Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Mattress Hunting We Went

We use to have a King Sized waterbed.  When we moved into the new house, we decided to get rid of it and purchased a cheap Queen size mattress set.  Because it was cheap, it didn't hold up well.  We decided it was time to purchase a new set and not go cheap this time and we also wanted to go back to a King.

Before vacation we decided to go and see what was out there.  We weren't going to buy until after vacation, but we wanted to look at our options.  We headed to Chambersburg making our first stop Sleepy's.  We were greeted by an over the top salesperson.  We were up front with him - we needed a mattress, wouldn't be buying that day or even making a decision that day, we were just looking at our options.

"Andrew" apparently graduated at the top of the class at Mattress Selling Academy.  He was very informative - actually he told us more than we ever wanted to know.  We eventually agreed on a Simmons and because we found one we could agree on...."Andrew" went into selling mode.  He used every trick in the book other than give it to us free.  It didn't matter to him that he was told time and time again - we weren't buying at this time.  We barely got out the door without he and hubby getting into a fight.  Talk about a hard sale!!

We then headed to Mattress Warehouse .  We walked in the door, immediately the salesman appeared...hubby told him we'd just been through the sales pitch could we just look?  His reply, "Oh, you just came from Sleepy's...I'll be over at the desk if you need me."  We checked out some mattresses, found a few we liked and left.

Since vacation is over and the Labor Day sales are on; yesterday we headed back to Mattress Warehouse.  We found a Simmons we liked there...but Sleepy's was having sales too and hubby wanted to go back.  Yep, you guessed it - Andrew was working and remembered us; he even remembered the bed we had agreed on.  We continue to look; I eventually fell in love with a Sealy but it's price tag (even on sale) was a little steep.  But I knew, hubby would get it for me if I wanted it...but I also knew in order to do that, he'd have to give up the new shed he wanted or finance.  I didn't want him to do that.  We decided to check out some of the cheaper sets, but Andrew pointed out the differences and the "you get what you pay for" speech; after all he had a commission to think of.

Hubby then decided we should head back to Mattress Warehouse and re-look at that bed since it was $100 cheaper.  Andrew immediately told us that if we could get the specs on that mattress in writing with price that he might be able to match the price on the Sealy if they were comparable.

We went back to Mattress Warehouse.  I'll be honest with you, hubby would of spent all day jumping back and forth between the stores negotiating prices if I'd of let him; but I just didn't want to do that quabbling over $100 here and there.  Anyway, we're back in Mattress Warehouse checking out the Simmons bed again.  It's quite comfy and the Sealy is now going out of my head.  Hubby then remembered a mattress we had tried and liked on our original trip there before vacation.  This one was an Eclipse.  I wasn't familiar with that brand, but the bed was very comfortable.  I then went back to the Simmons...then to the Eclipse; I wasn't feeling a difference and the Eclipse was coming in at our price range.  Hubby felt that the Simmons did have a different feel but that it was such a slight difference that it didn't really matter. 

We ask the salesman about the brand.  He explains that Eclipse is actually a very good mattress and when we question that it feels identical to the Simmons, he says it's because it is - the only difference is that Simmons uses real latex where Eclipse uses a synthetic one.  Simmons is a big name, Eclipse is not but that's about it.  He then tells us that the sell price on the Eclipse set is $750.00 - coming in under our original budget.

Now hubby is wondering if we should go back to Sleepy's for negotiating.  I tell him there is no way they will come down to $750 on the Sealy, especially when it's on sale for double that.  I also point out that these people work on commission.  At Sleepy's we were talked out of the cheaper, in our price range mattresses.  Here at Mattress Warehouse the salesman isn't trying to push us in a higher price range.  IMO, that was deal breaker - hubby agrees.

So the Eclipse will be here on Saturday!!  I'm so very excited!  And I certainly wish all shopping experiences involved laying on a bed trying to make a decision.

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