Friday, January 27, 2012

Richard III

Wow is probably the best word I can find to describe Richard III.  Though I only have “Moon For The Misbegotten” to compare it to, I can throw all his movies in the mix as well and say that this is by far Kevin’s best performance. 

I was pretty much in a win-win situation being a fan of both Kevin and Shakespeare.  I consider Shakespeare timeless and they are as good today as I’m sure they were years ago. This particular adaption uses modern clothing and I do prefer that to the period clothing.

Even if you are not familiar with the story or get lost at what’s going on at times, the actors’ performances (all of them not just Kevin) will hold your attention- they are *that* good.  I fell in love with Chuk Iwuji who played Buckingham - his performance is one of my favorites.  I’m amazed at how Kevin performs hunched over and with his one leg in a brace – it must become very uncomfortable at some point.

I find bald/balding men rather sexy and this play was full of them - I was in heaven! I was also very glad that Kevin wore no hair piece and I’m hoping he keeps that goatee.  I was on the side in the 3rd row and it was practically like sitting on the stage.

Noticed no signing afterwards and security is person told me they happened to stop in front of the theatre to decide which direction to go in earlier in the day. Security immediately came out wanting to know what they needed. Apparently they don't want you hanging around (and they were there around the time Kevin would be arriving). The theatre isn’t in the best of neighborhoods, so I’m guessing that’s why.  Also no programs to buy, you get the BAM version of a Playbill.

On the fan front...I spent time with Jackie and hubby Dave, who planned their trip with mine because they didn’t want me wandering around Brooklyn by myself (thanks for your concern and company), talked to Jill at intermission and had lunch the next day with Sherry. Very fun trip.

I stayed at the Aloft Hotel in Brooklyn and I highly recommend it. My room was gorgeous and actually spacious. The whole hotel had a “mod” take to it. I fell in love with the bathroom and now see future plans at my house (very far in the future)....  total price for one night was $152 (that included all the taxes). The staff is extremely helpful and it is within walking distance to the theatre.  You can check it out at  

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Alrighty then....

So this morning while getting ready for my New York trip, hubby came in from walking the dogs and said "I thought I was picking up Joppa today?"

Me- You are.
Hubby- Well he's right there.
Me- Where'd he come from?
Hubby- Outside.

Apparently Joppa was never at the Humane Society...he is dirty and dusty, but seems okay.  I'm assuming he was shut in a garage or shed somewhere. I have no idea who the cat at the Humane Society is. I can almost bet the microchip place never closed out the case from the last time he was missing..and just saw a scan from there and never checked the date.
But he's home and safe and I'm halfway to NY.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


My last post was a few seconds premature.....per 24 Hour Petwatch, Joppa has been found and is at the Humane Society (which unfortunately is closed today).  HURRAY!!!

Get your pets microchipped if they aren't already - even my rabbit has one!!

This & That

Well tomorrow at this time I'll be very close to Penn Station in NYC!!!  It's going to be such a very long day.....not that I'm complaining!!!  I'm looking at good times with some other fans!

Then it will be time to plan the trip in February - lol!!!

Our Joppa kitty went out on Saturday morning and has never returned.  I'm trying to keep my hopes up but with each passing day.....  Poor Cooper goes out in the morning and sits on the stoop and just...looks....  He and Joppa were best buddies and I'm sure he's looking for him as well.  I hate not knowing.  I've contacted the Humane Society, 24 Hour Petwatch (due to his microchip), put an add on Craigslist, put the word out....but so far no luck.  Hopefully soon.

So if you live in the Waynesboro, PA area, and have seen this kitty recently or know of someone that may have him (he's extremely friendly and many neighbors feed him and let him inside) please help bring him home:

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Oh the countdown is very close now!!!  Almost there......hearing fabulous reviews for this play!

I think I have everything ready (other than packing).  Hotel is reserved and paid for; train tickets bought, play ticket bought....Jill said my reading the subway map was correct, so I know which subway to hop on from Penn Station to Brooklyn.  So I'm getting psyched!!

We had snow, which fortunately didn't amount to much.  Other than that, life's been just the normal everyday thing!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Skinny Bits: {Skinny Tip} Scooping Out the Bread In Your Sandwi...

Found this great tip at the Skinny Bits Site:

Skinny Bits: {Skinny Tip} Scooping Out the Bread In Your Sandwi...: EatSmart Pro Scale Pictured Above
Whenever I make myself a sandwich with french bread, baguettes, rolls, or even a bagel, I always s...

