Monday, December 19, 2011

Hotel Has Been Booked....

So I've booked my hotel for my trip to New York in January.  Since the play is in Brooklyn, I opted to book a hotel in that area.

Now the majority would immediately go to the Marriott.  Marriott's are actually very nice hotels but I really don't need that kind of luxury - maybe for an extended stay...oh who am I kidding?  Nope, I just don't need that luxury and despite hubby handing me enough money to well afford it...nope, just don't need that luxury.

Anyway, after much online research and an actual walk by from a Spacey fan who works in the area...I booked at Aloft New York Brooklyn.  It just opened within the past year.  I decided on a King Size bed with a city view and I'm really getting excited now!!!

Now to decide on Amtrak times and such...don't want to be rushed but don't want hubby to have to run too early or too late to get me to and from the station.

Once I get this one worked out, it will be time to start planning the February 24th one!  But right now the countdown is for the January one - which is very close to my birthday!

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