Monday, April 29, 2013

And Now The Finale....

After re-faxing the request information:


I got a working access code!!!

Only took 6 days!

And So I've Gone Full Circle

Weight Watchers informed me that I would have to get a new code at my meeting.  Hmmmm........

I, of course, wrote back and told them that was impossible and once again explained that the code I was trying to use was one THEY SENT ME.

Their response this morning:

We have tested the access code you provided and it is invalid. The code is expired or has already been used to establish an account. To gain access to Weight Watchers® eTools, you will need to subscribe with a valid access code, which you can obtain at your local Weight Watchers® Meetings location. If you prefer, you may photocopy your Member book and send it to us. 



* First and last name 

* Daytime phone number 

* Home zip code 

* Valid e-mail address 

* Date of your last Weight Watchers Meeting 

Please sign, date the photocopy, and make sure we can see your latest stamp that shows you have been to a Weight Watchers Meeting in the past two weeks. You can send us your Member book by fax or US mail. Once we validate your membership, we will send a valid access code to the e-mail address you provide. 



Okay, so now they are telling me to redo what I did in the first place!!!!

Lesson learned from this nightmare:  Customer Service at Weight Watchers is non-existent and consists of "canned" replies and the people working the center need to be informed of everything.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

I Have A Weight Watchers Headache.....

Believe it or not, WW did respond to my email regarding the bad activation code....this is what I got:

Thank you for contacting

We are sorry that you are receiving a code invalid error message during sign-up. From our experience there are several reasons why this can happen.

First, please make sure you are on the Weight Watchers Lifetime eTools sign up page at If the code still does not work when used on this page, it's possible:

1.   The code is being entered incorrectly. Please make sure you enter the code exactly as it is written on your free eTools Voucher and that you are entering the code in the corresponding boxes on the sign up page.  Do not include additional characters, spaces, hyphens, etc.

2.   The code has either expired or was already used to establish an account. Once a code is used it cannot be used again.  If you are eligible for another eight weeks of Weight Watchers Lifetime eTools FREE, please be sure your Meetings leader or receptionist gives you a new voucher.
Note: On some browsers the input fields may appear too small to fit all numbers, but they will register correctly when you proceed.  Be sure to type them in correctly for each corresponding field.

If you are still unable to sign up for your FREE Lifetime eTools, please reply directly to this e-mail and provide us with the code from your free Lifetime eTools Voucher so that we may test it from this end.

Of course, naturally I'm an idiot that doesn't know how to input a code!  Doesn't matter that I copied and pasted it there!  Also, never once was I looking for a code for FREE eTools...I'm over goal and therefore not entitled to it!  See the minute I mentioned Lifetime, they got all confused.  So I spelled it out for them:

The code does not work.  I am not trying to get FREE e-tools.  I AM a Lifetime member that can only get to meetings once or twice a month.  Because I am over goal I pay the meeting fee, however, I still would like to have e-tools.  Your website said I could get e-tools at $14.95/month (which I have no problem with) - when I asked about this at a meeting, they told me they knew nothing about this and that there was no such thing; the only way to get e-tools is with a monthly pass (which at present is no use to me).  I went back to the website and it told me I could get a code by faxing my weight card, etc.. and I would receive an email with a code - which I did.  I received the following code from Bethany on April 24, 2013 (#5577785):


I copied and pasted this code (so I know it's going in correctly).  I get a red x and a red message that says:  This code has already been used.  It did that the very first time I used it.  I've tried several attempts and always get the same message.

So imagine my surprise that on a Sunday, I received a response (and to no surprise something that doesn't help):

Thank you for contacting

The Access Code you provided has either expired or already been used to establish a free eTools account. If you are a Lifetime member who has maintained their weight within 2lbs of your goal weight, please speak with your Weight Watchers® Meetings Leader or Receptionist about receiving a new voucher.

So once again we're back at that free eTools thing and asking for a voucher at the meeting (we know how well that worked)!  Did he not read that the expired number came from someone at their office???  So I replied back stating that I wasn't looking for free eTools, I was a Lifetimer over goal who just wanted to keep their eTools and prior to the Free stuff starting I was able to do so at a monthly cost.

