Sunday, May 29, 2011

If It Helps Lose The Weight - Go For It!

I'm a kitchen gadget junkie, I admit it!  I'm always looking for new things that make weight loss life easier.  So I like having a decent blender, tons of measuring devices and decent cookware.  These gadgets make Weight Watchers easier for me.  That may be the same for you or different.

Why I bring this up is that I have a few friends that find my "gadget" obsession "humorous" and they immediately expect me to rush out and buy anything I hear about.  I'm not that "gadget" happy, but I do like to check things out either for myself or to pass the information along to others here at the blog.  I find their obsession with my obsession rather weird and can't understand why they care.  And if my gadget obsession keeps me healthy, well than it's worth it in my opinion.

Another thing I like is earning the Weight Watchers charms.  When you reach your 10% loss of your beginning weight, WW gives you key chain.  Then you can earn charms for on it - one at 16 weeks, one every time you lose 25 lbs., one for goal weight, one for lifetime and we just got one for walking a 5K.  I like these little things that keep me motivated and remind of where I was and where I'm heading.  I really wish WW would come up with more charms (5K was a new one this year) as I find them inspiring.  I was glad that Roni discussed these charms over on her blog this week as I was happy to see that I'm not the only one that feels this way.  Whatever works right?

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