Monday, June 13, 2011

Thank God For Change!!

My area just recently opened a Dog Park.  I haven't had the dogs there yet, but yesterday I went to the town website to pull up the registration forms.  Last September they had a doggie plunge at the local pool and some photos were posted there.....I found this:

What you should notice is this:

Yep!  That's my Toby just running around having a grand old time.  You can't see Keyser in this photo but I have this one of him:

He was more of the "There's no way in hell I'm getting in there" attitude.   But anyway, it wasn't really Toby I wanted you to notice in that photo.  Let's look at it again:

It's this:

It's that fat woman in the white shirt and gray shorts - IT'S ME!!  Smack dab right on the city's website!!!!  YIKES!!

I am happy to say I'm not THAT woman anymore!!!!   I'm THIS one:

What a change!!

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