I think I'm going to fax them info tomorrow with the screenshots from their website.

Sunday Morning Headache.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Seriously Again????

So I faxed the requested information to Weight Watchers to get an e-tools activation code.  About 2 hours later I get an email with the code.  I copied and pasted the code into the box and get this message:

"This code has already been used."  REALLY???  SERIOUSLY???  DOES WEIGHT WATCHERS NOT WANT MY MONEY???

So I emailed back explaining the issue....haven't got an answer, probably never will.


Thursday, April 25, 2013


I decided I wanted my Weight Watchers E-Tools back.  According to Weight Watchers, if I'm Lifetime and have shown up at a meeting within the past 4 weeks - I can pay $14.95 a month for e-tools.  All I need is an activation code for it.

There are 2 ways to get an activation code:  At a meeting or by faxing some information to Weight Watchers directly and they'll send you a code via email.   Hmmmmmmm......

Obviously the easiest was a meeting, HOWEVER, at our meeting no one knew anything about an e-tools activation code.  You would of thought I was making it up!  They claim the only way to get it e-tools is by paying the monthly fee of $42.95.  Apparently the people working my WW location need to do some reading.


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

WWDiary App

I'm going to give a review for those who do Weight Watchers but don't want the cost that comes with it.  There is an app available in the Google Play Store and in the Amazon App Store called WWDiary.

On Google Play:  WWDiary:

At Amazon App Store:  WWDiary:

First thing you should know - this app will cost $1.00 at Amazon; it is FREE on Google Play.

Second thing you should know - You have to already know the Weight Watchers program to use it.  Since the app can be used with the new Points Plus as well as the old Point system - it's highly versatile to accommodate all Weight Watcher users.

Third thing:  This app is very generic - don't expect a lot of bells and whistles.  This app was originally designed to replace a paper tracker.  It does not have a food database, so you'll need to know the points of the items you enter, but once they are there, they'll remain there for you.  

Now let's look at the app:

This is one of my screens on my Samsung Galaxy S3.  White box you are seeing right above the Internet button is a widget that comes with the app.  It is kind of hard to see, but it is telling me in the center how many points I have left for the day.  I really like this feature!  If you're not into widgets, your icon will be like the clipboard pictured above.

Anyway, I touch the widget and get to my main screen (the first time you'll enter you will get an information screen):

That's a list of what I've eaten today and the point values assigned to them.  As I've said the app is generic; you are not seeing separate areas for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner - it is just continuing list.  To add another item you need to touch the drumstick in the lower right corner:

Here you will touch where it says Food Item and your keyboard should pop up:
As I type my entry of "Chicken", anything I've already entered that resembles that will appear - if I want one of those I just choose it..if not I continue typing:
I put the point value in - it won't do that automatically, HOWEVER, if you click that little calculator icon, a point calculator will pop-up!  Like I said there is no database and this was designed to replace a paper tracker not the Weight Watcher app but it is nice to have a calculator there if needed.

Once done:
I can go back to my main screen and you see the Chicken entry at the bottom.

The two feet in the lower left corner is your weight button - it is there you can track your weight.  The person next to that is where you log activity. The heart is for favorites.  To access the settings just click your phone menu button while in the app and then choose settings from the pop up window - there you can choose the point program you wish to use and other things.

For a free app - I find this very like able once you know your way around.  Would you like to take it one level more????

For $1.00 a month (payable via PayPal) you can access a bar code scanner.  The first time you open the scanner it will ask you to download a FREE scanner from the app store - it will offer 2 choices, choose either and download.  Once installed go back to this app, click the drumstick:

See the bar code button next to the Food Item block???  Click that.  The scanner will pop up and you can scan the bar code.  If the item is in the database, you'll see something like this:

If that's correct, click okay and you'll get to review and edit (if necessary):

What if the item isn't there????  You can add it!!  And once it syncs, it will be available not only to you but to everyone else that has the paid membership!!  Great idea!

