Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Top Ten

I've done this the past 2 years so I'm continuing on from there.  If you've missed those posts:

2012 Top Ten

2011 Top Ten

So here's the 2013 Top Ten - the good, the bad and not in any particular order:

Grandbaby Bryce!  We were blessed again this year with our third grandbaby and third grandson.  Life doesn't get better than this.

Great Nephew Benjamin!  My second great nephew arrived this year - adorable isn't he???

Great Niece Annalise!  Yep it was a baby year and this time a girl!  This one is from hubby's side....gee her mother was only 5 when I met hubby.  Time sure does fly!

It was cold, it was windy but back in May we headed to Ocean City, MD for my niece Jamie's wedding. They met there so it was only approriate that they wed there.  This is Benjamin's Mom & Dad.

This one was local and it poured down rain - but we had fun anyways.  My stepson and his bride!  We considered her family long before the wedding.

Ahhh....the beach.  Hubby and I spent a week in Myrtle Beach back in August.  Already have the room booked for 2014.

Sookie!  I wanted a black cat and this one hopped up under my car and traveled many miles home with me.
Though not yet "officially" ours; the adoption should be happening within the month.

My 3 Grandboys.  I've had the pleasure of more babysitting and thus getting to spend more time with them than before.  They grow so fast and are so very funny.  Mason tells me not to sing - lol!

Mom & Dad have had 60 years of marriage - WOW!!

Ups and downs, Ins and Outs and All Over - Life is always an adventure with CC!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013


I'm not a hoopla Christmas person.  I hate that Christmas is rammed down your throat from like July onward and I hate the necessity of the perfect gift.

I often don't have the money to get the perfect gifts and not being a crafty person, lack the talent needed to make them.

I enjoy the get togethers and such; and if Christmas could just be about that, I'd be fine.  But it's not....it never is.

It's about the gifts.

Now...I've really cut my gift giving back; and the people I do buy don't get some extravagant gift.  Normally something useful that they will use and not overly expensive.

As for me, I don't expect much and thus I'm never disappointed. Even if you're not a religious person, I still think Christmas should be more than just gift giving.  I just don't get it.

I haven't put up a tree in my house the past two Christmas's.  Too much work for a holiday I stopped enjoying long ago.

Yes, call me Scrooge....but I think The Grinch got it right:

And the Grinch, with his grinch-feet ice-cold in the snow,
Stood puzzling and puzzling: "How could it be so?

It came without ribbons! It came without tags!

"It came without packages, boxes or bags!"

And he puzzled three hours, `till his puzzler was sore.

Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn't before!

"Maybe Christmas," he thought, "doesn't come from a store.

"Maybe Christmas...perhaps...means a little bit more!"

Too bad that not everyone can see that.

Sunday, December 15, 2013


I plan on getting back into the swing of things at Weight Watchers after the first of the year.

When I started WW, I went to the center on Thursday nights.  This time around I've been doing Tuesdays.  I like both the leaders and the people at the meetings, however, Tuesday meetings start earlier and it is very hard getting their on time.  Most times we miss the meeting or at least most of it.

So I'm thinking maybe Thursdays would be better again.

CC and I had a Christmas get together last Tuesday; so I went to the Thursday meeting instead.  I was glad to see the leader and receptionist again, excited about the new Simple Start (WW excitement for me has been long gone for some time) and enjoyed the meeting from start to finish.

So.......I really need to look at the pros and cons of this.  It just seems stupid to be paying the monthly fee and only getting a weigh-in and the weekly pamphlet.  Those meetings helped before; I think they will again.

Friday, December 13, 2013


It's been way way too long since I've done a post.

The fostering of the little black kitty from my car is going great.  After several names, we've settled on the name "Sookie" (True Blood fans will recognize that name).  She's still not officially ours; but I'm sure we're at the top of the list.

She just loves our dog Toby - LOVES him!!  She follows him everywhere.  She does respond to my voice, but mostly because that normally means food, lol.  She loves to play but she doesn't want a human touching her; but we're working on that.  She's just a bundle of energy.  I don't think she'll ever be a lap cat; but she fits in our home well.
Weight Watchers has been going "eh" this time around.  However, they have a program revamp that I'm kind of excited about and definitely plan on starting after the first of the year.

Firstly though:  There have been no changes to how points are calculated.  Points Plus still exists.

Just need to get that out of there because people are still in a tizzy over the 2011 revamp where the old points system went out and points plus came in.

Anyway, what they have now is a 2 week program called Simple Start.  Simple Start is for newbies that need help getting started; us oldies that need to re-start, come out of a plateau, or just need a change.  You can continue with it for as long as you want; or start it, stop, then go back, etc...  Sometimes, you just need someone to tell you what to eat!

The program formally starts the week of December 29th; but Weight Watchers is having the centers hand out the booklets now.  This gives you time to read it over and then ask questions if necessary; or you can go ahead and give it a start!

If you go to the meetings; you'll get the welcome packet that includes the Simple Start booklet:  
(please excuse my floor)

If you're an online member, you'll see the links at the bottom of your home page:

And there's also an app available iPhone users go to your app store; Android uses go to yours and search for Simple Start.

Simple Start is based on the Simply Filling Plan (bet some of you never heard of this portion of Weight Watchers).  Simply Filling is a list of healthy power foods.  If you have the Weight Watchers books that show you points values - all the foods with a green triangle are power foods.  With this particular program you eat off the food list and you need not count points of any food on the list.  You just eat until you are SATISFIED (not stuffed).  You also get the 49 weekly points to eat things off the list.  Anyway Simple Start is based around that plan.

They have these great kits available now for $34.95:

(again excuse my floor)
You get a really nice bag to carry everything in.  There's different prints; but I chose the real psychedelic one!  You get a microwave vegetable steamer; a 12 week tracker, point stickers, coupons, a deck of workout cards, a cookbook and a book to help you find your "nitch" with Weight Watchers.  I really like this alot!!

So get to Weight Watchers the week of December 29th and learn all about this program.

Friday, November 29, 2013

This & That

Well Thanksgiving came and went and I ate WAY TOO MUCH!!  But that was expected.

It was a very busy day.  First it was to my family for Thanksgiving dinner, then to my step-daughter's for some grandchildren fun, then to my step-son's for dessert.  We were very tired when we got home.

