Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I'm Very Happy Today!!

I'm in a good mood today!

Kevin Spacey is talking at an event at the Kennedy Center in DC on April 4th.  I didn't think much of it when someone sent me the link.  It's a two day event in regards to the Arts and I supposed that whomever was part of the event would get to see Kevin Spacey.  As it turns out that is only half true...those attending the event *do* get to see him; however.......

I clicked the link to his event only; just to see what the cost was.  Oops - have to register on the site to get that far.  So I did that (didn't cost a thing)....then I confirmed my registration and it took me to the ordering site.  You are limited to 2 tickets.  I put in for 2.  The price came up.....are you all sitting down?   $0.00 !!!!!!
WHAT????  I continued figuring that at some point they are going to want a credit card - NOPE!  Got the confirmation email, still $0.00.

I was a little thrown back and surely thought there was a catch.  What if they make me pay for the 2 day event once I was there?  So I sent them an email asking.  I just received a response - the tickets are complimentary; there will be no additional charges.

Yeah, I'm glad I'm still sitting down too!  I'm trying to get Liss of Driving Mr. Spacey fame to meet me there....Liss, HELLO!  Need your answer and it better be YES!

But in the meantime.....I'm on a Kevin Spacey countdown again!

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  1. Thanks for stopping over at our site! You started at just about the same weight I did and congratulations on the loss. Thats fabulous!

    What do you like to do for exercise?