So if you decide to use this app, I suggest you pay the $1.00 a month.  It is so very worth it!!

Sorry this app isn't available for iPhone.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Thyroid and The Weight Loss Plateau

Let’s talk thyroid….

I bring this up because on one of the message boards at My Fitness Pal someone asked (and this isn’t an exact quote):

“I’ve lost 40 lbs but now am having trouble losing weight.  I’ve been reading up on hypothyroidism and since I have the symptoms am wondering if this is the cause….blah, blah, blah….”

Many of us jumped in, me included, assuring her that if she was hypo, it was nothing to fear (as she was really afraid).

But now as I re-read the thread, I’m thinking we didn’t answer correctly.

For the record, I have been hypo for 10+ years and take a pill once a day to keep my levels normal.  Being hypo and going on meds did not make me drop pounds.  As a matter of fact, I think 4 lbs. is what dropped when I went on my meds.  Though I am hypo, I was able to lose 40 lbs. on Weight Watchers and I lost at the same rate CC did, who doesn’t have this issue.

My point is:  this girl has lost 40 lbs and now that she’s in a plateau …she’s assuming that the reason would have to be medical.  So she gets on the internet, looks things up and WHAMO – has the symptoms.  Does she really?  Or is she now imagining them?  Because we’ve all done that and ended up with thinking we have some horrible disease.

My guess is she’s in a plateau; and it is going to take some changing around and such to get the weight loss happening again.  It is normal, it happens to all of us.

As far as her symptoms…as the thread progressed it turns out she really only has 2: can’t lose weight and hair coming out.  The first one is probably just the normal plateau; the hair part (and I don’t know if she meant clumps or just the little amount that normally comes out) could be a vitamin deficiency or a ton of other things.

But my whole point is…you are going to plateau – you’re body is going to get use to what you are doing and adjust; you are then going to have to mix things up to get it moving again – it could take days, weeks or even months.  It’s a part of weight loss.

As for myself:  I’ve been very very bad!!!

Monday, April 8, 2013

The Walking Dead - Season 3 Finale ****SPOILERS****

I won’t lie – I’m a HUGE Walking Dead fan.  I LIVE for Sunday nights when this show is on – lol!!

I also read the comics (thanks to Polt) and am so very glad that the tv show has chosen not to follow the comics exactly – I mean, it would be too much spoilers!  This way, I get the best of both worlds.

Let’s talk Season Finale……(there will be spoilers – so you are warned):

The season finale was uneventful really, I kept waiting for something BIG to happen and it really didn’t.  It was more like one of the regular shows; at the time I was hugely disappointed.

I’ve watched the Season Finale 3 times and with each watching I get a little more out of it.  Like I said, the first watching I was disappointed….the next one not so much…and as I watched it again yesterday (I was putting it on dvd for my one sister) I realized it actually was a good episode.

All season, we were waiting for the showdown between Rick’s group and The Governor’s.  It happened, but not to the effect we were expecting.  We then see The Governor go into melt down mode with his own people and totally lose it; he then heads off with his two henchman and we don’t see him again.  Yes, The Governor lives – he’ll be back.  We know The Governor didn’t go back to Woodbury; we don’t know where he went.  I’ve seen many questioning why he wouldn’t return to Woodbury; my question is “why would he”?  There’s nothing left for him there as he killed any of his people that can help protect the town; all that is left are children and the elderly – they serve no purpose to him; there was no reason to return.

Through the whole season we watched Rick go from dictator, to psycho and now back to normal.  Rick took control at the end of last season, then went nuts when Lori died, then back to normal the last episode.  What brought him there?  With Andrea’s death I think he realized that you can’t do it all yourself and you need people to survive – not just those that can help fight, but the companionship and the caring for each other.  You need to learn to trust again, you need to start living normal again.

The series ended on a more calmer note than in previous seasons.   Rick's group chose to bring the people that were left behind in Woodbury to the prison to live with them, we see walkers in the fields, we see a cross which I'm sure indicated Andrea's grave; in her death two groups came together