Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Protein Morning

I've given up on the Simply Filling Plan - I just way over eat.  As nice as a plan that it is, it does require a ton of willpower - I don't have that.

Anyway, I'm back to counting points, but simply filling has made me re-look at what I am eating.  Simply Filling's main focus is to eat foods that will fill you up, which they refer to as power foods.  It brought me back to a breakfast that I showed once on the blog, but haven't eaten in a while:

The Oatmeal Pancake!

This baby packs Power Foods!  To make this you need:  1/4 cup of uncooked oatmeal (2 pts - I use quick oats), 1 egg (2 pts - yes, you can use 1/4 cup of eggbeaters instead to save a point), and 1/2 a tablespoon of milk (0 pts).  This is NOT going to taste like a regular pancake, it will be rather blan...but there are many things you can do with it to improve the taste.  I normally add a teaspoon of cinnamon to the mix.  Mix it all together and let sit for about 5 minutes to allow the oatmeal to soften up, then cook in a pan like you would any other pancake.

In the above photo I topped it off with a banana and 1/4 cup of sugar free syrup.  If you buy sugar free syrup that is sweetened with splenda you can have a whole 1/4 cup (4 tablespoons) for 1 pt.; knock it down to 1/8 cup (2 tablespoons) and it won't cost you anything!

Another way to add flavor is to use one of the packs of instant oatmeal instead of plain oats.  Those single packs have flavoring added - whatever amount of points that pack has is the points you will need to use, so watch for that.  I've found that the low sugar versions are a point less than the others and that includes the weight control ones!

I've also made this pancake adding 1 tablespoon of canned pumpkin to it.  It is very adaptable to many things - just watch what the point values of what you are adding.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Well Alrighty Then....

If you remember a few posts back, my computer hard drive crashed beyond recovery.  Jim Not Mike was able to retrieve my data via a MAC after the IT person at work was unable to via a PC.

One thing we lost was our upgraded version of Corel Draw.  Hubby used this when he had the business but the disks sold with the business.  We loaded an older version but all the files were upgraded and therefore unreadable on that version.  Not that it was a BIG deal, but a loss none-the-less.

Several years ago I had purchased a device that would allow you to take a hard drive out of a computer and connect it via USB to another computer and thus get your data off it.  It was really handy when a motherboard died and such and you wanted the data off your old drive.  I came across this device last night and thought I'd look and see if I could find the program.  The IT guy had told me he could see my files, but the drive shut off anytime he had tried to retrieve something.  I figured there was nothing to lose with the old I gave it a shot.

Wow!  Not only could I see everything, but everything was retrievable as well.  I'm beginning to think the IT guy never really bothered with my drive - just kept it a few days, handed it back and said "sorry".  Or Jim Not Mike's MAC made it readable again.  Let's go with the Jim Not Mike version...

I could find the Corel Draw files, even the set-up file...but every time I tried to load it, it wanted the serial number and I didn't have it.  After trying many many things hoping to retrieve it (it is on that drive somewhere)...I got online and found a site that listed some serial numbers.  Tried the download again and presto, got past that screen.  However, when almost complete, it decided it couldn't find 2 needed files and backed out.  Back online - what are these missing files?  I was advised to download the Trial Version, put in the serial number and it would open up the full version.   That sounds easy, however, the version I needed was now outdated.  It took awhile, but I eventually found the version I needed.  Downloaded, opened full version with serial number and presto, I had my program back.

Sort of.....when I went to open it, it now wanted an activation code!  Back to the internet, I was handed the sad news that each serial number has its own activation I was SOL.  I decided to get on the Corel site and see if they could offer some help.  It wasn't until I was ready to register that I wondered if Hubby had done that when he originally set up the program.   I tried the business email, didn't work....I then used the only personal email he would of had at that time...PRESTO....but I didn't have a password, no worry I had them reset it.  Now I had my actual serial number - HURRAY!!  Except....

The program wouldn't let me change the serial I had to remove it, download again and then TA-DA we have our program back!!

So to save everyone out there a few steps and many long hours....... make sure you have your serial numbers handy somewhere and if you can download the program from the internet do it that way!!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Big Breakfast On Simply Filling

So far Weight Watcher's Simply Filling Technique is going along well.  Due to it being the weekend, I'm still not totally on track (having such an issue with that); but for the most part I'm trudging along.

For breakfast the past two days I've had the following:

2 eggs scrambled
1 slice light wheat toast with a smear of margarine
1 small potato diced and fried in 1 tsp. canola oil
1 cup non-fat milk

That's quite a huge breakfast for me and it's costing me zero weekly points!!  Why???  Eggs, Light Bread, Potatoes, and Non-Fat Milk are all Power Foods and thus, I don't have to count.  I also don't have to count my first 2 tsp. of oil and I use such a small amount of margarine that it has no point value.  Big breakfast and it keeps me full for many hours!!

If I lose weight this week, I'm going to be VERY excited...cause I'm about pointed out from counting and this method doesn't having me worried about not enough points for the day and starving!

