Tuesday, May 31, 2011


If you're not aware, NaBloPoMo (aka:  National Blog Posting Month) is a group that challenges you to do a post a day for an entire month.  November is the "official" blog posting month; but they do others throughout the year assigning a "theme".  This June they've chosen "fan" as the theme.  So I'm going to attempt to do that for the month of June.

Don't fret though - my normal jabber & what not will be here too!!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

If It Helps Lose The Weight - Go For It!

I'm a kitchen gadget junkie, I admit it!  I'm always looking for new things that make weight loss life easier.  So I like having a decent blender, tons of measuring devices and decent cookware.  These gadgets make Weight Watchers easier for me.  That may be the same for you or different.

Why I bring this up is that I have a few friends that find my "gadget" obsession "humorous" and they immediately expect me to rush out and buy anything I hear about.  I'm not that "gadget" happy, but I do like to check things out either for myself or to pass the information along to others here at the blog.  I find their obsession with my obsession rather weird and can't understand why they care.  And if my gadget obsession keeps me healthy, well than it's worth it in my opinion.

Another thing I like is earning the Weight Watchers charms.  When you reach your 10% loss of your beginning weight, WW gives you key chain.  Then you can earn charms for on it - one at 16 weeks, one every time you lose 25 lbs., one for goal weight, one for lifetime and we just got one for walking a 5K.  I like these little things that keep me motivated and remind of where I was and where I'm heading.  I really wish WW would come up with more charms (5K was a new one this year) as I find them inspiring.  I was glad that Roni discussed these charms over on her blog this week as I was happy to see that I'm not the only one that feels this way.  Whatever works right?

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rain, Lightning and Tornados - OH MY!!

Tonight was Weight Watchers and I did managed to lose .2 - which isn't a lot but I'll take any loss I can.

Our meeting place is located in a mall.  A severe storm was coming through...which involved tornados.  I'm not kidding you when I tell you that every store in the mall closed their doors and all customers were advised to get into the corridors or stand up against the walls.  It was very weird.  Don't know if a tornado came through or not but once we were allowed to walk around again we discovered the food places still open and were able to eat.  After that the storm had passed and we came home.

Would of hated to spend the night in the mall - isn't that kind of a "Dawn of the Dead" sort of thing???

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I had a gain last week at weigh-in.  Not ounces this time but 1.4 lbs., which in my opinion is a lot.

I know that weight gains happen - I know that; I also know I could of gone in the next day and weighed something entirely different!  I guess my problem with it is that I'm so close to goal and just can't seem to get there!

Advice on the Weight Watchers boards mostly is to "tweek" the program - lower your daily points, go back to the old point system, etc...  I just can't seem to do those options.  On the old system when you were at the lowest daily points it was like starvation.  I'm currently at the lowest on the new system and it's very doable; if I change that...I'm afraid I won't be able to live with it.  Some better advice was to switch around your meals.  I tend to eat the same thing for breakfast everyday; so I've been trying something different this week.  We will see how that goes.  I also have upped my walking a little - another suggestion.

But anyway, Yes - gains do happen; how we choose to deal with them is what matters.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tacos and Weight Goals

The past few months I've opted out of ground turkey and turned to the 96/4 ground beef.  It's actually very good, though a tad expensive.  I was fortunate to get 2 packs on sale last night and decided on tacos for dinner figuring I'd cook all the beef and freeze any leftovers.

Course hubby is a big eater......  However, I still ended up with a taco for lunch today and enough left over to do another tomorrow, but I think I'm going to do it in the form of a taco salad instead.  I'm really in need of some different food options and this gave me that.

Sometimes with dieting, we tend to eat the same foods over and over again, and at some point - eating gets boring.

I'm kind of at a standstill with my weight right now.  I'm yo-yoing with ounces and it's getting frustrating, especially since I'm so close to goal!  I'm beginning to wonder why I need that goal!  Oh yeah, to get lifetime with Weight Watchers you have to set a goal and maintain it..but the goal weight is by their guidelines and not my own.

I've lost 39 lbs.  I dropped from a size 14-16 to a 6-8 - can't I maintain that??????  Nope, I need to lose 5 more to get to lifetime.

I'm beginning to think it'll take all summer (sigh).

