Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sometimes....My Opinion Differs...

I recently had a difference of opinion with someone in a FaceBook Spacey Fan Group....sort of.....

I can't really call it a difference of opinion...she was berating the guy based on her can you blame him for something you think????

Kevin had been in Boston visiting bombing victims, hospital workers, rescue workers and such....  just like lots of celebrities do when there is a tragedy such as this.  There were several CNN interviews with him while he was there.  I saw photos of Bradley Cooper visits as well, and a few others.

A particular person in the group decided in her opinion that Kevin was only there using the tragedy for his own gain. The reason she knew this?  Because he didn't hop a plane immediately when the bombing occurred.   It was a long post that was pointed out to me from another group member... I read the post a few times and tried to ignore it.  But I kept going back and each time I read it I got madder.

Even if that's what she thought he was doing, doesn't mean that it was.  On top of that she really wrote a nasty post as if that is and could only be the reason he was there.  In my opinion, unless you are Kevin or live in his head, you can't state that as fact nor can you berate him for something that is only in your opinion.

So....  I gave an opinion:

Having an opinion about his hair, what he's wearing, a movie, etc.. is one thing; however, assuming you know his motives is entirely different (no one here lives within his head).  Kevin has given back many times and supports many charities...just because he didn't hop the next plane the minute the bomb went off didn't mean he didn't care (the man does have a life, he doesn't just sit waiting on things to happen) nor does it mean he's using it as a publicity stunt.  Having an opinion is one thing...pushing it off as fact is a different story.  

In addition to this, I unfriended her.  Okay, the unfriending may have been over the top....but you can imagine the chaos it caused.

The person in question, deleted her post and left the group; but of course contacted another group member, who in turn posted what had happened.  She didn't use names, but you didn't have to be a genius to know who had disagreed with her and thus had unfriended her.  I stood behind my post, but so that she could come back, left the group.  It caused more chaos...I eventually ended back in the group but apparently she is gone for good and well, good riddance.  If you're that thin skinned perhaps social networking isn't for you.

I bring this up only because there were still some postings in the aftermath of how "everyone will not always agree" "people are entitled to their opinion" "it can't always be gushing over Kevin all the time"...  I totally agree with these statements.  Where the point is missed is that this had nothing to do with having a "difference of opinion" it had to do with bad mouthing the man for actions that are only in your opinion and not proven fact.

Understand the difference??

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