Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Quick Check-In

Well vacation seems to be going way too fast......it's half over already!!

We've done quite a bit.  Yesterday we drove north to Barefoot Landing.  Barefoot Landing is a boardwalk type place with lots of little shops.  I like to go there because they have a Dog Bakery.  Our dogs love their bagels!!  Like Broadway at the Beach, Barefoot Landing is built around water to give it that boardwalk feel. The bridges you need to cross only sit about an inch or two above the water, so it's like walking on water almost.  It's not unusual to see turtles in the water.  There are warning signs saying not to feed the wildlife because alligators MAY bite.  We laughed...alligators MAY bite??  How about WILL bite!!  But in all the years I've been coming to Myrtle Beach, I've never seen an alligator at Barefoot Landing.  Until this year.....
Yep, you read that right, as CC and I were crossing one of the bridges (remember the bridge is only an inch or two above the water), I was looking ahead and immediately saw it in the water near the bridge.  We slowly walked up hoping to get a good photo, but when it saw us it went under the water.  We could see the bubbles coming up and waited for it but it didn't come back.  It really did a lot of appearances that day because every time we had to cross in that area, someone was on the bridge that had seen it and was waiting for it to resurface.  The lady at the Dog Bakery told me that that was why a lot of people refuse to cross those bridges.  We went to Alligator Adventure, which is at Barefoot Landing.  After the one show, I mentioned to the guy about seeing the alligator at the shops...he said there are 3-4 alligators living in that water!!  I'll post photos when I get back home!

Today we've had rain but did some shopping!

Oh and did I mention - I dropped my fried hard drive off to Jim Not Mike before vacation.  I wasn't back home 45 minutes when he texted me and told me he had recovered 50 gb!!!  So when I get back we will be transferring that stuff over - HURRAY!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Well tomorrow CC and I head to Myrtle Beach.  Hoping to get some of the drive down before stopping to sleep and then finish it out on Friday.

I don't know if they'll be any posts or not - but I'll give it a shot and of course there will be plenty of posts when I get back!!

Sunday, August 19, 2012


Okay, the partitioned drives were driving me crazy, so I internet searched again.  Someone told me I could correct it by just installing the Windows 7 upgrade again (not from scratch starting at Vista).  So that's what I did and it worked - all one drive..feel so much better.

The main reason the partitioning was bothering me was because the system had only set up the C drive at
50 gb, the operating system alone was taking up most of it and every time Windows did an update it went to the C drive obviously.  The C drive only had 3 gb left and was in the red.  I wasn't sure what was going to happen once it got full.  So it was best to take care of things NOW rather than wait, especially since I had very little on the computer at this point.  But reloading the 7 upgrade really only took about 15 minutes and it was doable, and despite the fact I did the custom install (which supposedly erases everything), the few files I had were still there!

But things seem well at this point.


Well the computer is back up and running, thankfully....and I think I have everything re-loaded that needs to be.  Despite the IT's guy news that nothing is recoverable, Jim Not Mike has graciously offered his services to give the fried drive another try - he apparently loves a challenge!!  YIPEE!!

And vacation is very close!

Friday, August 17, 2012

The Days Are Long....

Okay, so…..

Got my new hard drive, popped it into the computer and booted up.  My original system came with Vista pre-loaded but I had paid extra to have the recovery disks.  (Note:  if you computer came pre-loaded and you’ve never made your recovery disks, please do that or, like me, you can pay a fee and get recovery disks from the manufacturer.  If you don’t have these and are out of warranty, you’ll be sunk).  About 2 years ago I upgraded to Windows 7 and thus have that disk.

I was unsure whether to start with 7 or Vista.  I chose 7 first and everything loaded, but it didn’t like the product key.  So I started over with the Vista disks.  This took FOREVER.  At one point I thought I was done but when it booted back up it went to more screens.  It finally went to a screen where it was saying something like “One time process, balloons will pop up, ignore them, wait until you’re given instructions, etc..”  This seemed non-ending and I’ve re-installed before and don’t every remember it taking this long or that screen.  I got on the laptop and did a search…seemed to be a common problem to the point some people let it run all night and it still was running in the morning; didn’t seem to be a solution either.  I finally made it to an HP board and one person had taken the initiative to hit “Ctrl-Alt-Del” and brought up the Task Manager.  This brought them to the actual Vista Desktop!  They played around and discovered if you went into msconfig and unchecked two items in the start window and then rebooted you were done.  So that’s what I did.  Now I was ready to load 7 – did a clean install with that as I wanted a 64-bit system, loaded with no issues and accepted the product key this time; apparently since it’s an upgrade version the other system had to be there first (duh).

Now I’m up and running.  Need internet.  My system had come with an internal wireless adaptor that has never worked.  Not a big deal as most of the time I’m corded to the internet; but in the summer we move it downstairs to the air conditioning and run it wirelessly via a USB wireless adaptor.  It would find the network, connect, then disconnect, then connect, then disconnect, etc…  Hmm….  I then noticed that it was trying to connect to the network twice simultaneously.  Seems that internal adaptor decided to work now; I pulled out the USB one and presto – I had internet!!