I did pick up the Pita Kitty - which we now call "Josie" for fostering.  She's still very very timid, but she's coming around and taking over our whole house.  She has to go back in 2 weeks for vaccine booster and re-worming.  She's really really grown.  She was at least twice the size she was when she was in my car.  It's amazing how fast they grow in such a short time.

The plan is to adopt her as long as our current pets can accept it.  Right now it's a little turmoil, but I think in another week we'll have more of an idea of how things will be.  It sometimes takes up to 30 days to adjust (we know this well by now).

I'm looking for a new design for the website so that's why thing look a little different...but it's that time again!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Another Kitty Update!!

Well the pita kitty named "Chance" at the Humane Society; but I have named "Gracie" will be with us on Monday!  We're going to foster her until she can be adopted, then adopt her!!

We're both very excited - new photos will be coming!

Hubby had a bunion removed last week and is getting along fine.  Much better than I expected; his other foot will be done in January.

Always something happening.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Kitty Update!!

Today I found out the pita kitty is a SHE.......

Her name at the Humane Society is Chance.  She's in with some other kittens and doing well.  She does still hiss but can be picked up.

Still too young for vaccines but we still plan on adopting when ready.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Commitment & Small Losses

I found this over on FaceBook and really think there is a message there.  Like I've said for sometime - the weight loss mojo went a go-go.

The mojo isn't always going to be there - it's just not.  The lesson is to learn to stay on track once that is gone.  That's where lots of people fail, that's where I failed.  So rather than look for the mojo; I've decided to just work on reaching the goal.

Another FaceBook find.  Those little losses do add up over time.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Kitty Update


I took kitty to the vet's the next day and happened to be there when the Humane Society was dropping off animals for surgery.

I reluctantly handed him over.


Don't get me wrong - that little bugger and I have a history now; but I think he needs to be a little bit older for us to care for.  Hubby just had foot surgery and my attention needs to be there.

We've told the Humane Society that when he is ready for adoption, we want to be considered.  He's been marked "finder is interested in adopting".  With any luck he will be home for Christmas.

Again, I don't really know that it is a "he" or not; but it makes no difference.

Though we've referred to "it" as "Pita" (Pain-In-The-A**) as a joke, I'm not real sure that that will remain the name.  I've always thought a male would be "Tobias" or a female would be "Maebee" (yes, I love the show Arrested Developement)...but recently the name "Harley" has stuck in my head and it works for male or female.

But I hate thinking of a name, if I don't end up with it; but I'm sure God will bring me the cat I'm suppose to have.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

I'm Lost...and then an UPDATE!!

The kitten went up into my car again this morning and is still there somewhere within the engine.  I can hear it, but I can't see it.  I'm totally at a loss.  I cannot not drive my car.

So I'm doing what anyone else would do...I'm crying.

I'm crying because I want to help him and can't.

I'm crying because I am so exhausted over this.

I'm crying because I'm going to have to use my car and that result could mean his demise.

I'm crying because if he's stuck and can't move and I can't find him; he'll die in there.

I am so hysterical at this moment.


Kitty is now in a crate in my bathroom.  Whew...what a night.

After hubby got home around 6:30 I went to leave Joppa out and could hear him meowing except it didn't sound like it was coming in the direction of the car.  Once I verified that he was in deed meowing from another direction, I moved the car to the street.

I walked around the field and could hear him in a very large bush.  Despite how very close he sounded I couldn't find him.  Eventually hubby came to help and we both worked from different ends.  But then the meowing stopped and after listening for several minutes, we realized he had run out and his meows were closer to our house.  Cooper led us to the backyard by the grill and there he was.  Once we had him cornered hubby threw a towel on him and we put him in a pillowcase (I picked that up online).  He's now in the crate in the bathroom.  He's scared, he meows and hisses, but at least I know he's not in the car and that he's in a safe place.  Next stop will be a vet check and if that is clear...my guess he belongs to us!

I am so very glad that I moved the car, I've no doubt he would of run right into the car when he ran from the bush.

God Is Good!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Only Me......

First the good news:  I'm a great-aunt again!!  Benjamin Thomas was born on Sunday, November 3rd @ 9:15 p.m. weighing in at 7 lbs. 15 oz.  Beautiful Baby!!

Now the weird news:

Yesterday, I left work at 2:00 p.m. to go see the baby.  While driving down the Dual Highway in Hagerstown, I see a guy pulled over to the side.  I slowed down and then saw a small black kitten in the road (this is an extremely busy road).  When the guy tried to get the kitten, it ran and I had to come to a stop to avoid hitting it.  It ran under my car - they guy couldn't find it.  It was then when the woman behind me said "He jumped up under your car."

Yep, you heard that right....not under my car - up in it (and not the front end).  With traffic backed up and seeing the kitty no where...we had no choice but to continue on.  I arrived at the hospital and stayed about 2 hours.  From there I stopped to see hubby at work and he checked under the car for kitty - Nothing.  From there, I got gas, drove back to Waynesboro, stopped to see the grandkids for like 45 minutes, went home, and walked the dogs.  It's now about 7:00.  For my own mind, I got a flashlight and checked under the car again (but certainly that kitty couldn't have held on all that time right?); I see nothing and am about to go into the house when I hear "mew".  At first I thought I imagined it - but then I hear it again and Joppa immediately runs under the car and starts looking around.  So I wasn't imagining it - Joppa heard it too!!  Now I'm very stressed and can't see a kitty ANYWHERE.

I ended up at CC's where her hubby did everything but take the car apart piece by piece - Nothing.  When hubby got home he checked but again nothing.

This morning, hubby walks the dog and says the kitten isn't in the car anymore I can hear him meowing over at Jean's (our neighbor).  He then walked over, and moved her trash can and this little black ball of fluff runs out and Cooper immediately chases it down the alley.  Not good - but better than driving around with him in the car.

This evening when I got home, the kitty was in the alley playing with Cooper; of course he ran when he saw me.  I was able to locate him in a bush - he is ITTY BITTY LITTLE, but he ran before I could get him - I tried twice more but no luck.  I now have the cat carrier with tuna in it sitting outside.

I feel so bad for the poor thing and just want to get it inside.........  :(

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Tiring Day....

