Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Mickey went back to the Vet's today for his follow-up appointment.  Everything is healing very well and they said he doesn't need to come back.  He got his regular shot while there and they are each good for 3 years.

I snapped this photo of him when I loaded him into the car:

Yeah, not the best, but I realized that this would probably be the last time I see him.  He's 14 years old and his shots are good for 3 years.  He's mostly an outside cat and though he seems in good health for his age, you can tell that he's old and definitely has been around the block a few times.

I took him back to the old house, talked to the new owners for a few minutes and left.  When I pulled out of the driveway I saw them trying to coax him in the door.  They now are trying to get him to come inside the house, he hasn't yet, but he's definitely become their cat.

A bittersweet day.

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Late Tax Day Posting

I feel absolutely terrible that I missed this post....On April 15, 2006 Toby came to live with us!!!

I had been wanting a dog for quite a while, but hubby just didn't want one.  I decided to veto his vote and get one anyone.  Once he realized it was going to happen, he decided to involve himself.  I came across this on Petfinder :

Who could resist that?  He was located at Molly's Place Rescue in Mechanicsburg, PA.  So we drove up the following Saturday.  I did have some back-up dogs picked out so not to be disappointed if he were already gone.  We arrive and "Kingsley" (as he was named at the rescue) was in the corner window with his three sisters - Sissy, Prissy and Sassy (all black).  We immediately looked at him and said "Oh he'll get too big."  I then looked around at some Jack Russells they had and was trying to make a decision on one.  We went to get lunch and I decided that if I'd take the Jack Russell home it would just be because I came for a dog.  The wrong reason.  We went home empty handed.

A few weeks later we were in Chambersburg, PA and stopped at The Pet Store.  They had a cute little beagle puppy that had a huge price tag.  When we got home I checked Molly's site again and a beagle was listed.  So the next day we drove up again.

It was extremely busy that day.  As soon as we walked in the beagle howled non-stop.  We decided he was "too noisy" but continued to look around.  I found a little brown dog hiding behind the counter.  We both liked him immediately and it just happened to be "Kingsley".  Seeing him outside the windowed area, we were informed he was as big as he was going to get, which seemed a perfect size.  We decided to take him.
While I was filling out the forms and hubby was holding him, some lady came in looked around, saw hubby standing there and asked if that was Kingsley.  He informed her that it was and we were in the process of adopting him.  (This is why we saw it as a sign when we got Keyser.  It was like everyone wanted him the minute we had him).

As the photos show, Toby is a shy one and loud noises do still scare him.  But you could not ask for a better dog!

Back To The Basics

Oh yay...I get on blogger today and I've been switched to the new interface!  Hate it!!  Blogger has become FaceBook...changes whether you want it or not!

Anyway.....I'M BACK!!  Oh not back to the blog....I've been here obviously; but I kicked myself in gear and headed back to Weight Watchers.  I think weekly weigh-ins will help very much.  With that being said I've decided you'll be seeing more diet type postings just like before.  Always helps to journal along with dieting.

A new find is this site:  Emily Bites .  She has tons of recipes and I really like her Main Course Muffin/Cupcake and Casserole areas - I like things easy and these look easy!  And of course I still have the old stand bys:  Green Lite BitesSkinny Taste and Danicas Daily.  There's a few more on the sidebar but these are worth looking at if you are interesting in losing weight.  Normal food with good taste.

So hopefully I'll be trying some recipes this week with photos!

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Mickey goes back to the vet's on Tuesday but I'm taking no news as good news - no one has called to say he's gotten any worse so I'm assuming all is going well.  Yep, I returned him back to the old house..at 14 years of age I think the cat deserves to be where he wants to be.  They've even tried getting him into the house but he looks in the door and stays out.  Tuesday he'll get his shots updated and such, and unless something awful happens, it'll probably be the last I see Mickey.  Sad but true, he has a new family now.

Toby was at the vet's this week due to tape worms (yuck) and some difficulty with pooping (sorry know no way to make that sound better).  We're assuming it was due to the worms and he got some shots he was due for at that time also.  Lucy and Keyser each got their shots at clinics these past two weeks.  I certainly hope vet visits are over with!!!

On the weight front, I'm sad to admit that I've gained about 10 lbs!  Boy, it sure comes on faster than it goes off.  I'm not overly discouraged because I know what to do; I just know how hard those last 10 lbs were to get rid of the first time!  Anyway back in gear and trying to decide if it's worth paying Weight Watchers again until I'm back at goal (they have a buy one month, get one free going on now).

