Tuesday, August 30, 2011

An Inspiration? Who ME?????

Today I received a text message from my one sister.  She let me know that the dogs were fine and that the kennel staff love them (I'm sure they say that to everyone....but seriously, how can you not love Toby, Keyser and Lucy??).  Anyway she proceeded to tell me that she was going back to Weight Watchers and that I was her inspiration.

Really??? Me???

I didn't really do anything.  I just walked in the door at Weight Watchers and made up my mind to do the program.  Now at Lifetime status the job gets a little harder....maintaining it for life.  I would like to lose a few more pounds but I'm happy with what I've achieved.

Vacations are hard....I did the seafood buffet and didn't overstuff myself; I did Joe's Crab Shack (which is fabulous by the way) and there were no leftovers there, and we did Liberty which did give me a leftover lunch the next day.  Tonight we're doing Fuddrucker's and I've decided I'm having french fries...always need to have that little "special something"...it keeps you on track.  I bake french fries at home, so deep fried ones are far and few and well considered a treat.  But I've decided on a grilled chicken sandwich and fries for dinner.  I may even go wild and get a funnel cake - all depends on my mood.  Keeping it real without overdoing is the key to weight loss.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Only In America.....

Sometimes life just gives you things to write about.

Hubby and I are on vacation.  We started out on Friday and continued on Saturday morning.  I suggested we stop at a Waffle House to eat.  We did.

They were rather busy, but we managed to get a table that had not been cleaned off yet.  It would take 10 minutes for someone to do this.  Then about 15 mintues before someone waited on us.  I would have my waffle but have to wait 5 minutes for silverware.  The whole experience was terrible.  No one was apologetic.

But it wasn't the bad service we experienced that gave me writing material...it was what was going on around us that made you think "only in America".

There was a very large group that were together in there.  They apparently felt they were more important than the rest of us (and I do blame them for the bad service everyone else was experiencing).  They were constantly changing tables, interrupting the staff to attend to their needs - it was caos.  I'm not kidding you when I say I watched the one lady (who was very large); grab one of the wash cloths used to wipe off the tables, stand up, bend over (that put her very large butt in the faces of the people at the table across from hers) and wash off her feet before throwing the cloth back across the counter.

After watching her, I turned my attention to a guy sitting at the counter.  At a glance he seemed somewhat normal, however I happened to notice he had a rather large hole in the back of his pants.  At a second glance I realized he wasn't wearing underwear and I was staring at his butt.  Yep, you read that right.

The other problem was the table behind us.  An older couple who were extremely unhappy with their meal, apparently it wasn't cooked right, the wife had not received all of hers, etc...  The waitress blamed it on a new manager that didn't know how to cook.  Oh I bet the manager loved that!  There was no way this waitress was going to please this couple and though they had a legitimate complaint; they shouldn't of been taking it out on the waitress and causing such a ruckus for the rest of us.

It was an interesting meal....

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Nice Evening

Nice humid evening here at Myrtle Beach. We had dinner at Hook's Seafood Buffet and then a walk on the beach. Looking forward to a full day with beach time tomorrow.

We Outsmarted The Hurricane

Despite everyone giving strong warnings and calling us crazy and stupid....hubby and I headed to Myrtle Beach, SC yesterday.  Yes, we know that Hurricane Irene was working her way up the coast.  We've watched the weather for DAYS....but all indicated that Myrtle Beach would be a miss - and it was.

We started out yesterday deciding it was best to stay west of I-95 (since that was to be a big hit area).  It added about 3 hours to the total drive, but it was a smart move.  Sunny and no rain was the drive...we made it across the South Carolina border and stayed in a very nice hotel over night.  By the time we headed out this morning, Irene was past Myrtle Beach.  We have some winds and clouds but other than that, things are fine and the weather is to be beautiful tomorrow!!  What could be better than that?  So see, we aren't crazy or stupid...we had things worked out and knew what needed to be done!

CC is watching the cats, bunny and turtle and the dogs are being borded at the Vet's.  Always feel guilty when I drop the dogs off.....

