Tuesday, June 28, 2011

This & That

Sorry for the lack of updates, but nothing has been happening.

My weight loss is still at a standstill and it's really getting frustrating.  Today wasn't a good day, I've been eating everything - oh I measure it out...but I'm just eating EVERYTHING!!  I'm beginning to think I'm never going to reach goal and what makes it worse is that it's only 5 more pounds!  I worry that if I do get there I won't be able to maintain it; I'm maintaining now so there's an issue here somewhere.

Lucy and Keyser both seem to be doing well and I'm hoping the vet visits are behind us for a while.  Joppa had to settle for his rabies shot at a clinic as Lucy and Keyser used up the animal fund with their visits.  Never a dull moment.

I received a rather strange voice message on my cell phone today.  The call came across as "0000" so I didn't answer.  They left a message...the person was foreign and talked extremely fast, he said the  name of a company but I can't make it out.  Anyway he wanted me to pass a message on to a friend of mine - whom he named (and yes, it was someone I know) - and claimed they had named me as a reference on some unpaid loan.  He then rambled on about how both she and I need to call back and threatened legal action if we didn't.  Apparently since I'm a reference, I'm now responsible for an unpaid loan.  Left a number.  A quick internet search showed it to be a scam.  The people that have actually talked to them have been threatened with arrest and all kinds of things; I think the next time they call I may answer and when they threaten me with arrest, I'll tell them I work for the Sheriff's Office so they won't have a hard time finding me - lol!!!  Apparently when you threaten that you're calling the police, they hang up quickily.  I mention this only as a warning to everyone - please don't give out personal information and guard your account and social security numbers!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Keyser Update

Well apparently Keyser has two types of meds.  One for the itching, the other for infection.  It appeared to the vet that he had two puncture wounds that she determined was a bite mark.  This didn't surprise us as Keyser and Lucy often rough house and she gets too bitey.  It's a behaviour we've been trying to correct.  That visit was $75.00.

More Of This And A Little Of That

Polt sent me another photo from the Pride Parade (I didn't have good ones of this group, so I'm loving it):

 And the following of CC, me and himself:
I like very little photos of myself, but I do like this one.  It's the first time I saw myself and thought "Wow, I'm thin!"  Gotta love it!

Last week I had to take Lucy to the vet's as she had started peeing in the house and was stopping every few steps on a walk to stop and try to pee.  After $125.00 it was determined she had a UTI and is now on meds.  Keyser has been doing nothing but licking and scratching himself that he's driving us nuts!  So I'm sure he's nuts as well.  We've tried shampoos, different foods, benedryl, different topical flea/tick oinments and nothing seems to work!!!   As of this writing Hubby is at the vet's with him; waiting to hear back on that one.
But they are my children and we must do what we must do.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

This & That

Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there - even the ones to the furry kid kind!!

My morning started with no power.  Everything was out.  But it wasn't just us, it was the block and about an hour later it was all back on.  I have no idea what had happened.

My family is having an evening picnic for Father's Day.  Spent the day finishing up "Pillars of the Earth" on Starz and some laundry.

As stated in a previous post, I picked a day and logged it on SparkPeople.  According to the SparkPeople stats I was within the correct areas for calories, protein, fat, fiber and carbs.  I then figured each item out with WW points & pointsplus.  It was interesting.  On PointsPlus (which is the current program) I have 29 daily points.  My eating for the day came to 27 points.  Under my daily.  On the old points system I would be allowed 19 daily points - it totally out to 25 points - 6 points OVER.  On the norm, I never would of gone over my daily and if I did it would never of been with that much.  So I AM consuming more calories then I did previously especially when you consider that now you do not count fruits, where before you did.

I think this explains why so many lost weight more consistently on the old program and it slowed up on the new one.  There is two ways of looking at this.  One - the old program basically had you in starvation mode; Two-the new program has you consuming too many calories to lose weight.  However, SparkPeople proves the first one.  Remember I said that SparkPeople had me at all the correct levels.  Looking at "lifestyle change for a lifetime", it only seems doable with the new program.  However, I do not condem anyone that has chosen to go back to the old one, whatever works for YOU.  But for me to go back to that?  I'd be starving.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Thank God For Change!!