CC and I are looking at a Dog Treat Business...you would not believe all the regulations involved with that...and we're only looking to sell at community yard sales/events, not an actual store!!  Did you know each type of treat you make has to be sent to a lab for analysis???  And that's not to mention the package labeling, the licenses, etc...  So if you're thinking you're going to set up a stand and just start selling....well you better think again!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Remember This Guy???

This is my cat Mickey.  We moved almost 5 years ago and Mickey just couldn't accept it.  Every chance he got, he went right back to the old house (which involved crossing busy streets and going clear on the other side of town).  When the old house was sold, the new owners took it with good humor.  They'd catch him (because by this point he'd run if he saw us), we'd pick him up and then he'd return there first chance he got.

Eventually...he just remained at the old house.  They don't let him inside but they keep him fed and have a little house for him.  It just worked out better this way.

Last night, my phone rang and the caller i.d. indicated it was the people at the old house.  I knew immediately that they'd only be calling if something had happened to Mickey.  Yes, something had..he apparently had been in a fight and had a huge gash at his tail.  I advised them to catch him for me in the morning and I'd pick him up.

This morning I went to the house and there he was in a crate ready to go.  Needless to say he wasn't too thrilled to see me - lol!!!  But for a 14 year old cat, he looked pretty good.  He howled the whole way to the vet and pooped in the crate too!!  They just called me and told me the gash wasn't nearly as bad as it looked, they were going to give him his rabies shot, frontline and such and he'll be ready for pick-up when I get off work.

He must be a very durable cat.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Having Nice Weather......

Last year, rather than run two air conditioners in the upstairs to keep the rabbit, turtle and computer happy (plus raise the electric bill) we opted to move everything downstairs until it got cool again.  The rabbit ended up in the kitchen, the turtle in the "man room" and the computer on the table in the dining room (we never used it).  If you remember this post:  A New Kitchen...Well Sort Of you will remember that we did some rearranging by putting the table into the kitchen and the turtle and rabbit to the dining room.  It made our table workable and we use it a lot now.  The turtle and rabbit never made it back upstairs - thus saving on heating that area for the winter as well.

My computer went back upstairs and if it got too cold, we had a little electric heater we ran.  With the weather warming up again, it meant moving it back down.  Problem was we now use the table and well...the computer wouldn't fit into that picture.  I did a little rearranging in the dining room with the rabbit, turtle and small desk that were in there, and felt that a small table would serve the purpose for the computer.  Hubby, had a different idea...he bought a small computer desk.  So after the hell of putting that together last night (you know those things are never easy), I brought the computer down today.  I have a feeling it will probably remain there.  So I guess we can't call this a dining room anymore!!  Actually if and when the rabbit and turtle are no longer with us (and no, I'm wishing neither away)...I'm hoping the big desk can come to this room.

When we first moved in hubby suggested we put the desk in this room, but I wouldn't let him - I mean, I couldn't live without a dining room - lol!!!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

When I Was A Kid....

I saw this at Roni's Weigh, who saw it at My Tiny Tank, who saw it at All The Weigh - lol!!  Anyway I thought it would be fun to give it a try here:

1.  My Parents Told Me:  Not to stare, be polite, always say thank you - I guess the normal stuff we should all hear.  I can remember my mother telling us that when we receive a gift, always say you love it and thank you; don't ever say I don't like it, I already have it, etc...  As an adult I've given gifts to kids and have been asked to return it because they had it or didn't like it.  Hmmmm....I would of rather of heard thank you.

2.  I Wanted To Grow Up To Be A:  Flight Attendant.  I was in love with the Coffee, Tea or Me books.  Instead I settled for a job in the government sector.

3.  I Refused To Eat:  Green peppers - still hate them to this day.  Actually I don't like any peppers.

4.  My Favorite Thing To Do Outside Was:  Ride my bike.  Haven't done that in years - I don't even own one anymore.

5.  I Broke My:  right arm in the 4th grade, left arm in the 5th grade and a toe somewhere in my young adult life.

6.  I Liked To Wear:  my Roller gear- I was a Bay City Roller Fan.  When I reached high school and liked Loverboy, I was into red and black.

7.  My Parents Always:  worked.  I grew up in a home with two working parents.

8.  I Thought That Santa Was:  real when I was younger and I still think it's a fun thing for kids.  I met a few people at a church once who said they never used the Santa thing with their kids as that is lying.  They all felt anger towards their parents for lying to them about it.  I thought really??  REALLY???

9.  My Favorite Cartoon Was:  Sinbad The Sailor, Popeye, Bugs Bunny.......

10.  I Was The:  youngest.  I'm the baby, the youngest of four girls.  And yeah, I'm spoiled!!

11.  I Got In Trouble When:  a neighbor claimed I was riding my bike in an area I shouldn't of been; the area my mother described I actually had been in (and was totally unaware it was off limits), so I got in trouble.  When I became an adult, we happened to be talking about it one day and my mother gave an entirely different area (an area that actually was off limits) and I can honestly say, I never rode my bike in that area.  So I got in trouble for nothing - lol!!

