Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Kevin Spacey-ing I Will Go...

Yesterday I had the opportunity to go to see Kevin give his speech in support of the Arts in Washington DC. A really big big bonus to this was that the tickets were FREE!!

I took the whole day off work (called in today too - way too tired)and took the Metro in and enjoyed the majority of the day at The National Mall and Smithsonian. It turned out to be a gorgeous day - 70 degrees and sunny. When I got way too tired, I took the Metro over to the Kenndey Center. At the stop, there is suppose to be a shuttle to the KC, but I couldn't find it. So I decided to walk....the signage was really bad and eventually had to use my cell phone navigation to find it- lol!! I then just spent the time in there, out of the heat (I did get sunburned) and read a book on my Kindle.

Around 4:00-ish, I texted Tricia (from the Legacy list whom I was meeting for the very first time)that I was there and about where I was. She texted right back that she was only 3 stops away. Hmmm...well she too apparently couldn't find those shuttles and had to walk over. But eventually we met up, got aquainted and had a really good time!!

Around 5:00-ish we went to wait to pick up our tickets and then get in line to the theatre. While in line I saw Rosemary (a fan I'd met in NY during the Moon run)and had a nice chat with her as well. Always good to meet up with other fans.

Then the theatre doors opened......

The whole front theatre was reserved so we couldn't sit in the front. Which was a shame cause all those seats never filled up. But we were in the next section and the theatre was small.  While we got settled, Tricia notices Dana Brunetti (Kevin's business partner) over to the side not that far from us. She yells at him "Dana!" and waves, he waves back. She then yells at him for an autograph. He seemed a little overwhelmed and confused with this "Why would you want my autograph?" She yells that he's an Oscar Nominated Producer! He seemed embarrassed, but walked over and took her ticket and pen; he then told her he couldn't sign with her pen and he'd be right back. When he returned he hands it back and says "There's an extra signature on there for you." He had had Kevin sign her ticket as well!!! It was very exciting!!

It seemed forever until Kevin got on the stage. He talked for 45 minutes, which was heaven. He told of how Jack Lemmon had been his mentor (did his Jack Lemmon impression also)and the importance of sending the elevator back down and of course how important arts and culture is. I love to hear this man speak!

We didn't get to hang around to see if he showed up to mingle after the show but we DID find those shuttles to get back to the Metro Station!!

Here's the one photo I have that actually turned out:

And some of Dana:

The person in this photo with Dana is Hamish - Kevin's personal assistant.


  1. Laura, thanks for sharing your Kevin adventure! Sounds like you had fun. That was nice of Dana to go get Kevin's autograph, too. I watched some of Kevin's speech - his swaying side-to-side made me seasick!

  2. Good for you! I applaud your desire to trek off in search of celebrity. I think I've become a little jaded. I used to travel all over (the tri-state) back when I was a Star Trek Junkie just to meet a member of the cast. I still meet celebrities, but it usually is at the conventions I'm working. They come to me now I guess LOL Just met Queen Latifah in Chicago. She was cordial , and in this particular venue dressed in business attire. Wasn't the image I have of her in my head, but it rarely ever is.