Tuesday, June 28, 2011

This & That

Sorry for the lack of updates, but nothing has been happening.

My weight loss is still at a standstill and it's really getting frustrating.  Today wasn't a good day, I've been eating everything - oh I measure it out...but I'm just eating EVERYTHING!!  I'm beginning to think I'm never going to reach goal and what makes it worse is that it's only 5 more pounds!  I worry that if I do get there I won't be able to maintain it; I'm maintaining now so there's an issue here somewhere.

Lucy and Keyser both seem to be doing well and I'm hoping the vet visits are behind us for a while.  Joppa had to settle for his rabies shot at a clinic as Lucy and Keyser used up the animal fund with their visits.  Never a dull moment.

I received a rather strange voice message on my cell phone today.  The call came across as "0000" so I didn't answer.  They left a message...the person was foreign and talked extremely fast, he said the  name of a company but I can't make it out.  Anyway he wanted me to pass a message on to a friend of mine - whom he named (and yes, it was someone I know) - and claimed they had named me as a reference on some unpaid loan.  He then rambled on about how both she and I need to call back and threatened legal action if we didn't.  Apparently since I'm a reference, I'm now responsible for an unpaid loan.  Left a number.  A quick internet search showed it to be a scam.  The people that have actually talked to them have been threatened with arrest and all kinds of things; I think the next time they call I may answer and when they threaten me with arrest, I'll tell them I work for the Sheriff's Office so they won't have a hard time finding me - lol!!!  Apparently when you threaten that you're calling the police, they hang up quickily.  I mention this only as a warning to everyone - please don't give out personal information and guard your account and social security numbers!

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