Monday, August 15, 2011

So YAY!!!

It's only 11 days until Myrtle Beach!  I'm getting so very excited....I'm madly in love with the takes all year to save for the trip, but it's so very well worth it.  I can't wait to smell that ocean air, eat at Liberty Steak House & Brewery at Broadway At The Beach, Barefoot Landing (where we buy all the doggie treats), and just relaxing with my hubby!  Oh and the Boardwalk opened last year, so this will be the first time for us there!  We stay at a little Mom & Pop place - Mystic Sea - nothing fancy, but clean and the staff is very friendly!

In addition to that, CC and I have decided to celebrate one year at Weight Watchers in Ocean City, MD!  It's for Sunfest in September and we nabbed an Ocean Front hotel at a great rate for 3 nights!  Our room is pool side though as that was all that was available.  It's one block from the end of the we're preparing to get lots of walking in.  I haven't been to Ocean City in 20 years or more!  Looks as though some relatives and co-workers will be there as well, which is great!  I remember CC's parents taking us to Ocean City when we were little.....  we've decided on one of those Old Time Photos too - since we've gotten skinnier, we don't mind photos quite as much.

So I'm getting beach time TWICE this year.  YAY!

Yes, it does cut into my Kevin Spacey funding....but I'm beginning to think that'll be a one dayer or overnighter thing.  I so want to see that play though - so got my fingers crossed!  And I keep telling myself, I've seen the man in concert, in a play, in an on stage interview and giving a speech...PLUS the stage door meet & greets....I can't really complain can I?  :)

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