Thursday, April 7, 2011


Well Lucy had her Vet appointment and it was determined that she is 6-7 months of age.  But we had already figured she was not a young puppy!  Adjustment period is getting easier!

My weight loss is at a total of 37 lbs.!  I'm very excited to go to my doctor's appointment tomorrow - should be interesting.

A reader asked me about my cat Mickey.  Mickey is still around, though at the old house.  They've made him a house on their porch so that's where he is staying.  I do need to go get him and have his shots updated though.  So I guess we're sharing the cat!!  But it seems best for Mickey...who by the way will be 13 years old next month!

And the speech I heard Kevin Spacey give on Monday is available here:

2011 Nancy Hanks Lecture on the Arts: Kevin Spacey


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