Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 - Top Ten

I did this last year and thought I'd give it another round.  Not in any particular order and it's the good and the bad:


Kevin Spacey!!  Once in January and once in February I traveled to Brooklyn, NY to see him in the play "Richard III".  Great performance by all!  It also gave me time to spend with Jill, Emma, Jackie and her hubby and Pamela (who I have known online for years and finally got to meet).  Great memories always!!


Myrtle Beach!!  I love the beach and Myrtle Beach is my favorite.  Though I was disappointed that hubby wasn't able to go with me this year, I did get to spend the week with CC and we had lots of fun!!  Looking forward to hopefully vacation with hubby this year and a weekend trip with CC in the spring!


The Aloft Hotel!!  A great find in Brooklyn that was affordable, within walking distance to the theatre and right around the corner from Junior's (famous for their cheesecakes and they have great breakfasts too).


Wolf's Diner!!  A discovery while traveling back from the train station in Harrisburg.  Located in Dillsburg, PA - a great place to check out, food is excellent!


Mickey!!  Remember him?  He's our cat that lives at our old house!  We got to see him again back in the summer because he'd been injured in a fight.  After a $300 vet bill, we returned him to the old house where he has made his home with the people that live there now.  We did drive by and see Mickey on their porch Christmas morning so he is still doing well!  Miss him, but so very glad and grateful to The Stoner Family for being understanding with his situation!


Kenny!!  Kenny was a family friend that past away quite suddenly this year.  He's greatly missed!


The Hard Drive Crash!!  Grrrr.......  Yep this was a tragic moment, but thankfully was saved by Jim Not Mike when he was able to recover all my data via a MAC - go figure....


Lennox!!  I had followed Lennox's story for quite a long time.  Lennox was the dog that was taken from his family for "looking" like a pitbull (DNA tests proved he was not a pitbull); however the authorities refused to admit their wrong doing and after a very long fight (2 years? possibly more) Lennox was put down by authorities.  There's lots of questions with this case that will never be answered; but it brought about the cruelty of Breed Specific Legislation.  Hopefully it will help end these laws.


After the sell of the business last year; working for the new owners for a few months, then an auto group in our hometown; Hubby finally found a great group to work for!  So if you're in the market for a car, visit hubby at the Sharrett GMC store in Hagerstown, MD.


Things can happen in a moment, and this year I lost my brother-in-law Greg (that's him on the left).  He is missed very much.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

It is FINALLY over....

Christmas is finally over - HURRAY!!

Except today was the first day back at work and it went kind of like this:

 Then this:

And now this - and now it is sleet!

Fortunately liberal leave went into effect and I was able to leave at noon; double fortunately one of the officers drove me home!

I got hubby a tablet for Christmas - a Coby Kyros 7048.  Not a top of the line, but something he can learn to get use to using before the purchasing of a more exciting one!  I had gotten a really good Black Friday online deal at Amazon and couldn't resist; and it turned out to be a good option.  However, we discovered it had no access to the Google Play (android market) store.  I found that odd since I thought all android makes could access this but apparently not.  It had it's own store and you could also use the app store at amazon.  This would of been okay because I can't imagine he'd overdo with apps anyway, but the Chess game he uses is only available on the Play market.  An online search showed many disappointed with this though they all loved the tablet, but naturally someone had figured out a work around, right?  Of course they did...but some just seemed to iffy to try.  I eventually found one that was very, very simple so I gave it a try and IT WORKED.  So he now has his chess game!  And so you need not dig through some questionable sites for this option, here's the link:   Make sure to read through the thread because apparently it doesn't work on all versions but there are many it did work on!

Christmas went pretty good thankfully and I got to spend time with my two favorite little people - Mason & Colton:

They grow so very fast!!  And the best Christmas present was learning that we will be grandparents again this summer!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Bah Humbug!

Obviously I've had no Christmas spirit this year.....

Christmas Eve is spent at my one sister's house.  Hubby makes a ham, she gets steamed shrimp and other stuff...casual affair, come and go as you please.

Not long after hubby got the ham in the oven, it started to snow.  And snow, and snow and snow.......
Even if it weren't Christmas Eve, I'd be grumbling - I hate snow.

We head out around 5:00.  It was quite clear that though the roads were travel able but you really shouldn't be out if you don't have to be.  My sister lives out along a country road, I'm pretty sure her road was hazardous. We were almost out of town, when she called and cancelled.  I immediately called CC, who was in route as well.  Back home, with 10 lbs. of ham.

Okay so Christmas Eve got screwed.  We got home I popped the DVD The Ref in and we watched that.  I then proceeded to turn on Netflix to see what else we could watch.  Netflix wouldn't load.  After some internet testing and such, I went online and was handed the sad news that Netflix had an outage on the East Coast.  Great - I mean, could Christmas Eve get any better?????