It was a tiring day.....

CC and I headed out yesterday to areas unknown!  Okay  not actually, but we headed to some Arts & Crafts Show.

We started at one at the Five Forks Church in Waynesboro, which was a combo arts/crafts and yard sale.  Very Nice.  We then headed down the road to Howard County, Maryland fairgrounds for a large Arts & Crafts Expo featuring 200 vendors.

Though, if you live closer to Howard County then we do, it's probably worth attending; after we drove that far and paid to get in, we didn't buy much. <<sigh>>  From there we headed back towards Frederick only to detour off and head to Westminster as we are a little more familiar with that area than Frederick.

The drive seemed longer than we were expecting and we were STARVING.  But then we noticed a sign with a photo of grapes and the word "Serpent" and not sure whether it was a vineyard or a snake farm headed in that direction.  Okay, I'm kidding - we knew it was a vineyard!  We ended up at this nice little vineyard:  Serpent Ridge.  We did the wine tasting, that only costs $5 and you get to keep your wine glass and then bought a glass of wine along with bologna, cheese and crackers.  This is a nice little place and the weather was perfect.  They also have a cat named Zork who greets everyone!

Then it was Westminster for shopping and such.  We ended the day with dinner at Ruby Tuesdays which, as I'm inputting the food into my tracker, isn't so Light & Fit as their menu claims; at least not on the Weight Watcher point side!  Not a good food day!!

So I need to be on track Today and Tomorrow!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Product Review

I'm all about giving reviews on products I've used and love.....so it's only right to give you a review of a product that isn't that great.

My one grandson turned 5 in September.  He had told me that he "hoped" someone would get him an iPad for his birthday.

Being his grandma, of course I did that - okay, not exactly.....he's only 5 and I'm not an Apple person.  So I opted on a cheap android tablet.

I did some research at Amazon and ended up ordering 7" Matricom .Tab Nero which they were selling for $66.00.  For some reason I keep seeing these at a much higher price now ($269 on Amazon at the moment); trust me it's not worth that much.

The tablet arrives, he loves it, etc...  However, a week later his 3 year old brother had it in hand and 5 year old grabbed it from him and it flung across the room and fell into 2 pieces.  No big deal, I had taken out an accident plan and within a week I had the newer version (.Tab Nero 2) in hand.  I also ordered another for 3 year old for Christmas and two cases.

I take it to him, he uses it.  Within 2 days it stops powering up.  His Mom says at first it refused to power off and they had to let the battery run down; but after that despite much charging it wouldn't boot back up.  No big deal, it was still returnable to Amazon and I'd just give him the Christmas one so he didn't have down time AGAIN.  I got home, pulled out the other and despite it working perfectly when it first arrived - it now wouldn't power up either despite some charging.  So I had to return them both.  Though I'll get full refunds, I've no doubt that they will arrive at Amazon and power up perfectly for them thus costing me a 15% stocking fee because well, that's just how life seems to work for me.

Obviously this tablet has some power issues and despite the many stars at Amazon there are many reviews complaining that it worked a few days and then that was it....so it isn't just us, probably a bad lot.

I opted to order an entirely different brand this time around settling on a Coby.  Coby is what hubby has and it's been a well used little tablet.  However, unknown to me when I bought it...Coby's are not compatible with the Google App Store.  I had to do a "jail break" to get that on there for him...and just for the record that means that the warranty goes kaput if the "jail break" fails.  So when buying Coby's read the description - if it mentions any app store other than google - it can't access it.  HOWEVER, a new one came out that is Google Certified and that's the one I bought for my grandson; hopefully it will arrive next week.

So remember you get what you pay for.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

When You Feel Like Quitting......

"When You Feel Like Quitting, 
Think About Why You Started."

This is a saying I have hanging above my desk.  When I think about it, it should be hanging on my mirror so I can see it every morning as well.

Weight Loss is hard; reaching a goal is hard; maintaining is hard; staying there for a life time is hard.  When you've done the plan successfully before; and this time around it's not working - it's hard.

When you work very hard to stay on plan and the scale greets you with a gain - it's heartbreaking.  I know, I've been there many times.

It's that nasty scale that everyone depends on for their weight loss success.

CC had a gain this week that just didn't sit well with her since she knew she'd stuck to plan and counted everything this week.  Though the gain was such a small amount, most would overlook it completely....I know how she felt; I've been there way too many times.  So we did what anyone else would do.....something we should not have - we skipped out on the meeting and drowned our sorrows in bad food.  Yep, you read that right - we did nothing but make the situation worse.

A very common response, and this morning I saw the quote above at my desk and realized how I failed myself but more importantly CC who needed the encouragement to move on and not give up.  I think I mentioned in the last post we can sometimes be each others worse enemies in the weight loss department, this is a good example of that.

Some of my favorite blogs decided to post about the almighty scale and it's hold over you.

Fit and Free Emily talked about "letting go without giving up".

Roni did a 45 minute podcast on "sticking it out; goal setting; done with dieting; and food ruts" plus a Wednesday Weigh-In where she decided she was done with the scale.

Two bloggers who have been very successful with weight loss and have decided they don't need to be a slave to the scale anymore.  It's nice to know it doesn't have to always be that way.

Weight Watchers has you weigh-in - that's there only determination for your success.  Sure, the leaders talk about measuring yourself (especially if you're an exerciser) and how your clothes are fitting - all other signs of success commonly known as NSV (non-scale victories); BUT the only thing that counts is what that scale says every week.  So you become a slave to what is on that scale.

I remember watching an episode of Sister Wives (don't judge me) where second wife Janelle had been struggling with losing weight.  Oh, she had dropped considerably in weight and sizes; worked out faithfully and was healthier than she's ever been....BUT that scale just wasn't showing the numbers.  Her trainer asked her to bring her scale from home with her the next time she came to the gym.  She did and he walked her to the parking lot, put the scale on the ground and handed her a sledge hammer!!  At first, she didn't want to....but she did and mentioned it was so liberating!

I posted that story over on the Weight Watchers boards.....someone posted what a terrible trainer he was and what horrible advice that was yadda, yadda, yadda....  Someone, whom Weight Watchers has convinced, that the scale is the only way to victory.  That's so very sad.