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Laughing Cow

This evening I made Roni's Silky Single Serve Nacho Cheese .  I had wanted to try this for some time and I wasn't disappointed.  I made it using the Mini Babybel Light and Laughing Cow Light Quesno Fresco Chiptole.  It was a great combination and a perfect compliment for my pretzels!!  Pretzels and this cheese dip came to a total of 5 points plus.  Not bad!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Manny Kin

One day, while driving through town I saw a person perched atop a truck advertising Furniture Market.  Nope - wrong at closer inspection I noticed it was a mannequin.  That would happen another 1 to 2 times before it became ingrained in my brain that it was a mannequin.  The truck could be found in various locations and there were both male & female mannequins - you never really knew when one might show up.  It was a funny advertising campaign.

"Manny Kin", as the mannequin has become known has caused quite a stir here in Waynesboro, PA - a small town located in south eastern PA at the Maryland border.  Waynesboro has an approximate population of about 30,000.  Out of that 30,000; ONE found Manny Kin a distraction and is concerned that this type of advertising could cause our town to look "junky".  Yep, ONE person found, that in the middle of a bad economy, our town should not be focused on the budget, but rather that we force the removal of the mannequins.

Yes, this is small town America politics folks......  According to this ONE person, the mannequins are in violation of the sign ordinance - which says that signs can't be animated.   Hmmmmm......

Well maybe it's just me but I've never had one of those mannequins wave at me, or do acrobats across the signs; as a matter of fact all they do is just sit there.  Many businesses have those lighted up signs that flash and such - isn't that animated?  And why are those allowed?

Anyway, there's a fight going in regards to "Manny Kin"...but I say let him alone.  Can't  "Manny Kin" just do his job?

And to prove I'm not making this up; here's the newspapers links:

Mannequins Violate Township Rules

Resident Defends Mannequins

Mannequin Decision Is Appealed

Supervisors To Speak At Mannequin Hearing

Manny Kin's Interview

And read the comments!  They only make the whole thing more interesting!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Little Bit Of Kevin Spacey

Due to Blogger's "maintenance" screw up, I was unable to post two annual postings that occur on May 12th.  These were 2 "little bit of Kevin Spaceys" that I had the pleasure to experience while in NY in 2007:

Just got home and am extremely tired. I have lots to tell but I'll tell the "main event" right now!!!!

My husband owns and operates a screenprinting/embroidery shop and he and I designed a "Moon For The Misbegotten" long-sleeved t-shirt for Kevin and a hat that said "Got Moon?". (Sorry, everyone - they are not for sale, in the card I told Kevin it was a one of a kind original and no one else had one).

Thursday, May 10th I went to the stage door with the gift bag. I wanted to be up front at the barricade in order to give it to him personally. The one Security Guard saw me and asked me who I was giving it to and I told him Kevin. He explained that Kevin is unable to accept gifts that are not cleared through security first and I wasn't able to do that. However, he said he would be more than happy to take the bag backstage to the room where things are inspected. So, of course, I handed it over to security. When he came back out, I explained that it was a one-of-a-kind specially made gift and I really wanted him to have it. The Security guard admitted that he himself had already "peaked" in the bag and I needn't worry. In the meantime another security guard came out with a thumbs up that the bag had cleared.

On Saturday, May 12th, we went back to the stage door to wait for Kevin. We noticed the one Security guard carry a few items to Kevin's car - I immediately saw my gift bag and got excited!!! What a slice of heaven - he apparently likes the gift as he's taking it with him!!! Joanne said that I would probably be receiving a thank you card soon!!!

Well, when Kevin came out the stage door HE WAS WEARING THE SHIRT!!! I was right there and said "That's my shirt!!" He said "Did you get me this shirt?" I said "Yes" He said "I LOVE this shirt!!!" So I asked him to pose for a picture, which he willingly did...then I asked for one of he and I, which he replied "Sure, come here...I was able to cross the barricade to HIS side and put my arms around him as he did me!!! While Joanne took an enormously loooooooong time to take the picture (thanks for that sweetie - it was worth the wait).

What a night...........

But earlier in the day........

For those that have been asking...yes, KevieBear got his picture with Kevin Spacey!!!

At the Saturday matinee after the stage door crowd started to thin out, I approached the man and said "Can I ask a favor?" He said "Sure" without looking up from his signing. I said "Will you have your picture taken with the driving mr. spacey bear?" He got this cute little grin on his face, looked up and said "I'd be delighted." He took the bear, read his button ("I was mooned on Broadway"), laughed, posed and handed him back saying "I hope he has a safe journey home."

What A Guy!!!


Blogger did some "maintenance" that shut down posting for a "little bit"....that "little bit" turned into over a full day due to complications.  When everything was back up I had no sidebars, 20 posts from 2007 and everything else was GONE!!!  Grrrrr......

