchers friendly!  I seem to take so much time looking for recipes and leaving some favorites behind, I've decided it's time to re-look at the

A Dogging We Will Go

Hubby and I decided to stop by the Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter in Chambersburg, PA last night to look at their dogs.  From there website I had seen one I was interested in and wanted to check him out:

Digger is a basset hound mix.  Once there you could not get this dog to come anywhere near you and it's extremely thin.  Though a cute dog, we knew we didn't want to go through the shy dog syndrome again as we did with Toby.  But if you have a lot of patient...Digger may be the dog for you!

As with Washington County; this Humane Society was also over run with dogs and I could see more in the back waiting to be placed on the adoption floor.  Lots of pitbulls which seems to be what most Humane Societies are being over run with these days.  We saw many here that we liked:

This is Ike, an obvious Beagle and a real cutie.

Billy Bob, another beagle with beautiful coloring.

Buddy, a basset hound mix that has the saddest face ever!!

Lizzy - a Jack Russell that is of senior age.  She's very friendly and really left a paw print on my heart.  I hate seeing older animals at the shelters.  You know they probably had a long life with someone and then their world was turned upside down.  She's a little overweight, but with the proper exercise she would make someone a wonderful companion!

Then I rounded the corner and found this:

I was immediately IN LOVE.  This is Mickey a supposed Lab/Beagle mix.  He's an owner surrender due to having too many.  He arrived within the past few days with his sister:

Mallory - another beautiful dog.  But hey, wait a minute...they are actual brother and sister?  Whomever gave them up claim they are brother and sister and are of Lab/Beagle mix.  I can somewhat see that in Mickey, but Mallory sure looks like she had boxer in her to me!!  Both had HUGE feet and that's an indication that they'll be large dogs...something we weren't looking for.

I kept wandering around the kennel, and everytime I rounded the corner - Mickey's face would light up and his tail would wag and I just fell in love all over again!  Sure, he may do that to everyone...but I had some connection with that dog.

We left empty handed, not wanting to make a rash decision.  Both Mickey and Mallory are about 3-1/2 months old, which makes them puppies (something we weren't going for) and well that would mean a puppy stage again.  So there's lots to think about.  We decided we would go back in a few weeks.  If either are still there we'll know one of them are meant to be, and we'll consider more seriously.  In the meantime we are still watching other shelters, to see what they have.

But I can't get Mickey off my mind!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I'm Very Happy Today!!

I'm in a good mood today!

Kevin Spacey is talking at an event at the Kennedy Center in DC on April 4th.  I didn't think much of it when someone sent me the link.  It's a two day event in regards to the Arts and I supposed that whomever was part of the event would get to see Kevin Spacey.  As it turns out that is only half true...those attending the event *do* get to see him; however.......

I clicked the link to his event only; just to see what the cost was.  Oops - have to register on the site to get that far.  So I did that (didn't cost a thing)....then I confirmed my registration and it took me to the ordering site.  You are limited to 2 tickets.  I put in for 2.  The price came up.....are you all sitting down?   $0.00 !!!!!!
WHAT????  I continued figuring that at some point they are going to want a credit card - NOPE!  Got the confirmation email, still $0.00.

I was a little thrown back and surely thought there was a catch.  What if they make me pay for the 2 day event once I was there?  So I sent them an email asking.  I just received a response - the tickets are complimentary; there will be no additional charges.

Yeah, I'm glad I'm still sitting down too!  I'm trying to get Liss of Driving Mr. Spacey fame to meet me there....Liss, HELLO!  Need your answer and it better be YES!

But in the meantime.....I'm on a Kevin Spacey countdown again!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Kind of, Really?

"If You Kind Of Do It, It Kind Of Works;
If You Really Do It, It Really Works."

I love quotes as anyone that knows me already knows.  Each week at Weight Watchers the session ends with a quote.  This was the quote from two weeks ago.

It was that same week when the lady was in line complaining about the new program not working for her.  Remember her?  She was in my post where she said she was eating nothing but veggies and fruits the first two weeks and had made some pasta cheese wiz dish that evening and was whining over the program not being successful.  Last week she finally had a weight loss and she contributed it to the quote above.  Nice that she saw herself in there isn't it?  I imagine we all see ourselves in that quote in one way or another.

That quote could be attributed to a lot of things in life but it definately is a good quote for weight loss.  You have to do it right, to get it to work.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Why Do You Have To Be So Mean?

I have an issue with mean people.  Oh I know everyone has their moment but some people are down right mean intentionally.

For some reason they think it makes them look superior or something - why else do it?  But in reality they are doing nothing more than showing their own miserable lives by their actions.

People are all different.  We'd live a very boring existence if we weren't.  We're going to disagree about things.  There's always going to be the person that knows it all, the person that wants to assume power, the meek person, etc. etc.  But that doesn't give anyone the right to be mean.

I know such mean people and I had to put some of them out of my friendship circle.  I couldn't have a friend without their seal of approval, I had to act the way they did around certain people, I had to agree with their opinion.  Then one day I finally grew up and realized high school was over a long time ago and it was time to expand my friend circle and they could come with me or stay behind - a few came, a few stayed behind.

This post brings me back to one of Rick Warren's books in which he discussed choosing friends, he said to ask yourself these questions:

Do your friends keep you from living a hundred percent for God?

Do they tear you down, or do they build you up?

Do you find yourself having to conform to things you don't like to do?

It's good advice that everyone should follow when choosing friends.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


So we ended up not getting Molly.  Not that there was anything wrong with her - she's absolutely adorable and friendly....but she just wasn't "us" - if that makes sense?  She loved kids when they walked up to the kennel and I think she may do well in a home with children, which ours is not.  I feel kind of bad, but she is considered one of their highly adoptable dogs..which means she'll get a home.

We don't take getting pets lightly - it's a lifetime decision for us.  We also agree that we both must agree on what we get - in other words the dog must be a mutual decision.  We definitely want to do a rescue though.  We will know when we find the correct dog.

When we went to look at Toby we both agreed that he looked as though he'd get "too big", we then looked at another dog.  We went to lunch to discuss it and I admitted that taking the back up dog would be just getting a dog because that's what we came for.  We left empty handed.  We went back several weeks later and both of us picked out a little brown dog almost immediately - it was Toby, of course!  We knew he was our dog and because he was still there, it was meant to be!

When we went for Keyser we actually went to look at his brother, but once there Keyser's little face looking through the glass at us stole our hearts - so we got him.  See what I mean?  The dog's were "us" - we just knew it.  We didn't get that impression when we finally saw Molly.  Cute little dog - she just wasn't "us".  Anyway, she is available for adoption for anyone in the area (and I can now share a photo):

See?  She is a cutie!