I'm not bashing Weight Watchers, I understand they need to have a way to do the program but they need to explain to not become attached to that square little item you step on each week.  It's not the only success that exists.  They need training to help people to brush off the bad weigh-ins without totally ruining your journey and they need to explain how to move on from there.

The scale isn't the only way to victory.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I'm Still Here!!

Yes, I know it's been a week or two....BUSY!!

Last week I weighed in at a 1.2 lb. loss; this week I stayed the same.  Both are great, but I know I could do so much better if I'd get my butt in gear!

Our Weight Watcher leader Joan always wants us to write down a very small doable goal each week and then come back next week and share.  I decided to make mine "snacks".  Now I know what you are thinking...snacks?  That's a goal? Isn't snacking how you gain weight?  Well yes, but you really can't deprive yourself or you'll go completely off plan.  I know all about fresh veggies and fruits as healthy snacks...what I needed was some true snacks.

I try to keep potato chips off limits at all costs.  I just overdue it every time.  So I was looking for something I did the first time I did WW and remembered this:

VEGGIE SCOOPS....you can do dozens of things with these baked scoops.  So at the store I hunted them down and bought a bag.  I then thought how great these would be with Laughing Cow Light Queso Fresco & Chipotle Wedges; so I headed to that aisle and then thought, hey what about those real thin pretzels as they go well with the Laughing Cow wedges as well.  So I headed over to the cracker aisle and found Pretzel Crisps.  Now with my salt craving taken care of I needed something sweet and I found Low Fat Graham Crackers and then decided on that Laughing Cow again - they make cream cheeses too!  And tonight I had 2 graham crackers topped with Laughing Cow Cinnamon cream cheese wedge - DELICIOUS!!

So backing up, rethinking, recharging.....

Brooke Not On A Diet has reintroduced me to smoothies and frankly she has given more ideas than I thought were possible.  So in the mornings I've been making this smoothie:

1 pack Weight Watchers smoothie mix (chocolate or vanilla)
1 cup skim milk
1 cup water
1 banana
1 TB.  PB2
2 tsp canola oil
1 cup fresh spinach

This baby keeps me full for HOURS and I've taken care of some of the Good Health Guidelines!  Putting 2 oils in takes care of those for the day. Milk gives me one of my dairies (sometime I'll throw a vanilla yogurt in and take care of both dairies) and I got a fruit and vegetable in there!!  And in case you are wondering - no, you cannot taste the spinach AT ALL.  It is a little pointy, but remember I do consider it a meal.  As it is above, it comes to 7 points; if I add in the yogurt it comes to 9 points.  If you run it through the WW Recipe builder it will come out much more as the recipe builder counts points for the banana and spinach.  You choose how you want to do that.

Also Brooke has just become a WW Leader in her area!!  She's also been doing some "Weight Watchers Back To The Basics" postings at her blog.  I just discovered her and you should check her out too!!

CC and I are heading out shopping this Saturday which will involve eating...this can be good as we can help each other out; but at the same time we can be each others worst enemy in that department!!  Success, we've got to keep our eyes on the prize!!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Square Trade

When I come across a good product, I like to pass it along.

I bought my 5 year old grandson a tablet for his birthday.  It wasn't an expensive one; I found it on Amazon.com.  There was an option for a one year accident warranty for $9.99.  At first I was going to skip over it, but then I thought for $9.99 it may be worth having.  After purchasing however, I looked up reviews and saw nothing but complaints.  I figured I had just wasted $9.99.

Colton had the tablet less than a week when he grabbed it from his brother's hands and it hit the floor.  The display was now distorted.

I got online and begin the accident plan process.  After filling everything out, it told me more info was needed and I had to call the 800 number.  I thought "here we go".   After being on hold about 5 minutes, a very nice young man answered the phone.  I told him the issue (as it turns out the website was half working which is why it directed me to call).  Within less than 30 seconds, he approved my claim.  He then told me that since the purchase was less than 30 days, they would just refund my purchase amount.  They would email me a UPS label to send the old one and as soon as they were notified that it shipped, my refund would be on it's way via check, paypal or amazon gift card.  I chose the gift card since I would be repurchasing through Amazon anyway, he informed me that the gift card included an additional $5.00.  The whole call took less than 5 minutes.

And people were complaining about this company????

So I went ahead a reordered the new one (which is actually the upgrade now) and naturally took out the accident warranty on it!  I mean why wouldn't I?

Sunday, October 6, 2013


It's really been a busy few days!!

About 2 years ago or so we bought this at a local thrift store:

It was only $125 for all three pieces and it served us very very well over the years.  But as the title of my blog states - we did have a few issues!  We turned cushions over and such, but eventually there was no more turning as of this week (I have no idea after so long of no chewing that someone decided to tear up a good side of a cushion). None-the-less, it was time to start looking again.

FaceBook has many "yard sale" groups; they seem to have taken away from FreeCycle; anyway I'm going down through postings on one of the groups and come across a 3 piece set for $100.  It looked as if it is in good shape and no one had ever replied to the postings now about 2 weeks old.  I asked if it was still available and it was.  After some pming back and forth, hubby and I went up Friday to look at it, liked it and rounded up the help of CC, her hubby and my stepston and got it today.  Now we have this:

They are a little longer than our old ones, but so far so good!  And it beats the old torn up one!  And it's getting the living room a good cleaning and I plan on doing a face lift on the living room soon anyway - it's been 6 years, needs it.

Today was my niece's baby shower - making the getting the furniture in the morning, then to the baby shower - a really exhausting day!!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

It Was A Long and Rainy Wedding

My stepson got married this past Saturday.  The wedding was planned for outside and the reception under a big tent.  As it turned out everything was under the big tent due to torrential downpours.  But everything came off beautifully and it gave us an opportunity to get some family photos:

Of course, between eating at rehearsal, wedding, and birthday party on Sunday let me with a weight gain, but not as much as I expected. Still good!!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Ho Hum

So I was up .6 in weight at weigh in this evening.  I know that isn't a whole lot but it would be nice to see some significant loss.

I enjoyed the meeting this week, another lady was there and I really liked her.  At one point in the meeting she asked how many were repeaters as she did it twice.  I reluctantly raised my hand only to realize that practically everyone there raised their hands.  I made that comment that I felt much better now and they welcomed me back.