My area just recently opened a Dog Park.  I haven't had the dogs there yet, but yesterday I went to the town website to pull up the registration forms.  Last September they had a doggie plunge at the local pool and some photos were posted there.....I found this:

What you should notice is this:

Yep!  That's my Toby just running around having a grand old time.  You can't see Keyser in this photo but I have this one of him:

He was more of the "There's no way in hell I'm getting in there" attitude.   But anyway, it wasn't really Toby I wanted you to notice in that photo.  Let's look at it again:

It's this:

It's that fat woman in the white shirt and gray shorts - IT'S ME!!  Smack dab right on the city's website!!!!  YIKES!!

I am happy to say I'm not THAT woman anymore!!!!   I'm THIS one:

What a change!!

Saturday Was A Long Day

Saturday CC, Polt and I went to DC for the 2011 Pride Parade!  We headed out mid-afternoon, stopped in Frederick, MD at Applebee's for lunch and then headed to the Metro Station for the ride to Dupont Circle.  WOW!!  Lots of people attend this event!!  This was CC's first time and I believe she was just a little overwhelmed.  Anyway, some photos:

Ahhhh....the Dancing Cowboys - my favorite part!!

After the parade it was back to the Metro then the ride home, with another stop in Frederick for a late dinner - we were STARVED.  Ate at the Macaroni Grill this time - very good.

New vs. Old

There still seems to be a lot of folks struggling with the new Weight Watchers program.  I'm beginning to see that it is much much more than I originally thought.

Though I've had success on both version; I've been stuck for about 6-7 weeks with my weight yo-yoing back and forth.  It's frustrating because I'm so close to goal.  Weeding through the internet I've discovered that it is not uncommon for someone at my height and close to goal having a hard time getting there.  It's why so many have been "tweeking" the new program or going back to the old one.

I still have a hard time rationalizing that if you're eating the same things on the new program as you did on the old, why the program isn't working.  I mean, nothing has changed other than point values.  I've decided that after weigh in on Thursday; I'm going to begin tracking both ways beginning on Friday.  I'm going to use Sparkpeople as my diary and at the end of the day figure out the point values for both the old and new plan.  I'm interested in seeing how it works.  I chose Sparkpeople because it will show me the intake of calories and such I'm getting and I'll be able to view my problem areas.  I just can't take another week of "Just keep doing what you're doing; it'll eventually all work out."  I think they tell us that because they just don't know enough about the new program to help it along.

CC has made lifetime status and now feels like an outcast!  C'mon Weight Watchers - just because someone isn't paying anymore doesn't mean you have the right to throw them to the street.  They need the support to maintain!  Oh yeah sure, she doesn't have to pay anymore...but by not paying she's lost use of the website tools (recipe builder, tracker, etc...)...so she now has as much as a non-paying person does.  How is that right???

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Greene Turtle

Over the weekend, CC and I became huge fans of this:

This is the Raspberry Turkey Flatbread at The Greene Turtle .  The description is:

It starts with jerk seasoned turkey on warm flatbread with melted cheddar jack, slice tomato and red onion.  Then it gets serious with our bold raspberry sauce.

Yeah, it sounded good to us too!  We were torn between that and the Turkey BBQ Club.  We decided to order one of each and each eat half of one.  Both were delicious but the Turkey Raspberry won for the very best!

You wouldn't think turkey, tomato, onion and raspberry on flatbread would be a lot in points; but when I checked the stats on this baby it came in at a whopping 18 pts!!  YIKES!  The BBQ Club came in at 23 pts!!  DOUBLE YIKES!  Needless to say we each used about 20 pts on sandwiches alone which is way too much.  In the future we'll just have to split one and have them with soup and a side salad.

