Saturday, February 2, 2013

Ahhh...The Refrigerator

One of Weight Watchers "things" this month was to organize your refrigerator...put the healthy stuff in the front and the unhealthy behind things so you won't be tempted.

I didn't exactly do that..but it reminded me that my own refrigerator hadn't been cleaned out in quite a long time and there were probably many things way over the expiration dates.  I was over at One Good Thing By Jillee and she had a posting on cleaning and organizing your refrigerator.  I loved the idea of using storage bins to help with that - I never would of thought of that!  She got the idea from Goodbye House, Hello Home and I was very excited with that site as her refrigerator was exactly like mine with the exception that the door was on the opposite side.

I headed to Walmart to look for the bins; they didn't have all the sizes and they didn't have very many at all.  I then hopped over to The Dollar Tree to see what they had.  They had many many choices in various colors so I opted for some lime green and headed home to clean the refrigerator (hopefully one day the rest of the house will follow).

I won't bore you with the dirt and grime that collected in there; and if you haven't cleaned out your own in a while you'd be very surprised.  But here are my before and after shots:

I can't wait for hubby to open it for the first time!!

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  1. Wow! That is am amazing transformation!!! I cleaned my fridge out over the summer but wasn't brave enough to take pics of the process. Well done!