I spent the morning transferring everything again and doing the sidebars over (sidebars don't transfer from one blog to another).  I'm now going to save this blog somewhere on the computer.  Though I can't do much about the sidebars - I CAN save all the postings in case of another "small problem".

Sensible Portion Potato Straws

At work the other day someone offered me this:

At first I said No, but they were kind of insistent that I try one, so I whipped out my Points Plus Calculator and ran a check.  These babies only came to 3 pts. per serving...and what's the serving?

Yep - you're reading that right THIRTY-EIGHT of them:

Quite a lot for so little points!  I went to Wal-mart today and bought some, I could only find the BBQ ones though and I would just be jumping for joy if I could find the Salt & Vinegar ones!!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Apps, Apps and more Apps!

I've added some links to Blackberry Apps and a link to IPhone Apps on the sidebar.  These apps are all for health, fitness, wellness etc.  I don't have a Blackberry or IPhone and have never tried these apps.  Some are "official" some are not; some are "free" some are not.  Make sure to read and pay attention to what you are downloading - and if you find one you really like?  Contact me or comment and let me know!

There's also the area for Android apps.  So far I've only tried the official weight watchers ones and the bar code scanner one.  I like all of those.  I'm going to test one of the unoffical ww ones just to see what it's like.

More later....

Sunday, May 8, 2011


I've added a sidebar item with links to some android apps that you may find useful.  There are many, many more than the ones listed here.  Remember that not all apps are "official" and some may come with fees associated with it so read things carefully.  There are apps also available for Iphones and Blackberrys...check the sites where these apps are available for download.

I've listed the 2 official Weight Watchers apps and the unofficial WW barcode scanner (all of these are free).  The official WW ones require you be a meeting or online member.  I listed one of many unofficial WW tracker/calculator that is available.  Once at the market just run a Weight Watchers search and everything will show up.  Read descriptions because the program is slightly different in other countries and you don't want to download the wrong thing.  But for most parts these apps can be very helpful.

Apps are also available for exercise, shopping lists, recipes and such....Enjoy!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Everyday Life....

Today was an absolutely beautiful day!  Though it clouded up once and looked like a bad storm was coming, it blew over and never happened.  It's so nice to see the sun and feel some warmth.

I got an Evo last night.  Initially at upgrade time, I had planned on the LG Optimus.  It was free and I had the opportunity to use one that belonged to someone at work.  It's a very nice phone.  Hubby kept asking me if I thought it was "good enough" for me, I kept insisting it was; but once we got to Radio Shack, well...there were the Evo's and I couldn't resist.  It was a wise decision on my part as the Evo is exactly what I was looking for in a phone.  Hubby settled on one of the free ones (not the Optimus but a Samsung with slide out keyboard and touchscreen), still a nice phone but his patience level is zero and well it takes some patience to learn a new phone.

Weight Watchers has a Beta Adroid App and it's really nice.  You can track your points with it, which is very helpful.  However an unofficial WW Scanning App is also at the Android Market.  This app allows you to scan the barcodes on food items and then it tells you the serving size and PointsPlus value!  No kidding!  It doesn't work on store brand items, but it does on the major brands.  I tested it on some items in my cupboards and it's successfully calculated everything correctly. What a very handy item to have.  I do know that an Iphone for tracking is available but I don't know about a scanning app for it, but it probably is worth looking for.  And there are apps for both Droid and Iphone for the PointsPlus Calculator - yep, if you're having a hard time getting your hands on one of those calculators that seem to be in such short supply...you can download it to your Android or Iphone - the official ones require you to be a Weight Watchers member (etools or online); but I saw some unofficial ones available too.

Tomorrow is Mother's Day - Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there...whether you have the human or animal kids or both!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I'm Back!

It seems like it's been FOREVER since I've updated here!

Tonight I made Oven Fried Chicken using the recipe from Shannon's Kitchen Creations  It was very good and ended up in my home made recipe binder for future use.  Always like the successful recipes!

Life with Lucy is getting much better and she's Keyser's side kick...she follows him EVERYWHERE!!  He acts like he doesn't like her (as does Toby) but they really do.  Good thing - cause I love that dog so much!  She's is such a good dog.

I'm kind of stalled in my weight loss.  Losses are ounces and I go up and down.  I only have 6 lbs. to go to reach goal and it feels like it'll take months to get there!!  Still hanging in there though!