Sunday, January 15, 2012

11 DAYS!!!

Can you believe it?????  I'll be in NY in 11 days!!!  Wow - time really flies!

I'm not a sport oriented person, never have been.  Don't like playing them and don't like watching them.  So all the playoff games really don't mean crap to me.  Oh the Super Bowl will probably be on at the house...but other than the commercials (and they continue to get worse each year)..I won't really pay attention.  But the reason I bring this up?  Well for weeks I've been hearing the bashing over I said, I don't care one way or another...but if the guy wants to pray - LET HIM PRAY!!  How is it hurting anyone else????  Mind your own business....

And that's my post for the day!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Last Year At This Time.....

I'm only 20 days away from seeing Kevin Spacey and I'm doubly excited because the seating chart now has camera views from seats and my seat is EXTREMELY close (February one is front row)....but a year ago today I was in NYC to see him also, so I'm re-posting that post:

Kevin Spacey was one of the many celebrity interviews at The NY Times Art & Leisure Weekend 2011, he was the very first one actually and myself and several list members met up to enjoy this event together.

Thanks to Mindy for being first in line (because she is actually an on time person - unlike me who set the time but was late) and checking with us to see how many there were so she could rush in and grab enough front seats!! LOVED IT!! I'm in complete awe when I'm "thisclose" to the man! However, the theatre was small and I don't think there was a bad seat...but if you can be in the front...why not?

Kevin was very relaxed and seemed very comfortable and the first thing I noticed was no shoestrings in his shoes - lol!! Is this a new fashion statement??? It's just so funny the things you happen to notice when he's right there! And big thank you to Liz who was brave enough to get up and ask a question!!

Meeting up with the other fans is just as exciting as going to see Kevin.  Everyone seemed to have a good time and was very nice!! If you ever get the opportunity for a group trip - it's definately the way to go!

After the interview and dinner, Joanne, Liz, Mary, Ginger and I went to see Casino Jack (yes, it was a Kevin Spacey kind of day). Another thanks to Liz for driving us through the city - brave girl! This movie was very good and I hope it goes to a wider release so everyone can see it on the big screen. You do have to pay attention though!!

Once Joanne and I got back to the hotel we talked for another two hours, then decided it was WAY past our bed time; so we turned out the light and continued TALKING!! I guess we fell asleep while talking-lol!! Must give a big THANK YOU here to Joanne for guiding me through the city (I always seemed to want to go in the wrong direction) and especially the tour and the hows/whens/whys of Penn Station - I was like a pro by the time the train arrived!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Diet Reposting From Last Year With Some Helpful Hints

This is a post from last year, but it's worth reposting....

I didn't make any New Year's Resolutions as I rarely keep them but I know lots of people do and one of the top ones is to lose weight!

I'm with everyone on that one, I made that resolutions many times but normally by the end of the first week I was completely done!  But back in September I was totally in the correct mind set (you have to have that in the right place) to really take the challenge and lose some weight!!

CC and I opted on Weight Watchers and we've been very successful with it.  And though I've still got a way to's some helpful tips & hints for the New Year's Weight Watchers:

Obviously if you're doing Weight Watchers (WW from here on) you already know about this little guy:
This is the Points Plus calculator.  He's forever in my one hand when I grocery shop.  You cannot do the new program without it!  There is an app for those with IPhone, Droid and Blackberry and on the WW website (but you can't very well carry your desktop/laptop through the grocery store)..but regardless which you use, you do need to be able to calculate the food label to determine the Points Plus value (PP from here on).

If you go to meetings or are a member online and can shop on the online will want to get this:

The first two books on the left are available for meeting members and given to you for free when you sign up.  This information is on the WW website for those that subscribe to it.  The other two books are the Complete Food Companion & the Dining Out Companion.  These two books have point values for hundreds of food and are great carry alongs to have.  Another need - something to track those points in, whether you choose the weekly freebie ones at the meetings, purchase the 3 month journal, track online, use a phone app or just use a plain old notebook (make it small so you can drop it in your purse) - track, track, track what your eating and what the point values are.

So you've got your basics, now what?  Well you positively cannot do WW, or any diet in my opinion, without these gadgets:
Yep, you'll need measuring cups and spoons.  As you see I have an entire basketful!  You can never have too many sets.  Keep them at home, work and on the go - you'll be glad that you did!