12.  My Bedroom Was:  we shared rooms but as my sisters moved out, I eventually had one of my very own.  There were always tons of pictures of whomever my favorite band was plastered on the walls.

13.  My Favorite Food Was:  Chicken.  Still is to this day.

14.  My Parents Always Made Me:  Hmmmm....I don't think they made me do anything really; when they asked, I just did it.

15.  My First Crush Was:  A guy I went to church with - loved him; he's gay so we are just friends!

16.  My Favorite Toy Was:  This is an easy one - Barbie Dolls!!  CC and I played every Saturday night, and we had EVERYTHING!!

17.  I Thought School Was:  just something you were required to do!

18.  My Biggest Fear Was:  spiders!  Still am not found of them, they creep me out!

19.  My Favorite Story Was:   The Secret Language -  I still have a copy that I read on occasion.

20.  My Favorite Memories:  My great uncle had a lot along the Potomac River.  My mother's side of the family had picnics there every Sunday.  My great uncle is gone, the lot is gone, but the memories live on!

Now It's Your Turn!!

Monday, April 2, 2012

DC, Shopping & Movies

CC and I spent the weekend together, well practically...we saw each other on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Friday we both took off work and headed to Washington D.C. via the Metro.  Didn't have anything planned, but just wanted to get away for the day.  We walked A LOT.  My legs were still killing me on Sunday.  If you've never visited The National Mall be prepared for lots of walking - keep that in mind if you have children.  Oh, and despite what a lot of people there were wearing....stilettos are not appropriate shoes for spending the day mostly walking and standing.  Oh and you think that you need to go to Wal-Mart to see how people dress in public??  Oh no you don't...visit The National Mall for some sights as well!

The Washington Monument stands in the middle of the mall.  It's still being repaired from last year's earthquake so you can't go up in it.  To one side of the monument is The Smithsonian.  Lots of people are under the impression that The Smithsonian is a huge museum, not so, it's actually many different museums and you have to walk to each one...some are close, some are not.  The Holocaust Museum is not part of the Smithsonian, but it is within walking distance and has free admission.  If you want to see this museum go there first and get tickets at the desk.  They're free but they go very quickly...we showed up about noon and we're able to get tickets for 4:15 p.m.  That is a museum worth seeing.

To the other side of the Washington Monument you'll find the War Memorials - World War II, Korean and Vietnam...at the very end to this side is the Lincoln Memorial.  Again they don't sit on top of each other, there's lots of walking involved here.  The reflecting pool is under renovations, so that area is all closed up.

There are lots of rude people and the mall area wasn't lacking.  I don't expect a whole lot out of children - they don't know or are not taught any better; I'll even forgive teenagers because they only think about themselves; but adults?  Yeah, they should know better...but apparently they do not!  Grrrrr........

We ate lunch at one of the museums.  We each had a cheeseburger, fries, fruit cup and a drink for $18.00.  Oh, I must mention that was $18.00 EACH!!!!  Have plenty of money with you, nothing is cheap.

Saturday morning we headed to The Flamingo for breakfast, where we both once again tried to eat 2 of their huge pancakes and failed - but we got close.  Then it was some shopping in Chambersburg, then back home to relax.

On Sunday we went to see the movie "Mirror, Mirror".  CC picked me up and we're having our normal jabber about work and such on the ride to the theatre which also includes our normal joking about Sean Bean.  When we started going to movies, most of them had this nice looking guy in them that had minor parts or was the bad guy and died.  After seeing him in so many, we looked him up and discovered it was Sean Bean...but since he normally dies or has such a small part we have developed some jokes:  "Don't blink or you'll miss Sean Bean"  "Mr. Bean here's your $400,000 check for your 2 lines of work"  "I bet that's Sean Bean driving that truck way in the background"   It doesn't matter whether or not he's in the movie, it's a joke we have between us when it comes to him.

We get to the theatre, get our popcorn and find seats.  The movie was actually pretty good - not brilliant, but entertaining.  Towards the end of the movie (this could be a spoiler for some of you), a creature is changing into it's human form.  As we're watching, it hits us both at the same time because we both say it together "Is that Sean Bean?"  And, yes it was!  We weren't even aware he was in the movie!  We couldn't stop laughing - OMG - it's Sean Bean with 5 minutes of screen time!  HILARIOUS!!!  Okay, maybe you don't find that funny, but like I said - it's an ongoing joke with us!