I let it do all the updates and then sat down to start the long process of reloading things.  It was then I noticed, despite having just purchased a 1 TB hard drive that my C drive was only showing 50 GB (almost full) and the D drive was a little less than that.  Where was all my space???  Back to the internet, another common problem.  Checked the BIOS – nope it’s showing the full drive; it’s a Windows thing.  After much research with way too much useless information, I found a kind soul who handed me the news that because the system created that D recovery drive (when things come pre-installed you get that) there was no way to increase the size of the C drive without deleting the D drive (system wouldn’t let me do that).  The hard drive was split with the C drive first, the D drive second, and the rest last not assigned to a drive.  I could increase the D drive because it was next to the unassigned space.  The only solutions were to either purchase a partitioning program that could work around that, or scratch everything, reload and catch it when the disk starts loading the system.

Okay now I’m about in meltdown mode (and I’ve been doing so well); so they offered further advice; right-click the unassigned space in disk management; format it and assign it its own drive letter.  Just remember when downloading programs or saving files to save them to that drive letter (since Windows automatically always wants to save to C).  So that’s what I did, seemed the easiest solution and seems to be working okay so far.

The loading is a pain, but it also is giving me the opportunity to clean out the programs – I have many, but don’t use most of them anymore.  We lost our upgraded Corel Program, so I had to install an older version.  The upgraded one was when hubby had his business and it sold with the business.  The IT guy at work handed me the sad news that my old drive is FRIED and absolutely nothing is recoverable (back up those drives everyone).  I have some old back-ups but it seems that I’ve lost at least everything from the past year.  It will take time to re-build things (sigh).

On a happy note, when I downloaded Google Chrome (I gave up on Internet Explorer long ago-too many bugs, freezes, etc..), as soon as it loaded it asked me to sign-in with my Google account (gmail) and TA-DA all my favorites and settings were there!!!  I can’t tell you how good it felt to see some of my current things!  Thank you Google Chrome!

And if you notice on the sidebar – V A C A T I O N is very close!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I Love My Computer, I Love My Computer....grrr....

I’m a computer person, I really am…and yeah, I should know better…but I’m just not that great when it comes to back ups.

And so with no current back up, you know what happened right?  Yep, last night my computer crashed…it can’t even find my hard drive and the recovery options are useless.  I haven’t tried the full system recovery as I’m hoping to be able to pull data off that drive; but it’s a bad thing to happen.  And the sad reality is, I've seen this coming for months..and yeah, did no back-up.

I do have some things backed up on an external drive; so some is recoverable and though I can probably live without most of it; it’s the photos I’m concerned about.  Hopefully, I can recover some stuff.

But I’m actually doing okay…the computer isn’t laying in the street, so yeah…I’m okay!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

This, That and Then Some...

Well how do you like our new look?  I can't take the credit as it came from Blog Template 4 U.  I've downloaded several and this is one I'm trying out for right now.  I do like how professional looking it is though!

I'm also adding some clickable adds to the side bars..if you click one and then end up ordering at that time, I get a kick back!  But don't worry, you don't have to click or order and we'll love your visits all the same!

CC and I will soon be off for Myrtle Beach in 12 days!  I'm so anxious to get there.  She's getting impatient as well.

This past week I spent 2 days at a seminar for work in Sykesville, MD.  Sykesville is well known for its mental hospital.  The campus this hospital sits on was where the seminar was...most of the hospital is closed (though they still operate out of a few buildings plus the State Police Academy is there) but the buildings still stand.  Anyone that knows me knows how much I love old abandoned buildings - I don't know why, but I just find them interesting; and though I do have an interest in ghosts and such that's not my interest in abandoned buildings.  Anyway I took a few photos of the buildings while there:

The last two photos were taken while the car was moving so that's why they are slanted...oh and the car window was up thus the glare in the photo with the green pole...sorry that's not a ghost - lol!!

Anyway, I attended the seminar with one of the girls from our other division and her boyfriend has told her that he can get permission to take me INSIDE the buildings - I'm so very excited!!!  So hopefully I can get that planned after vacation!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

So very tired....

I'm so very exhausted and so very bad in my eating habits.  I must get back on track.

I've been transcribing some interviews that were done at work...we don't do a lot of transcribing anymore as the recordings can be played in court...but for some reason they wanted these transcribed...the problem?
My transcribing equipment is from back in the days things were put on cassette tape, so it wasn't going to work; a call to the other division indicated a similar issues.  So I've spent the past week, playing a portion, stopping it, writing it down; then typing it...etc...  I had a hard time making the boss understand that transcribing meant who said what word by word...it's not like taking minutes and without proper equipment becomes a long process.  He relented on new equipment, unfortunately the transcribing needed complete before it arrived.  We now have equipment that'll probably never get used.  But this left me exhausted and the filing is now out of control!

I've been eating everything in sight and not even healthy things...I so need to get back on track!

I haven't made a cat decision yet.  Right now the shelter is offering 2-for-1.  I don't really know if I want to get 2 or not though, I mean I do already have 2 cats - Cooper & Joppa; but we will see.  I think I'm going to wait until after vacation to get one though.  If either of them are meant to be mine, they'll still be there and if not, some other cat will come home with me!  This particular shelter is no-kill, they have several cats that have lived there for a very long time, so there isn't a desperate need to go right away.

Vacation is coming up, but not fast enough!