Sunday, March 24, 2013

Very Fast Update!

I've been really bad at blogging lately...I've been really bad at EVERYTHING lately; but I'm still struggling along.

I'm a HUGE Walking Dead fan!  I'm getting rather bummed though that we're down to the last two episodes though.  I count days for this show to be on; that's how addicted I am.  I've been avoiding the boards this season as too often people post spoilers and though it doesn't entirely ruin the show, it does take some of the fun out of it.  I'm also immersed in the comics thanks to Polt.  I can't get enough of this show!  And yeah, sometimes I do have to yell at the tv set!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Ho Hum

So supposedly we are getting 1-3 inches of snow, that will turn to sleet far nothing, and that's the way I prefer it.  I am so over winter...I want spring to be here!! (Course I was never really into winter anyway).

I came across this today on FaceBook:

It really made me think.  I'm waiting on spring so I can start walking again...but seriously why can't I bundle up and walk now????  So I did that when I had my morning break - put on my coat and went for a walk.  When going out the door a co-worker told me it was very cold out.  I told her I was well aware of the weather outside, but I needed to walk.

Now I don't know if I could do it in below zero temperatures with the wind blowing 40 mph - but you get the point.  Sometimes you have to move rather than wait.

I still need to get my menus worked out.  I may be in my right ranges, but eating all the wrong stuff.  I have to get back to the healthier eating if I ever want to see losses again.

And for those that asked....Keyser is back to normal!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

This & That

The weather continues to be weird....sunshine, snow, wind, snow, sunshine, wind.....  I could deal with almost anything but cold wind is such a downer.

Food wise, everything went pretty well today.  My breakfast wrap was excellent but it was way more food than I like to eat in the morning; I had to force it down.  I've decided tomorrow to go with the cereal in the morning; dinner leftovers for lunch and whatever Chris and I get into for dinner.  But I'm still within my calories and point range!

I've been meaning to mention this site but have gotten sidetracked.  I came across Dashing Dish while on another blog and she has some great recipes on there.  She also offers some paid areas of the site so spend sometime and look around.  I can't wait to try some of the smoothies!

Roni of various websites had posted some Yogurt topping recipes a few weeks back that I'm dying to try.  You can check them out here:  Yogurt Topping Ideas.  I also just came across this site:  The Kitchn and she has some awesome recipes for meals in a jar:  Make Your Own Yogurt for example.  The site is worth several looks!

Keyser is doing much better and is almost back to normal.  He still needs to be confined away from Toby and Lucy when we aren't at home (and we'll probably have to continue that for a while) but he doesn't seem to mind that at all.  Really need to watch that we don't have another occurrence.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I can eat cereal again!!!!

Okay, well I've always been able to eat cereal but it's so high in points for such a little amount that it never seemed worth using the points for.  But now that I'm looking more at calories and less at points...I can eat cereal again and not for guilty.

Today lunch was at El Ranchero where I get the Pollo Assado (or something like that).  It consists of grilled chicken topped with grilled onions with a side of spanish rice and a side of refried beans.  You also get 2 tortilla wraps.  I brought my wraps and a co-workers home to use for breakfast.

The idea comes from Danica's Daily.  She makes a Healthy Egg Roll for breakfast.  I really don't care for corn tortillas and I don't care for cheese on a I've decided to take a leftover tortilla wrap from lunch today and fill it with sauteed mushrooms and onions and 1 egg with 1 egg white and roll it all together!! I do plan on "frying" the tortilla like she does.  I'm getting hungry for it just writing about it!

Lunch will be CEREAL.  Bite size frosted mini wheats (1 cup) with 1 cup of skim milk and a banana.  An orange and cheese stick for a snack and round up dinner with baked chicken, baked potato and pineapple.

Sounds good.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

I'm A Weight Watchers Drop Out

Well....kind of.  I'm Lifetime, I'm over goal and the scale is just not moving.  The Weight Watchers meetings are geared for newbies and they do me no good.  So I've cancelled my monthly pass and decided to just pop in once a month for my lifetimer monthly weigh-in.  If I have to pay them $13 for being over goal that is fine.  $13 over $43 (monthly pass cost) is the winner in my book!

I AM however still using My Fitness Pal with the Weight Watcher points column. I like that app better than I do the WW one anyway.  CC and I are also going to look into exercising options; I'm thinking that may help get me out of the weight loss plateau (and I can't afford both WW and a gym cost).  Guess it's also time to blow the dust off that Wii Fit!

In other news....My Keyser isn't well.  He's slipped a disk or some other type of injury near his hips and is on bed rest and pain killers plus he has a yeast infection in his ear!!  Poor baby.  Have no idea what happened to him - he was fine one minute and bad the next (well maybe not quite that quickly, but you understand the scenario).  Praying for swift, not painful recovery.

And as we get older, we know we attend more funerals.  A retired co-worker of mine died this week (he's been sick for a while) and I attended his funeral on Friday.  It's always sad to lose a friend.  He had a dog that was the center of he and his wife's world.  The dog died the day before he did (they didn't tell him).  The dog was cremated and buried with him.  I know that made him happy!  R.I.P. Terry.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Ho Hum....

Is winter over yet????

I hate the cold weather, we keep jumping from decent weather to cold weather.  I want the decent weather to come and stay and get better.

Weight loss - I've lost OUNCES...which is very frustrating.  I know a loss is a loss, but I need a little more to keep me motivated.

Still love using My Fitness Pal.  Some at work are using it also.  It seems that 1300 calories (my allotted amount) equals about 27-32 points depending on what I'm eating.  So it is giving me an education in worthwhile calories and bad ones.

I didn't weigh-in this week, because I had a few bad days and couldn't face the scale.  My own fault, but it does get hard.  Lunches are killing me, I need to find some worthwhile ones.