Another very useful diet companion is this:

The food scale!!  This particular one is the new WW one; but you don't really have to have the WW one.  Prior to this one I've used the one below purchased at Kmart:

He's worked really well and will become my back-up and tag along when needed.  Though electronic scales are more accurate, if your pocketbook just can't afford one a regular food scale will do; give it it's own special place on the kitchen counter.

Okay, so you have the WW basics and you have the diet basics.  Now what?  Well here's some more helpful things to get you on your way:

WW Magazine!  Full of tips, recipes, inspiring stories and coupons - it's well worth the subscription!

All fruit is point free on the new program - always have a big bowl available in your kitchen for snacking.  I plan on getting one of those fruit racks that hang from the ceiling, since my kitchen doesn't have a lot of counter space.'s something I bet you didn't think of!  Love my Sharpie's - that's what I use to write the point values on the food labels as you can see below:

See???  Now I know what the points are without recalculating.  I mark everything when I get home from the grocery store.

Speaking of the grocery store - watch when purchasing items that have the WW Points value on them.  There are still a lot of items out there in the old packaging so the points on them are inaccurate.  It should say "Points Plus", if it just says "Points" - you'll need to calculate the Points Plus value to make it accurate.

And *that* should get you all started!!  Still undecided on what diet to choose?  See my sidebar to to the left - there are links to some of the most popular ones!  And Good Luck!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

And More Diets...

Rather then my continuing to give you information on diets..go here:


It gives a little blip on several and ranks them for you.  Weight Watchers came in #1 in the following categories:  Easiest to Follow, Best Weight Loss and Best Commercial Plan.  #3 in Best Overall.

SparkPeople, Live Strong and TOPS

SparkPeople is a FREE online diet website.  You input your goals and such and it gives you ranges to stay within calories, fat, carbs, protein, etc...  It will give you menus or you can make your own.  A lot of people use this site in conjunction with other diets as well.  I like to input my menus there to see my calorie intake and such.  There are many message boards there as well.  My "got my fingers crossed, hopefully one day" daughter-in-law has had much success with SparkPeople.  They have a great phone app as well.

Live Strong is a diet website that one of my Spacey pals has been quite successful with.  I remember she and I having breakfast last January in NY and we both ate exactly the same thing!  I counted points, she was counting calories.  Like SparkPeople you input some data to get your personalized calorie intake.  They also have a phone app.  There is a wealth of information available at this site - whether you do the diet or not, take a look at the site.

T.O.P.S. is another meeting oriented diet using the Government "My Plate" (it use to be a pyramid, now it's a plate).  There's group support and a wealth of information.  Check their site for locations near you!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A New Kitchen.....Well Sort Of....

I guess it's no surprise to anyone that knows me that I have a tiny little house:

At some point a kitchen addition was put on the back (which is actually a good thing).

Below is the original kitchen that is now a dining itty bitty room:

We recently pulled up the carpet which revealed a very ugly white vinyl floor...under that is unfinished hardwood.  Anyway, you can't sit a table in the middle of the room as it blocks the walking thru our table was always up against the wall - unused, collecting junk, sleeping area for cats.

The above is the these were taken some time ago - that corner where the microwave is?  It was housing a rabbit cage.  The microwave stand was moved to where the stand on the left of the above photo is (and that stand was in the dining room taking up room).  Island in the center.  All that stuff just made the kitchen seem unusable - it wasn't workable.

Anyway....I cleaned the kitchen on Monday and when hubby got home I had a "I was thinking moment".  And we did this to the kitchen:

Rabbit cage went to the dining room (that now houses the turtle as well), island went to the corner by the refrigerator, microwave went onto a kitchen counter (and the microwave stand went totally out of the house).

I LOVE IT!!!  For the first time ever we have actually eaten our meals in the kitchen and not the living room in front of the tv!!  The kitchen looks bigger, it is so workable...I just love being there.  And with the island:

 We've made a coffee area for our Keurig and and an area for my weighing and measuring (plus it holds the baking dishes).

Now the dining room is another story.........and hopefully another post!

Question - I was thinking of painting the kitchen cabinets white - what do you all think???

Medifast, Jenny Craig & Nutrisystem

Remember - see your doctor before starting any weight loss plan.

