Sunday, June 3, 2012

Busy, Busy....

On Friday I spent the day with CC and Josh helping make dog treats and cake pops to sell at the yard sale the next day.  It was a long day.....

Saturday was the yard sale.  Cake pops were very popular and someone even asked if we had a website!  I can't take much credit there, CC and Josh were the creators of those and did all the work.  I'm going to need to learn the icing portion of this for when Josh is at college.  Anyway they were a huge hit and we're looking further into that option.  The Dog treats picked up in the afternoon and that was encouraging as well.  Our Yard Sale items didn't do so well.  Why is it that everyone else can sell an item way too expensive, and I can have the exact same item much lower priced and can't sell?  What's with that???  Later in the day, CC and I went to the movies (surprising isn't it - lol).

The Yard Sale was a community one and our space was next to some very nice people.  One of them sold Beijo Bags and I'm totally obsessed with purses!!  So.....  you know what I bought right?  I bought The Diva in chocolate.  The bags are very nice and roomy without being HUGE.  Only a woman could design the perfect purse!  They're are a variety of styles, colors, prices, etc...  Sold at home parties and events - you need to check them out!  I can't wait to get it!!!

Today hubby and I are doing some much needed yard work...beautiful day for it too!!

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