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

So Hey What Do You Eat On Vacation?????

This will be the very first time I've been on vacation while dieting.  Since I've got my fingers crossed to be lifetime status tomorrow evening it really puts me in the "it's a lifestyle change, not a diet" mode.

Chicken and seafood are always good bets when eating out.  As long as they aren't fried or breaded, I should be good.  One of our favorite places to eat there is The Liberty Steakhouse & Brewery.  I've looked up the menu online and decided on the Hawaiian Chicken with grilled pineapple; as my side I'll get a salad or the broccoli without cheese.  It will probably be more than I can eat, so part of it will become lunch the next day.  We also decided to try Joe's Crab Shack .  Again, I've checked the menu and am going for the Classic Steampot which is dungeness crab, snow crab, boiled shrimp and sausage.  I don't quite understand how or why the sausage gets thrown in the mix, and since I'm not a sausage fan, that will probably go to hubby.  I believe it comes with new potatoes and corn as well....again, this may end up as lunch the next day also...but I'm a big crab and shrimp eater - so maybe not!!  We'll do a seafood buffet one night - which will probably be a big point night for me.  We may also do The Pirates Voyage which looks like a big meal that will end up half being lunch!!

As you can see we don't eat out much at lunch - lol!!!  Actually we do about a 10:00 breakfast.  Breakfast is normally pretty easy when it comes to Weight Watchers.  Eggs, wheat bread, skim milk....I can even splurge a day or two and have pancakes or french toast.  It is vacation after all!!  So we aren't normally hungry around lunch time.  So lunch is later in the afternoon (if at all) and a late dinner (we normally are late dinner eaters anyway). Besides I like to spend the late morning on the beach and then move to the pool early afternoon.

So the best advice I can give for dieting on vacation?  If you can plan any meals ahead of time - do so, look up the menus and decide beforehand what you're going to eat.  Watch portion sizes, if you can't control this - ask for a take home box immediately and put half the meal in it before you even start.  Track, track, track....even if you go over your point allowance - TRACK IT!!  And give yourself a treat now and then after all you are on vacation.

And hey - I'll be at the beach....what could be better than walking along the beach!!


Looks as though Irene will miss South Carolina after all - so vacation is back in full swing!!  Seems we can expect rain, winds and strong tides on Saturday but that's it.

I'm so relieved.....

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Earth Shook Under My Feet

Today we had something we've never had before, an EARTHQUAKE!

I'm sitting at my desk compiling the paperwork for new files and things started to vibrate.  At first, I thought the AC in the office was getting ready to go kaput...then I realized the floor was moving.  I felt the rumble go from one end of the office, under my feet and out the other end.  It was scarey and weird.  It felt weird.  All of us immediately met in the outer office area and a quick internet check proved what we thought - an earthquake!  We don't have earthquakes in this area.  It's just strange....

I see that Hurricane Irene is heading towards the Carolinas as we are ready for vacation!  What more could happen???  Oh, we've been in Myrtle Beach during Tropical Storms and lower level hurricanes; but we're normally already there not driving into it!!  I'm hoping it keeps moving East and misses us or at least stays at a low category or changes to a Tropical Storm.  We'll probably lose a day or two...but what can we do?

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Almost there, almost there....

Only five days....Only five days....

I'll be at the beach!!!!

Gosh I'm really looking forward to that!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


As everyone that reads here knows, I'm a huge Kevin Spacey fan.  At Leitersburg Cinemas they had a display above the snack bar for the movie Horrible Bosses.  It had individual posters of each of the main characters.  I asked them what they did with them after the movie ended - the snack bar personnel claimed they threw them in a back room.  I emailed the theatre asking for the Kevin Spacey poster but never heard anything.  Today they emailed me back and said the poster was at the theatre waiting for me.  I was psyched!

I get there and they had me THE ENTIRE DISPLAY!!  They said it's all connected and they didn't know how to get it apart - lol!!  Well scissors will do the trick, I'm pretty sure.  Anyway as a double bonus, the display (which is like a huge banner) is double sided!!  So there's actually 2 of everyone.  My cousin has already put claim to Jennifer Anniston - lol!!  But here's Kevin:


Monday, August 15, 2011

So YAY!!!

