Friday, January 6, 2012

Last Year At This Time.....

I'm only 20 days away from seeing Kevin Spacey and I'm doubly excited because the seating chart now has camera views from seats and my seat is EXTREMELY close (February one is front row)....but a year ago today I was in NYC to see him also, so I'm re-posting that post:

Kevin Spacey was one of the many celebrity interviews at The NY Times Art & Leisure Weekend 2011, he was the very first one actually and myself and several list members met up to enjoy this event together.

Thanks to Mindy for being first in line (because she is actually an on time person - unlike me who set the time but was late) and checking with us to see how many there were so she could rush in and grab enough front seats!! LOVED IT!! I'm in complete awe when I'm "thisclose" to the man! However, the theatre was small and I don't think there was a bad seat...but if you can be in the front...why not?

Kevin was very relaxed and seemed very comfortable and the first thing I noticed was no shoestrings in his shoes - lol!! Is this a new fashion statement??? It's just so funny the things you happen to notice when he's right there! And big thank you to Liz who was brave enough to get up and ask a question!!

Meeting up with the other fans is just as exciting as going to see Kevin.  Everyone seemed to have a good time and was very nice!! If you ever get the opportunity for a group trip - it's definately the way to go!

After the interview and dinner, Joanne, Liz, Mary, Ginger and I went to see Casino Jack (yes, it was a Kevin Spacey kind of day). Another thanks to Liz for driving us through the city - brave girl! This movie was very good and I hope it goes to a wider release so everyone can see it on the big screen. You do have to pay attention though!!

Once Joanne and I got back to the hotel we talked for another two hours, then decided it was WAY past our bed time; so we turned out the light and continued TALKING!! I guess we fell asleep while talking-lol!! Must give a big THANK YOU here to Joanne for guiding me through the city (I always seemed to want to go in the wrong direction) and especially the tour and the hows/whens/whys of Penn Station - I was like a pro by the time the train arrived!!

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