That does make things a little better and more encouraging.  It's nice to be with people who are struggling with the same issue, rather than newbies looking at you to be the example.  It helps.

So my week starts over tomorrow...we'll see how weigh in goes next week.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Start To The Weekend

CC bought a HUGE bag of raw spinach and happily gave me some.  It's really the only way I like spinach, raw.  Have never been able to stomach frozen or canned spinach.

Anyway this morning, I used some in a 2 egg omelet along with a little bit of reduced fat cheese and some bacon.  It was very YUMMY!  A little higher in points than my usual breakfast, but it is keeping me full longer.  I know what you're thinking - isn't it cooked in the omelet?  Yes it is but the flavor is just different, I can't explain it!

Lunch is going to consist of spinach again!  I'm going to make a salad consisting of spinach, cucumber and tomato topped with a vinaigrette dressing.  I like to use the Good Seasons Italian Dressing.  Each tablespoon comes to 2 pt+; however, I've discovered that if you use just 1 tablespoon and shake it and the salad all together and leave it sit for a little bit; 1 tablespoon is plenty-so it falls in line with the low cal/low fat versions out there.  I'm also having some leftover roasted chicken with my salad.  Because I make the dressing with oil, when I use it, I count it as one of my healthy oils.  That may not be the correct way to do the oil; but at least I try - some people skip over that entirely.

Dinner will consist of a chicken and dumpling casserole.  I made it the other week and it was quite tasty and the leftovers heat well.  Hubby will be attending his son's bachelor party this evening, so he'll eat there so I'm hoping this casserole will give me 2-3 lunches as well.

Re-reading my second paragraph I'm now thinking pasta salad - whole wheat noodles, spinach, cucumber, tomato and Good Seasons.  Not for today, but may work well for a lunch later in the week!

I'm really trying my best this time around.  Last week I used all my weeklies in addition to the dailies - I'm trying to avoid that this week but I have used some already.  It's hard to find your "place"...some people can use all points and lose consistently; others can't.  I'm afraid I'm in the group that can't.  However, healthier eating provides the option to eat more!  So I'm always looking for the healthier option!  I don't want to be one of those people who using all their points on the snacky crap!

Despite what my weigh-in is; I'm thinking of making my daily point target 29.  That was the original lowest points you could go when points plus came out and I lost on that.  26 just doesn't seem enough and when 2 of those 26 is used for healthy oils that leaves you with 24.  I always feel like I'm starving.  So I need to make some adjustments for me.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Apparently, I Have Issues In My Life That I'm Not Aware Of.......

CC and I attended our second Weight Watchers meeting last night.  I was down 1.4 lbs. which would be worth jumping up and down for if it weren't for the fact that I was wearing lighter clothes than I did the week before.  So I either had ounces in loss or stayed the same.  Either way though is better than a gain.

Last night's meeting involved sharing weight loss stories and hearing other people going through what I go through.  These are always helpful and inspiring.

The leader for this meeting wasn't the usual one (she won't be back until next month); so they've had fill-ins. This week was the same lady from last week whom I'll refer to as "B".  Anyway.......

After the meeting CC approached her and asked for help with Weight Watchers.  We both explained our stories of being Lifetime, how we felt about WW's attitude towards lifetimers (and it isn't just us, there are blogs/message boards all over the net of lifetimers complaining of the lost support) and basically how we should approach things this time around; after all we don't have the "hype" we had the first time around.

At first she explained that we aren't going to feel how we did the first time so don't expect it.  She seemed oblivious over the fact that WW's doesn't support their lifetimers; and reminded us that the weight gains are not an over night thing, it is actions we've been doing for some time.

Neither of us were denying the fact that we've been off program or have only been half doing it for sometime - we weren't complaining about the program; we just needed that push that maybe this time will be "the" time; you know-words of encouragement, helpful hints.  For some reason "B", without me saying any more than how my journey was, decided that I had some underlying issue going on in my life now that had me reverting to food.  Oh wait, what??????

She said this more than once and stated that she wished we had time to sit down and talk so she could help me through it.  CC spoke up immediately "She has me to talk to." Which I replied "And I tell her everything." CC continued "And she's told me of nothing going on."  This didn't deter "B", she knows there is an issue there.

I walked away to the counter to pay for items I wanted to purchase.  I am so glad she won't be there next week and if for some reason she is, I'm not staying for the meeting.  I'll go another day.

I can't even begin to explain how this has made me feel - I didn't have an issue, but I have one now!!  How could she in less than a 5 minute conversation analyze me to that degree?  Hubby was not pleased at all-he wants to know when WW Leaders became certified therapists.  I'm still debating writing a letter to the main office.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Two Yummy Recipes

Getting back in track with Weight Watchers.....

I pulled two recipes from the Weight Watchers "Cook It Quick" Cookbook.  It's an older cookbook but all the nutritional information was there, plus I also ran it through the recipe builder on the website for the point values.

The first was Pork Chops with Sweet Potatoes and Pears (you may have to be a member of the WW site to access this recipe; recipe is also available here:  Spark Recipes).  This one came in at 9 points plus.  It was very very good but I will make a few changes next time:  One, I will use a fresh sweet potato as the canned yams got too mushy and Two, I may try pineapple in place of the pears.

The next recipe was Maple-Glazed Chicken with Apples.  I made some minor changes so the recipe is here:

1 cup apple juice
1 apple, cored and cut into 8 wedges
1/3 cup molasses
4 (4-oz.) thin-sliced skinless chicken breasts

In a medium sauce pan mix the apple juice, molasses and apple wedges; bring to boil over medium heat.  Cook until the apple is tender about 8 minutes.  Remove from the heat and keep warm.

Place chicken under broiler and brush on both sides with the apple juice mixture; continue broil and basting chicken until cooked through.  Serve with the apple wedges on the side.  Use leftover mixture over chicken and/or a side of rice.

This one even got a 5 star from hubby!!!  What you are seeing is apple slices, chicken and 1/2 cup rice.  Without the rice the total is 7 points plus; with the rice it is 10 points plus.  YUMMY and POINT WORTHY!!  Don't let the black on the chicken scare you, that's how the glaze gets so close to the broiler, it is still very tasty!