Also BIG THANKS to Danica at Danica's Daily and Beth at Beth's Journey.  I've read Danica's blog since starting Weight Watchers and came across Beth's while looking for information on Simply Filling.  Both have offered their expertise in this area for my journey!

Friday, September 14, 2012

The Simply Filling Technique

Despite the fact that I had a 1.6 lb. weight loss ( I haven't a clue how that happened considering how off program I was).....I still am having the issue of getting back "into it".

I've decided to give Weight Watchers Simply Filling Plan a try.  You can actually switch back and forth between the plans as often as you wish; however finding information on Simply Filling isn't an easy task.

The Simply Filling Plan is semi-point free.  You eat power foods at no points, but for anything not a power food you still have your 49 weekly points to use.  You really need to be in tune with your body and know it's hunger and full signals.  You may find that you eat many power foods on the point plan already, thus it would be an easy transfer.

I remember some time ago (a year or more) they handed us a flyer at a meeting about it.  Most meetings are geared toward the point program, so info on Simply Filling is lacking.  Our leader doesn't seem well versed in this either.

But I decided to give it a whirl, couldn't find the flyer I received oh so long ago (nor could CC) but we headed off to the meeting and I asked for another.  Well apparently that was a one time thing - folder was empty.  I was advised that I could find the information on E-Tools.   There are many people who don't buy the monthly pass and/or pay for e-tools; what are they suppose to do????  Fortunately I pay for monthly pass and have the access.

Oh but it is very hard to find......I switched my tracker easily to Simply Filling...but where oh where was that food list, or any information for that matter, that was so conveniently in that flyer???   Off to the message boards, some kind soul sent me to here:  What's Included In the Simply Filling Technique and to here for the food listing:  Power Food List (you may not be able to access these links if you're not a site member - some things you can, some you cannot).  Thank God for the Power Food message board at their site...the best info is available from those already doing it.

So we'll see how weigh-in works this week!

Five Years Ago Today....

This Happened:

We bought this:

Hard to believe it has been that long ago!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Kiss-Kiss To Jim Not Mike

Well I'm advising all readers to add the blog Jim Not Mike to their reading pleasures.  Not only will you get good reading material....but Jim was able to do a HUGE favor for me!


Yep, the IT guy at work couldn't do it, but Jim did it - rather fast actually - and he did it using his MAC.  That may have to be my computer of choice next time around.  KUDOS to Jim and MAC!!

Monday, September 10, 2012

This & That

I hate cold weather and dark mornings.....

I hate when the alarm goes off and it's pitch black - that's just not right.  I hate that I need a jacket to go outside.

And more than anything - I know that it's a sign of winter coming....HATE IT, HATE IT, HATE IT!!!

Okay...I've had my rant for the day.

Weight Watchers meeting last Thursday proved to be very good.  Since making Lifetime a year ago (and not being able to maintain it for more than a month), the meetings have been dull - geared towards those losing and not a lot going on about maintaining.  I find maintaining a lot more harder than losing.

As expected my weight was back up about 15 lbs. - BLAH!!  So it was time to start over, weigh-in weekly and just make the better choices.  The meeting this time around was helpful, and one of the best things about it was that the leader is also "up" in weight.  Oh - I don't wish that on her, but it was nice to see someone else struggling with this and the meeting worked with that problem.  So it was a bad weigh-in but good meeting.

I've put my weight and such on the side bar....that helps when I put it all out there!!

Monday, September 3, 2012

And So It Starts Again.....

Vacation is over, Summer is over....and it's back to work tomorrow after being off for 11 days!

But it also means that Weight Watchers starts again, oh WW doesn't close for the summer, but I've been very bad the past few months and really need to get back on track.  So that starts this week.

Weight loss is hard and very challenging.  People without weight problems or those who just choose to accept being over weight don't understand and really can harm my efforts.  Sometimes the harm is not intentional, but there are those that just don't want to see me succeed.  It's hard, it's frustrating....

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Home, Unpacked.....

It was a long drive back home yesterday......

First I want to share the photo of the alligator that was at Barefoot Landing:

That was taken from a distance and you can tell he wasn't a little one!!

Here's some photos of alligators at Alligator Adventure:

The last 8 were taken during "feeding".  American Alligators are actually lazy and prefer their meals already dead.  They can eat very little and not have to eat again for up to a year!  They also only eat when they are hungry...the many that showed up at this feeding and actually got something to eat, won't show back up to the next one.  It was very interesting as the alligators started coming around the minute they saw people showing up - they knew what was coming.  There were a few that didn't bother to come over (probably due to the fact that they weren't hungry).  The girls explained that this is the reason you should never feed an alligator in the wild...they then become "human seeking"; not to eat them but they'll search for humans to get fed.  This is why you read often that alligators are killed for being in human populated areas - someone has fed them and they come looking for more.

This little girl below (despite her name it is a she) was born without a tail.  In the wild she'd have a zero chance of survival...she is kept away from other alligators in her own pen:

Some other creatures there: