Saturday, November 26, 2011

Ahhhh......A Kevin Spacey Countdown-TWICE!!

Kevin Spacey is coming to Brooklyn, NY to the Brooklyn Academy of Music with his Shakespearean play Richard III.  I have TWO tickets for the play, one on January 26th and the other on February 24th.  The January 26th show includes a cast talk afterwards; I'm not sure that Kevin will be part of that as this role seems to be very hard on him that he's not doing autographs afterwards; but I'm sure the cast talk will be interesting with or without him.

I'm meeting up with Jackie and her hubby on the 26th and Ginger may come in and have dinner with us.  I'll also see Jill & her hubby on the 26th at the show.  The 24th show will include Jill and Maureen (who's coming in from Scotland), Pamela and I'm hoping to catch up with Lyn on the 25th for lunch (she goes to the show that night).  My only regret is not being able to meet up with Joanne, Jen and Kelly...if money pops up, then yes I'll go to NY even if its only for a day...but right now, it's a no go.  :(

But Kevin Spacey is coming up after the first of the year!!

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