NOTE:  You can join the Weight Watchers site without being a Weight Watchers member...you will have access to the message boards, limited recipes and other things.


I can't believe my vacation is over and I'm already back to work...BLAH!!

The hotel we've stayed at year after year is the Mystic Sea.  We started staying there on our first trip as it was recommended by friends we went with.  It's nothing fancy.  Just a small oceanfront beach hotel.  We liked it, it suited our needs and we've never tried anywhere else; why take the chance?  Over the years it became a little run down but was still clean.  The past few years they've been doing upgrades as money allows.  This year the place looked FABULOUS!!  They still do there Thursday night hot dog grill for the guests; and on Tuesday there was a DJ in the afternoon.  It's normally the same guests that return year after year; so it's like a huge big family!!

Some photos:

In the last 2 photos you can see a building across the street - that is also part of the hotel and there is a pool behind that as well.  In the last photo, the building across the street to the right is their convenience store.

So all in all the vacation went great and we chose to go ahead and book for next year before we left!!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Back To Weight Watchers

CC and I started back at Weight Watchers tonight.  We chose to go a different evening than last time and have a different leader.  Nothing was wrong with our old leader but we wanted to make a complete change in order to shake things up a bit.

The regular leader wasn't there unfortunately; but the one that was we really enjoyed.  Too bad she is not a regular one at our location.

When I started Weight Watchers back in September 2010, I weighed 184 lbs.  Within a year I was at my goal weight of 146.  Today I weighed in at 171.6 lbs.  Totally unhappy with that!!  So it is time to get my butt back in gear!

I did my grocery shopping yesterday and am pretty much prepared.  Lunch is my biggest issue, I fail so often there; however this month's topic at WW is LUNCH!!  What are the chances?? It's a sign, I'm sure.

Monday, September 2, 2013

New Blog

I've started a new blog to journal my second journey with Weight Watchers which CC and I will be starting tomorrow.

This blog will still remain active and will include the majority of the postings at the new site.  I just wanted a place just for the weight loss postings.  You can join me there if you'd like:

The Good, The Bad and The Weigh

Stop The Weight Watchers Bashing Please!!!

I was quite distressed while reading the boards over on My Fitness Pal.  I was looking for the thread to get a Weight Watchers point column to show up in the menus and came across some really harsh Weight Watcher bashing:

I'll never go back to WW and I'm a free lifetime member.  I really didn't feel any support and all it did was teach me to eat processed "diet" food.

i've done ww twice before and with much success, but being that its based on points, you really don't learn anything from them. 

I can only echo what others have said re WW. I decided not to do it this time as it just doesn't work in the long term goal. I am definitely a firm believer now of eating how you will for the rest of your life, sadly counting weight watchers points forever is not the one. In reality that is exactly what you would have to do. 

These are some of the NICE examples.  The amazing ones are those that start with "I never did Weight Watchers but...."  Don't give an opinion of something you know nothing about.  

Let's look at the above quotes:

"I'll never go back to WW and I'm a free lifetime member.  I really didn't feel any support..."

This part I totally agree with, and I've said it before more than once.

"and all it did was teach me to eat processed "diet" food"

Really?  Were we on the same program?  I eat healthier now than I ever have as a matter of fact I much prefer not to eat the processed foods (tv dinners, etc..) as they are so bland compared to my own cooked healthier meals.  Weight Watchers didn't teach you to eat processed foods, you chose to eat processed rather than make your own.  That's your choice not a WW learning tool.

"I've done WW twice before with much success"

So the program works if you've been successful right?

"but being that its base on points, you really don't learn anything from them."

You were successful, but learned nothing?  Isn't this contradicting yourself?  What I really think they are saying here was that at My Fitness Pal they are seeing the calories, carbs, etc.. where when you're looking at a point you don't really know what it is.  In other words, it is more helpful to them to see where they need to make adjustments - whether it's sugar, sodium, carbs, etc..
I'll give them that - but some people don't need to see that; I didn't have to be a rocket scientist to know that eating a bag of chips daily was something I needed to eliminate - didn't need to see the nutritional information for that one!

"I can only echo what others have said re WW.  I decided not to do it this time as it just doesn't work in the long term goal."

Oh, yes it does...the program works - you didn't do it for a lifetime.

"I am definitely a firm believer now of eating how you will for the rest of your life, sadly counting weight watchers points forever is not the one.  In reality that is exactly what you would have to do."

So the food journal at My Fitness Pal to count calories is not a forever thing?  Whatever program you choose will have to be done FOREVER.  Yes, some choose calories, some choose carbs, some choose points.  And actually there are some very successful Weight Watchers bloggers out there that no longer count points but have maintained their losses - so depending on the person, point counting doesn't have to last forever.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

A "Just Roni" Post

One of the first Weight Watcher's type blogs I came across was Just Roni.  She also has a recipe site called Green Lite Bites - love her recipes.  And there's a cookbook:  Favorites From The First 3 Years.

Roni lost 70 lbs. on Weight Watchers and started her blog to log her journey - it has pretty much expanded into a business for her.  She's maintained and is now running marathons.  She's a real inspiration!

So imagine the horror to find her before and after photos with a fake name claiming the weight loss occurred in 30 days by using a weight loss product.  Yep - they were falsely selling their  using her photos that they stole from her site! Yikes!!  You can read the story here:  How I Lost 70 lbs. In 30 Days.

Needless to say, she was NOT happy and did not like that her face was being used to rip people out of their money.  She wrote a blog posting warning readers of these companies:  10 Signs That A Weight Loss Company/Product/Device Plan Is Lying.  "Good Morning America" picked up her story and interviewed her: Good Morning America Appearance.  After that appearance "Inside Addition" picked up the story: Inside Addition Report.  Her job was to get the story out there and protect the public from wasting their money on these scams.

On a happier note with her:

She and 2 other bloggers won a local recipe contest:  Food Lion Contest

AND.....a healthy burger recipe she submitted on the "The Today Show" won her a finalist spot and she appeared on that show:  The Today Show.

So as she can see, Roni is a very active person and you should visit her site frequently!!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

A Quickie Post

No, of course not, haven't forgotten about this blog; life has just been so so busy!!

I don't know if I've mentioned or not but I have a new boss.  The other one retired as of August 1st (HOORAY) and the next one has started.  It's not totally unfamiliar - the new one was someone I've already worked with for 15 years - he just moved up.

