Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Good Start For The Week

And the official Weigh In This morning was <<<drum roll please>>>


Now THAT I will accept.  Last week's weigh-in seemed like a waste.  I don't think I lost a whole 5 lbs. in one week, I think I lost more last week but what I ate on the day before weigh-in ruined it.  Anyway, I'm going to continue to stick to the plan.

When I did WW officially, the highest weight for my goal range was 141.  I could never get there.  The closest I got was like 144.  My doctor set my goal at 146 because I was stuck there for a long period of time; so 146 became my goal weight.  Once you reach goal and maintain for 6 weeks, you make Lifetime.  My problem happened almost immediately.  At that particular time 29 daily points was the lowest you could go.  Since I was there with losing, it was time to maintain which meant upping to 35 daily points; if I gained on that, I was to lower it to 34, and so on and so on...until I found my maintaining daily point target.  For me this process didn't work, I kept lowering and lowering my points, but gaining and gaining until I was back at 29, couldn't go any further and now was stuck.  Stuck meant stress, stress meant overeating and no one at my WW seemed to be able to offer any help.

I do know that thru that process, I did maintain at 152 for quite a long time; so if I can maintain that at 29-35 points daily; perhaps that would be a better weight option for me.  I've told myself if the exercise doesn't give me what I want by the end of the summer, that I'm back to WW in September.  I guess that gives me time to come up with a plan.

Part of that plan is that when I reach my goal weight, is to not jump immediately to 35 points.  Instead of jumping up and moving backwards; I'm going to do the opposite-increase by a point until I find my range.  I think WW should do it that way too!

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