It's only 11 days until Myrtle Beach!  I'm getting so very excited....I'm madly in love with the beach...it takes all year to save for the trip, but it's so very well worth it.  I can't wait to smell that ocean air, eat at Liberty Steak House & Brewery at Broadway At The Beach, Barefoot Landing (where we buy all the doggie treats), and just relaxing with my hubby!  Oh and the Boardwalk opened last year, so this will be the first time for us there!  We stay at a little Mom & Pop place - Mystic Sea - nothing fancy, but clean and the staff is very friendly!

In addition to that, CC and I have decided to celebrate one year at Weight Watchers in Ocean City, MD!  It's for Sunfest in September and we nabbed an Ocean Front hotel at a great rate for 3 nights!  Our room is pool side though as that was all that was available.  It's one block from the end of the boardwalk...so we're preparing to get lots of walking in.  I haven't been to Ocean City in 20 years or more!  Looks as though some relatives and co-workers will be there as well, which is great!  I remember CC's parents taking us to Ocean City when we were little.....  we've decided on one of those Old Time Photos too - since we've gotten skinnier, we don't mind photos quite as much.

So I'm getting beach time TWICE this year.  YAY!

Yes, it does cut into my Kevin Spacey funding....but I'm beginning to think that'll be a one dayer or overnighter thing.  I so want to see that play though - so got my fingers crossed!  And I keep telling myself, I've seen the man in concert, in a play, in an on stage interview and giving a speech...PLUS the stage door meet & greets....I can't really complain can I?  :)

Friday, August 12, 2011


My last post was not about anyone in particular-lol!  Just was doing some thinking that's all!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.....

I know what y'all are thinking...you were excited about this blog and you've posted NOTHING!!  LOL - just been busy, busy!

I'm always amazed of people who can't choose their own friends.  The ones that stay within a group and all have to agree on who's "in" and who's "out".  The "if you're friends with them you can't be friends with me" crowd. 

I've totally never understood it - EVER!  Why can't you pick your own friends?  IMO - if you can't be friends with whom you want to....you're leading a very dull life.  And if your so-called "friends" tell you that you can't or shouldn't be friends with someone...then I'd ditch those friends, cause they aren't friends at all.

I always try to take people at face value...everyone gets a chance.  I know first impressions mean a lot, but I try to go beneath the surface as well.  Sometimes that first impression can be wrong.

Online friendships are the hardest.  It is so easy to take what someone writes in the wrong way.  I've developed some really nice friendships online; some of the people I have met, some I haven't, some I've only met briefly.  Briefly would be a first impression - so I chose to wait until I can really get to know the person, before making a judgement there - it's only fair.  I'm sure people have made snap judgements on me and I know there are people who don't like me.  I have no problem with that; that has to do with "them" not me..and they are entitled to live their life as they choose.

I don't think I really have a point other than I just never understood the "group" thing.  I've always had a wide variety of friends from all walks of life.  It's just made life more interesting and fun! 

I'll always remember reading a book of Rick Warren's that had a chapter on "choosing friends".... he said to ask yourself these questions:

Do your friends tear you down or do they build you up?
Do you find yourself having to conform to things you don't like to do?
Do they keep you from living 100% for God?

I always felt they were a powerful three questions; especially the second one.  I try to use those questions when making decisions.  I've often made people a priority in my life that have only made me an option in theirs.  I don't want to be the "option".

You shouldn't be an "option" either.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

This & That

First off I want to thank everyone for their postings on FaceBook of the two dogs from the previous post.  I am happy to say that some kind soul did adopt both of them together and they'll be going to their new home today!  It's so exciting.

I know there are many many animals sitting in Humane Societies and Rescues waiting on homes.  Some will never get them; but for every one that does it seems like a huge success.  These dogs particularly hit home to me because one-they were older and two-they were bonded; so finding a home became harder.  Fortunately, someone stepped forward.  I'm not kidding you when I say hubby and I were considering getting the yard fenced and taking both of them if only to foster for a bit if necessary. If you're not sure you can make a long term commitment...check with you're local Humane Society to be a Foster Home.  It frees up a kennel and saves a life!