The old guy?  He was so ineffective to the organization; made wish-washy decisions and always knew more than you did even though he had no idea what it was you did!  For the most part, he left the office alone; though there were some bad things during the first few years I was there.  Things settled down over time, but there are those bad things that keep that resentment there - yes, I know over time you should let it go but sometimes it just doesn't work that way.

Anyway, the new Major is doing very very well.  The other day I was sitting in one of the Sergeant's offices taking a break and I was telling of my experience interviewing for another job within the county government several years back.  The Major happened to walk in and hear most of it:

Major:  Was that before you worked here?
Me:  No.
Major:  Was it for more money?
Me:  No.
Major:  (just gave me that what was the purpose look)
Me:  Well, you know sometimes you just get sick of the crap that goes on in here.
Major:  Of course.  I certainly hope in the future if you decide to do that, or if any of you girls decide to do that, that you come to me first.
Me:  Really?
Major:  Well of course.  I don't want anyone to leave.
Me:  Funny; the last Major had to sign off on a sheet to prove he knew I was applying for the job and when I took it in his response was "Oh, it would be great if you got this because then we'll have a contact there."
Major:  You've got to be kidding me!
Me:  Nope.  I keep telling you that no one has ever cared about us before.

And that last statement is true!  He's also reviewed our salaries (that he totally wasn't happy about) and even sent the one lady a nice letter thanking her for her service when her anniversary date came.

He's a "people" person.

So, so far so good!

Saturday, August 10, 2013


I was out shopping last week and came across this new item:

And very yummy it was!!  They also have a Peaches one that comes in at 4 points and a Maple & Brown Sugar at 5 pts.  Very worth it and if you have the ability to microwave at work, a handy grab & go.

On the peanut butter front, Jif just came out with this:

Smoother, easier to spread and only 4 points for 2 tablespoons (regular averages 5-6 points) it is worth a look for your peanut butter cravings.  They also have a chocolate/peanut butter flavor.  However, I must admit that I've been using whipped peanut butter to save that point or two for several years:

I was surprised with all the hoopla over the Jif!!  There's been a version there all along!!

Friday, August 9, 2013

If I Were In Charge

David Kirchoff has resigned his position as CEO at Weight Watchers and the job has been handed to Jim Chambers.  If I were just handed the ropes to Weight Watchers????

If I Were CEO of Weight Watchers:

    First - I'd hire some really good computer geeks.  Let's face it WW - your apps and website suck.  They are slow, temperamental and just a royal pain.  SparkPeople, LoseIt, MyFitnessPal...all FREE apps who got it right!  Check them out, learn from them.  Don't overdo it - simplify.

    Second - Remember those members you deemed "lifetime"?? Really??  Your remember??  It certainly doesn't seem like it.  It feels like that once we reach that goal and no longer have to pay...you could care less.  Your lifetimers are what will sell your product - use them, thank them, keep them on a pedestal!

     Third - Train your leaders.  I'm surprised what little they know, when I can find the answers on a quick google search.  Most know nothing about the Simply Filling Plan.  Good Health Guidelines? My leader never discussed the importance of those.  Why does that recipe builder give point values to the fruits??  Oh, I know why it does...why not tell your leaders?

     Fourth - Active Link?  Oh, you weren't conning me into that - nothing more than a way to get more money out of your already paying members.  Guess what?  The FitBit, once bought, costs nothing more to use, it's website is free and that MyFitnessPal I mentioned?  Yeah, it'll sync with that.

     Fifth - Price.  This is a harder one because I know that firstly you are a business and want to make money; but some changes are needed.  I have no issue with the online costs, only that the website is hard to navigate; again simplify.  Meetings - if you miss a meeting, you shouldn't be charged for it.  I would rather see you say - after so many consecutively missed meetings - you'll need to pay a joiners fee again.  You don't have to be a genius to realize that you get more bang for your buck with the Monthly Pass; but some people just want to come in and pay cash.  Now we both know, that paying the weekly fee comes out to more in a month than the Monthly Pass - it's a no brainer.....but even though you're paying more, you get so much less. Now the goal, of course, is to get people to do the Monthly Pass - so maybe the Monthly Pass needs to come down in price just a little bit.

     Sixth - Incentives.  I love my key chain and its charms showing my accomplishments - but they stop at some point.  How about some more charms?  Other incentives?  Say you lose weight every week in a month, how about a discount on the next month?  Yeah, the stickers are cute; but I'm an adult!  Maybe gift certificates?  A free box of snacks?

And that's what I would do if I were CEO.

Saturday, August 3, 2013


As I've said before, the mojo isn't the same......  I'm still struggling and it takes absolutely nothing to fall off track.

Beth of Beth's Journey recently had plastic surgery to remove excess skin due to weight loss.  Her last post was prior to surgery, so while waiting on her next; I've been looking through some old posts.  I came across this one:  Attune Foods: Back To The Basics.  It made me feel better that there are very successful weight losers that at times, need to go back to the beginning.  Loved that post!

And it made me decide that I don't want to be this person again:

Anyway, Thursday night on our girls night out, CC and I discussed Weight Watchers and such.  I told her I was definitely going back in September - I HAD TO.  We then decided that maybe it would be better to go to a different meeting.  Though we have no issues with the leader we had nor anyone there; we thought a fresh start not walking back into the familiar will give us that needed boost to the mojo.  So that's what we decided to do!  Weight Watchers....here we come.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Back On Track

Despite a really bad week with no exercise and bad eating...I managed to maintain at 169 - Whew.....but I still need my mojo.

CC got back from vacation and while texting back and forth she sent me a photo of her son and me at his high school graduation with the message "Look how far you've come."  I'll admit, I was very HUGE in that photo; and I replied with a "Thanks I needed that" and told her I had managed to maintain at 169.  She gave me a good job; I replied "Not good when my lifetime weight is 146".  She then replied with the best advice anyone could of given me at this no mojo time:

"Concentrate on the future, not the past."

No truer words could be spoken.  I think anyone that has lost a lot of weight only to regain a portion or all back, falls into that mindset: "How'd I let this happen."  "It will be harder to lose this time." "I'll never see that weight again."  It puts you in a negative mind set and well you lose your mojo.