Hoping CHRISTMAS DAY...goes  a little better!

Monday, December 24, 2012

The Year Without A Christmas Tree

This year we didn't put up a tree.  Oh we planned on it, we kept saying it, but it never happened.  And you know what?  I don't miss it at all!

I think it has a lot to do with the fact that Christmas starts getting rammed down your throat around July....I mean, I have no Christmas spirit when the actual time gets here!

So no Christmas tree this year!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

This & That Part 3

A date night!  Hubby and I have what we call "date night" every Friday, which normally consists of going out to dinner.  Last night, he took me to a movie.

We went and saw "Lincoln" which is EXCELLENT.  If you haven't seen it, it is well worth the cost.  It was the first time hubby experienced the leather recliners in the theater.  Yep, you heard that right - one of the theaters near us has leather recliners, yes the tickets cost more, but even hubby admitted the price is worth it (though the first seats they had us in were broke, but they moved us to working ones).  Hubby and I don't do movies as he always falls asleep...with the length of Lincoln and a recliner I was sure he would here too...but nope, he enjoyed the movie that much that he saw the whole thing!!

If you have Netflix I highly suggest the following documentaries:

Under Our Skins and Beyond The Myth.

Under Our Skins is about Lyme Disease and how the medical community refuses to accept that there are chronic cases.  The few doctors that do treat this are sued, lose licenses etc...  It's very very powerful and sad all at the same time and it seems the doctors that set the protocol for Lyme disease treatment (which denies that it can be chronic) have interests in health insurance companies and research grants.  Quite interesting and it make you wonder how many other diseases are being denied proper treatment because the doctors are being paid by other "interests".

Beyond the Myth deals with pit bulls and breed specific legislation.  Imagine you're at home, the cops come knocking on your door, come in, take your dog because it is of a specific breed (or just looks like one), takes it away and kills it (and the dog has never ever shown any signs of aggression).  Imagine having to move outside the city limits or moving to an area for a new job only to have your pet confiscated because unknown to you, it's a banned breed. Certainly stuff like this is only happening in other countries right?  We're Americans, we have freedoms.....think again!  These things are happening right now in the United States of America.  Very, very sad......

Oh and I got my very first Christmas Gift:

The comics!!  Thanks to Polt for taking my TV series obsession to the next level!!

This & That Part 2

My Joppa kitty cat.  Joppa runs the neighborhood visiting just about everyone, he has other names (Mittens, Gizmo) but most everyone knows he belongs to us (he's also micro chipped to us).  It's not unusual for Joppa to be missing in action for a day or two; but if gone more than that I worry.

And that happened last week. It was about day 4 of missing in action, when I'm walking one of the dogs and happen to look across the street and in someones back yard was Joppa.  I immediately called him and he looked at me and went back to sunning himself.  I took the dog in and went back out.  It took a lot of coaxing to keep his attention, he seemed dazed.  I was worried that he may of been hit, but that didn't seem to be the case.  

He's back to normal now and I'm thinking (because up until yesterday the weather had been so nice) he may of gotten shut in someones garage or shed and was dehydrated therefore causing the dazed, lethargic attitude he had.

But he's back, normal and overly lovable!!

This & That Part 1

Ahhh....yes, I've been very very bad with posting.  Work has been chaos and life in general has been the same.

First off - THE WINNER of the washing machines:

The GE 4.0 capacity DOE.  Yes, it has electronics and yes I highly debated between this and a GE old style with agitator and dials; but in the end this one won.  It does have a dial along with some buttons and a very small agitator.  So far, so good.  So now I have this:

Fortunately the dryer still works.  Actually when I got to my parents' house last Sunday and they asked if the washer had been delivered and how was it working, I said "Great, but now the dryer doesn't work."  My mother nearly had a melt down - lol - however I did tell them I was kidding.

The funny thing is that with front loaders they sit low to the ground, which can cause a lot of back ache so they make pedestals for them (which are very very pricey).  We never bought those but hubby built a stand for ours.  The first time I do a load in the new washer...I can't get the washed clothes out; the basket is so deep and I'm so short that the stand put the clothes out of my reach...fortunately I still have those steps from "The Firm" workout tapes which give me the height I need (seriously, you don't really think I use those steps for exercise do you?).

We still have this:
Because hubby has hope it will be fixed some day - would be nice, but I have my doubts.  And please excuse the cellar mess...well it's an old cellar, what more can I say.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Use This Egg By.....

When dieting one of the things you learn is that proteins will keep you filling full so you should include a protein with every meal or snack.  Eggs are a good source of protein and in my opinion worth the 2 pts plus each (can't stand the taste of egg beaters - blah...); anyway this morning I get up and decided to have 2 scrambled eggs.  I had just bought eggs within the past week, so imagine my surprise when I opened the carton and saw this:

Yep, each egg was stamped with a use by date!  Is this something new?  Something only certain stores do?  This is the first I've ever seen it.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

And So......