But, I did enjoy the taste and still can't understand why it's so much.  I've decided to try to recreate this as best as I possibly can using this:

It's Smucker's Sugar Free Raspberry Preserves (1 TB = 1 pt); Sargento Colby-Jack 25% less sodium cheese (1 slice = 2 pts); Sara Lee's Pepper Cracked Turkey Breast (4 slices = 1 pt); and the store brand of the Wheat Thin Rolls (1 roll = 2 pt).  If successful this one will come in at 6 points!!  Unfotunately I don't have any tomato or onion to add - but we'll see how successful this is first.  Though I don't expect The Greene Turtle's...hopefully it will give a kick to an otherwise boring lunch.

The plan is to put everything on the roll but the raspberry and heat it until the cheese melts on the generic George Foreman grill we have here at work (or maybe the toaster oven) and then add the raspberry.  Another option for this, is to use the Light Flatout Flatbread (which was my original choice but the store didn't have the light variety).  I think with the Flatbread I may want to go with 8 slices of turkey (2 pts) since it's larger...but that'll be another post!  Another option is a reduced fat (or fat free) cheese as well, but sometimes it's worth the extra point or two and have the real thing!

Sooo....the outcome?

Well it wasn't the Greene Turtle's - but it's not bad either!  The pepper cracked turkey does have a kick to it, but all in all it is a satisfying and filling lunch.  I rounded out the lunch with the Pepperidge Farm Pretzel Thins (11 for 2 pts) and watermelon!!

I'm thinking those pretzel thins would go great with Roni's laughing cow nacho dip!!


FAIL AGAIN - but from here on out let the "fan" postings be when I want them - lol!!  BUT.....


Well, I can interpret "fan" anyway I want too!

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Yeah I know...I already failed with the 30 day challenge, but since I didn't officially sign up to do it, it's not a big deal....but to catch things up:


Everytime a member left the Bay City Rollers, they went on to other bands.  When Ian Mitchell left, he went back to his previous band The Young City Stars who re-grouped as Rosetta Stone:

They never made it big in the US, but I enjoyed them and they were closer to my age than the Rollers were.  Colin was my favorite (right end).  I'm actually friends with both Colin and Damian (left end) on FaceBook!!  And no, they are not "fan" pages - it's their actual personal pages!  It was thru this band that I met my friend Gwyn from Missouri.  She and I started as penpals, regrouped again as penpals for Loverboy, then regrouped when the internet hit the scene...and now keep in touch via FaceBook.  We've been friends since we were 14 years old and will probably always be (we've never met face to face though, maybe someday).

June 3, 2011 - FAN - LOVERBOY

Oh this one is a no brainer!!  Anyone that knows me know that my all time favorite band is LOVERBOY!!

What more can I say!!  I truly wanted to marry the Keyboard player Doug Johnson (2nd from right)!!  I've seen them so many times in concert that I've lost count!!  They still tour today and whenever they are nearby I go!  It's still the original line-up minus the bass player Scott Smith (end right) as he died back in 2000.  But they are still my very favorite band!!

June 4, 2011 - FAN - KEVIN SPACEY

Oh, I know what you're thinking...why wasn't he first???  LOL!!!  I have to keep y'all guessing sometime.  Any one that knows me or reads here knows that my all time favorite is KEVIN SPACEY!!!  What more can I say????  Click his name on the sidebar under my labels and you'll see all kinds of postings about him.

June 5, 2011 - FAN - SEAN BEAN

Just so ruggedly hot - how can you not be a fan of his???  Am enjoying him weekly on HBO's "Game of Thrones".

So am I caught up now????

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fan - The Bay City Rollers

I've been a fan of many many people over the years; but I find my teeney bop years as a fan of the Bay City Rollers a lot of fun.

Don't ask me why, but there was something about these guys that I enjoyed!!  Eric (top right) was my favorite.  I even dressed like they did - lol!!  Here's a clip from YouTube:

There were several line-ups as members came and went, but I stayed a fan for a long time.  I was very glad to find a few of my penpals from way back when on FaceBook.  There may be a small fan gathering in Myrtle Beach when I'm there - hoping to meet up with some other fans!!