So how does that mojo come back??  Well for me, it helps that I have CC to lean on.  She reads the blog, we share everything, so she knows when I need that mind push and she said it with the above.

So what are the positives I've done?  First, I joined Weight Watchers Online to get thru some weeks.  If I'm successful online, I may continue with that.  If I'm not, I'll go back to meetings - no ands, ifs, or buts.  I may try a different meeting time and leader though - mix things up a little.  Two, one positive thing I have done this summer was to join a gym-something I never thought I'd do.  Three, I'm on the ball with water today, have really lacked in that area.  Four- I've got the support of CC.  So the big 4's I've got - Weight Watchers, Exercise, Water and CC.

I can't change the past, but I can move forward and change the future!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My Weight Loss MoJo Went A GoGo.......

I've lost my MoJo where weight loss is concerned.  Actually I haven't had it in 2 years but I keep trying; but it just doesn't come back; at least not in the way it needs too and definitely not in the way it was when I started Weight Watchers in 2010.

I was watching Extreme Weight Loss last night.  I don't normally watch weight loss shows of this nature (I detest the Biggest Loser due to the "in your face screaming" the trainers seem to deem necessary), however this show isn't quite as bad and I didn't notice anything else worth watching.

The show had its ups and down...she'd lose a lot of weight, then fall into bad habits and regain - that terrible ongoing vicious cycle that anyone who struggles with their weight goes through.  At one point she told the camera that she knew she fell off track and that it is so hard to get back that motivation again.  BINGO!!

I couldn't agree more.  It is hard; very hard and finding it again is nearly impossible.

I can remember my Weight Watcher leader saying it took her 3 times on Weight Watchers.  The third time on the program was when she "Got It".

I don't believe that.  Why?  Because I "Got It" the first time around.  I "got it" that the program works; I "got it" that you have to do the program consistently to get it to work; and I "got it" that you can never stop doing it if you want forever success.  I don't need to "get it", I need to "do it".  And there lies the answer.

When the MoJo isn't there, the do it won't be happening.

Unlike the participants in any of the weight loss shows; I don't have some under lying issue that needs to come to light - that's where all that trainer yelling comes from, they want them to break down and tell all their deep dark secrets on what happened that made them turn to food.  Nothing happened to me, I just happen to like food.

So I need my MoJo.  I already have made the decision that I need to be heading back to Weight Watchers in September.  Why wait?  Because the money isn't here at this moment.  I also need to get myself back in gear at the gym and the diet sodas need to go away.

Now where does the MoJo come from??

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Royal Birth

While all the hoopla was going on with the birth of the future king of England.......our own little miracle occurred:

Photo: Baby Bryce

Yep - baby grandson Bryce was born - our third grandson!

Much better than the publicity royal one!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Vacation Coming Soon!

In 36 days I'll be on the beach!  Can hardly wait!  We were a little late making our reservations this year but the still had one available ocean front....so it was meant to be!

I'm doing better diet wise and exercise wise...hope to keep it up!

For the very first time ever - I dyed my hair tonight!  My hair has been highlighted once or twice by my hair dresser; but completely dyed never.  And I did it all by myself.  I was terrified, afraid it would ruin my hair, I'd stain my skin, etc...  All the normal fears, I assume; but everything worked fine.  It's not a totally drastic change, very similar - maybe a little darker but the red highlights look so natural - I am very very pleased!
My hair isn't ruined (it's actually shiny and soft); my skin isn't stained (wasn't as messy as I thought I'd be) and yeah, I'd do it again!  I opted for Clairol Nice n' Easy in Medium Spice Natural Reddish Brown (#119b).  I really like that the red looks natural.

Dinner and a movie tomorrow with CC before she heads on vacation and I begin my  house, dog, cat sitting at her house for the week!

Saturday, July 13, 2013


Has it really been that long since a post?  I've had posts running through my mind for weeks, just never got them written down.

So let's fast recap:

My parents celebrated their 60th Anniversary this year.  We had a semi-surprise party/picnic for them on the 4th of July (which is actually their anniversary btw).  They thought it was just a picnic with the immediate family, but we invited family and their friends to join us as well (that was the surprise part).  Things went very well and the worries my one sister had over not enough food were over rated - we had tons left over!  The day before she went and picked up the cake and instead of it saying "Happy 60th Anniversary"; it said "Happy 60th Birthday Ann".  Plus she asked for red decorations, and they did red and pink (she hates pink).  The solution for the wording?  They scraped it off and then rewrote what she originally asked for!  Nothing could be done about the pink...hmmmm....I would of refused to accepted it or they least they could of done is take some cost off; but she, the panic over everything for the party, just accepted it.  It gave a good story to tell, but still I wouldn't purchase a cake from Giant Food/Martin's again.
Some photos:

Very hot, but lots of fun!!

On the weight front.....  well I'm averaging between 168-171 lbs.  Yes, it's probably my fault, but it's been hard getting back into.  But I'm working on it!  I did come across this smoothie type recipe that comes in at only 2 points plus, makes a HUGE portion and depending on how many ice cubes you use can be super thick or strawable.  It's was designed to be like a Wendy's frosty; don't expect that to the tee, but it does come close:

1 cup skim milk 
about 15 ice cubes
1/2 tsp vanilla
1-2 Tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder
1 small banana

Blend it all together!  That simple!

Yes, you can make changes.... you can use almond milk, soy milk, regular milk, etc..just remember, if you are counting points, changes could affect the point value - so make those changes accordingly.  Yes, you can use imitation vanilla,  Yes, you can use Nestle's Quik in place of the cocoa powder, but again, this may add points.  Play with it, make it your own..but don't make it too high calorie!

We've been dealing with no air conditioning in the middle of a heat wave at work.  No fix coming anytime soon (probably in time for winter, then I've no doubt they'll be a heat issue); so they FINALLY opted for this:

It is slowly helping!

Also on the 1st of July was my 13th Anniversary!  No photos from that day...but here's one from 13 years ago:

I got flowers and XM Radio for the car - NICE!

And my new addition:

A betta fish!  Didn't have plans for this but he was sitting in a little cup all alone on a shelf looking sad - now he is happily swimming in a nice large retro fish bowl!

That's the update so far!