So we decided to get a new washer rather than fix the old.  Dad told us to pick one out.

We stopped at Lowe's on the way home from Sunday dinner just to get an idea what is out there.  We definitely want a top loader.  When the sales person approached us, we began to explain that our front loader broke.  Her response?  "I sure wish mine would break."  Ahhhhh........  seems to be a very typical response of front loader owners.

There are new high efficiency top loaders.  The do not have the agitator in the middle - very roomy.  They do still sell top loaders with agitators in many sizes.  We decided on 2 that we like:  One is the old style top loader, super capacity on clearance for less than $500.  The other is one of the newer models on sale for less than $600.  Hubby thinks the newer model - I'm a little put off because of the electronic controls; electronics is what has failed in the machine we have now....the older style is the dials.  Hubby thinks I'm just being paranoid.

Anyway, I'm going to call Dad tomorrow and take him out and see which he thinks is the better option.

I'll be so glad when I can stop thinking of laundry!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Ho Hum....

Three years ago we bought these:

Over a month ago, the washer stopped working.  It's out of warranty, it took forever to find someone to come look at it and frankly, I'm getting a little stressed over it.

See it has an F-28 code...which is a communication error, problem is we can't find what isn't communicating (and before everyone starts sending me links to fixes on the internet - we've already tried them all).
The repair man was here for over an hour with no success.  He called the next day saying he'd be back next Tuesday to check the grounding wires; if that doesn't work we'd look at replacing ($300) or repairing ($160) the CCU unit (but there's no way to really know if it actually is broke or not and yeah an internet search says the same).

You see the issue right?  Is it worth it?  Will we have the cost of a new washer tied up in repair costs?  I can't complain a lot because my Dad has graciously offered to help out with the repairs or a new one; but I'm beginning to think a new one is the better option and perhaps the cheaper.  I work with several people who have front load washers - all swear they'll never own another; some (after making one expensive repair) gave up after another error cropped up.

So I'm looking at top loaders again, preferably with no complicated computer components.  The dryer still works so I'm good with that - so they won't match, but since they sit in my dingy old cellar it really doesn't matter.

I just want to be able to wash clothes again.

But I do owe thank yous to my parents and CC who have been lending the use of theirs!

Weight Watchers 360

The Weight Watchers plan is now called "360".

Some people are so excited!!!

Me???  Well nothing has really changed on how the points are calculated.  It seems to be more of making plans, setting goals, making changes a little at a time.  I guess geared to get you in the "habit" of a lifestyle change.

That's good stuff to know, but seriously what does it do for a veteran like me???  Not much.  Last night's meeting was geared towards having healthy snacks on hand - well yeah, I already know that.  The program is great for someone new, but for me and CC - it doesn't help much.

What would help?  Meetings for those maintaining and lifetimers!!  Believe it or not, losing the weight was the easy part - maintaining is HARD.  But you reach goal/lifetime and they basically kick you to the curb.

I'm also getting tired that a leader cannot answer questions correctly.  Someone asked what they should do if they've used all their daily points and are still hungry.  Answers were - fill up with 0 pt. food; eat power foods like veggies.  Ummmmm....maybe a better answer would of been to ask what they are eating during the day - Power Foods will keep you fuller longer especially proteins; perhaps a menu adjustment would do her better.

However, the meeting did get me thinking about getting back in gear.  My first new change is to get back into the water habit.  WW says to have 6 servings of a liquid a day.  ANY liquid counts toward that.  The problem?  I've become more dependent on diet soda than anything, and somehow I can't see that as the healthier choice.  So I've decided my 6 liquids will be water only....that doesn't mean I won't be having soda, coffee, etc..  as I will but my 6 WW liquids will be water.  I even went into Outlook at work and set reminders in my calendar to DRINK WATER.  That way when it pops up on the screen, I can walk to the water cooler.  Worked well today!

I also got my FitBit!  Will write a review on that in a week or so...want to get a few days in with it first.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

And It's Here....

Ahhhh... December is among us!  That means "that" holiday is coming up.

I haven't been into Christmas in quite a few years; probably because they start ramming it down your throat around July.

My mother's side of the family did have their annual Christmas get together today.  Those types of things I enjoy - it's the over commercialism and greed that ruin the holiday for me.

On a happier note, I finally ordered a FitBit.  I did debate the Weight Watcher's Active Link, but the fact that you have to pay a $5.00 monthly fee for the online feature became the deciding point.  And there's a new FitBit out - can't wait to get it.  A Christmas Gift for myself!!

Maybe that's what we should all do...rather than buy gifts for each other, everyone should buy one thing for themselves.