MedifastJenny Craig and Nutrisystem are all plans where you buy pre-packaged meals that are portioned for weight loss.

Medifast has a nice online guide explaining their program here:

With all these programs aren't going to buy their food for the rest of your life - but it's designed to teach you proper portion control.  Having portioned meals can come in handy if you don't trust yourself in portion control.

Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 - Top Ten

Polt does a Top 10 Things Of The Year each I decided to give one a try!!  Here's my Top 10 Things of 2011 - some good, some bad.... (and they are not in any particular order):


Grandbaby Mason!!  It's how my year started and he'll be one year old on January 5th!!  Can't think of a better way to start the year.

Kevin Spacey!  The very next day, after Mason's birth, I headed to NYC to see an onstage interview during the New York Times Arts & Leisure Weekend.  I was in the very front row too!!!

Kevin Spacey AGAIN!!  In April he spoke at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. in support of the Arts!  Tickets were FREE!!

Dana Brunetti!!  Kevin Spacey's business partner at Triggerstreet was also at the Kennedy Center Event.  He came over and allowed Tricia and I to take photos.  Tricia asked for an autograph and he claimed her pen didn't work and that he'd have to go backstage and get another....what he really did was get Kevin to sign her ticket also - what a great guy!!

Lucy Lu!!!  We added her to our pack this year - isn't she the cutest thing?????


Spunky & Sebastian.  This year we had to make the decision to have them put down.  It was a very sad time.

Ocean City, MD!!  CC and I went on vacation in September and had a great time!!  Yep, we hopped in a photo booth - just like we use to when we were kids!

Hubby and I outsmarted the hurricane, but we made it to Myrtle Beach and had a BEAUTIFUL week!!


Another bittersweet moment...Hubby sold the business!

This year I lost one of my very best friends.  I miss him so much......

Weight Watchers - The Old Plan

Remember - see your doctor before starting any weight loss plan.

Since its beginning, the Weight Watchers program has changed and evolved.  Some old-timers will tell you about the plan when you had to eat liver once a week, etc...  In the past decade plus...Weight Watchers program involved "Points".  There were several versions of the Points program - the calculation was the same, but the program did go through changes.

The original points program's calculation involved Fiber, Fat and Calories.  It worked for many people and some  have gone back to this program rather than continue with the new Points Plus.  You will not get the old program at meetings or online.  But if you choose this option to do on your own, there are many resources out there:

Roni's Weigh Weight Watcher Calculators

One More Pound

Dottie's Weight Loss Zone

Spark People Message Board Group

There are also phone apps available - when doing any searching remember Points Plus is the new and current plan - don't get the Points plans confused!

Interested in some of the older Weight Watcher plans.....

1972 Weight Watchers Info

History of Weight Watchers

Old Weight Watcher Recipes Cards  (none of these look appetizing - but they are good for a laugh)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Weight Watchers Points Plus

Remember - see your doctor before starting any weight loss plan.

My diet of choice is Weight Watchers.  Why? Because Weight Watchers allows me the freedom to eat whatever I want (within reason of course).

Weight Watchers assigns point values to food. The points are determine by a calculation of the fat, carbs, fiber and protein of the food item.  You'll be assigned a total amount of points to use each day plus 49 weekly points to use throughout the week for special occasions or when you need some extras (parties, etc..), exercise can earn you additional points.  As you lose weight, your daily points will go down.  The lowest daily points is 26, so you'll never go lower than that.  The current plan is called Point Plus. Points Plus was introduced in November 2010.

Points Plus differs from the original Points plan as the points are calculated differently and fresh fruits are now zero points.  Making fruits zero helps members choose healthier options (fruit over a 100 calorie pack) but definitely doesn't mean you should go into fruit overload.  This year they've added ways to making the plan "Your Plan" we all know diets are not One Size Fits All!

Weight Watchers can be done online or at meetings.  There are many tools available to help with this program - phone apps; online tools; recipe sites by Weight Watcher members, etc...  I highly recommend it!  It's doable and can be done from a lifetime!

New Year Resolutions

A good many people make New Year Resolutions.  I stopped some time ago as I never stuck to any of them. I do know that my resolutions always involved weight loss.

I've eaten a lot these past two weeks..and I mean A LOT.  It is now time to turn around and get back on track.

If weight loss is part of your resolution, I'm going to highlight some of the popular plans that are available over the next few posts.  It's always important to find a plan that you can do for a lifetime!