It's been a rough week at work.  One co-worker was off on vacation (so very lucky), another was sick and was off most of the week and the other took off Friday.  I was all by myself on Friday.  I really didn't get a whole lot done as answering the door and phone took much of the time...oh and that 40 page court docket took ALL MORNING.  So glad everyone is back on Monday (hopefully).

In 20 days I'll be here:

We missed last year but decided this year was a must!  I can't wait to get there....it makes all the things I worry over seem non-existent.  I just love the beach, I so wish I could live there.

Kevin Spacey will be in NYC in 2012 to present "Richard III" at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.  So I've semi-started planning for that.  Right now, I'm just trying to get to the beach; plus a lot will depend on ticket prices as well.  If they are comparable as they were back in 2007...I'll probably only make one show - which is great too!!  I love Kevin Spacey and I've always loved Shakespeare..so it's going to have to be a must.  Hubby has shown an interest in maybe going as well; and CC and I discussed sometime ago about a NY trip for a few days - so we could work around that.  Hopefully I'll be able to meet up with some of the Spacey ladies as well.    There is some word that the play will hit San Francisco in October...but that's just been rumor so far.  I have a family friend from way back when that lives out there...we're friends on FaceBook...I keep thinking of emailing him and asking to stay for a few days-lol!!! 

I love to see Kevin in plays; but I've had the "wow" moment with him.  2007 with the shirt was "my" moment and if I never get that again...it's okay.  It's always nice to get stage door photos and autographs..but I don't need that "moment" anymore.  It's someone else's turn.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Is There Anyone Out There That Can Give These Two A Home?

Quaso and Corn Dog have been at the shelter for two months and are in desperate need of a home. Corn Dog is a beautiful Chow girl and her best friend, Quaso, is a male Border Collie. These two have been together since Quaso was a pup so we would love to see them go out the door together to their forever home! Won't someone fall in love and make them part of their family?

If you can help, please contact the Humane Society of Washington County, MD.  They were owner surrenders do to the economy.  Quaso is 2 years and Corn Dog is 6 years.  It's hard enough to find homes for the older animals, even harder when two are bonded and you don't want to separate.  Being removed from their home is stressful enough - let's find someone that can give these two their FOREVER home.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Dog Ate My Sofa...again and again and again....

The blog title is no joke...it actually happened, oh not the whole sofa but any hole ruins the furniture.

When Keyser was a puppy:

He was a chewer. I lost more pairs of shoes because of him, but as he grew we allowed him more time out of the pen.  One night we decided to go out to dinner and confined him just to the living room with Toby.  When we got home there was a small hole on the center back cushion of the couch.  Not good, I tried patches and such; but he kept pulling them off; the hole grew and grew.  We put a blanket over the back of the couch....but he'd just go under it and continue to pull stuffing out.  By the time the couch was set out for trash pick up, it looked like this:

We had replaced this sofa with one from Freecycle and then later I found this at a thrift store for $125.00 (that was for the entire set):

A quick cleaning with my carpet cleaner and a good spray down for fleas (not that it had any, just a precaution) and we've really enjoyed this set.  Keyser has long been out of the chewing stage.

This year we added this to the family:

Cuter than anything is my Lucy Lu!  But...still in the puppy stages of life, she's a big chewer.  Haven't had a whole lot of issues until last week.  While Hubby slept on the couch...Lucy did this (yes you read that right - while hubby was on the couch):

I was so mad......  but the best solution was just to flip the cushion over.  Then tonight I came home to this:

Hubby was in the shower and Lucy just decided to chew the exact same cushion again - only the good side!

Our solution for this is to take the cushion from the chair and put on the couch, and then put the bad cushion on the chair and cover it with a blanket (dogs are the only ones that use the chair anyway). 

Now you know why I'm a freecycle-thrift store kind of person!

Now my Toby, he's never eaten a sofa:

What a good boy!