Saturday, June 15, 2013

Let's Discuss Weight....

So I've probably been weighing myself way more than I should...but let's look at the stats since I re-started June 2nd:

Sunday, June 2:  172*
Wednesday, June 5:  168.6
Friday, June 7:  169.8
Sunday, June 9:  171.6*
Wednesday, June 12:  166.6
Friday, June 14:  167.2
Saturday, June 15: 165.4

Okay the ones marked with * are what I accept as "official" as I named Sunday morning my official weigh in day.  On Thursday, June 6 it was a Rutter's night and popcorn thus the increase for June 7; on Saturday June 8 it was Mexican at noon and a very very late Italian dinner thus the increase for Sunday's weigh-in.  We still see that increase on Friday, June 14th but again the night before involved dinner and a movie...but I am proud to say the food was healthier and I didn't eat all my popcorn!  I think today's low weight is attributed to the fact that I'm fighting a cold and thus have no appetite.

Though I don't agree with going overboard weighing myself (I'd never do it more than once a day)I do think that a daily weigh-in does help you catch your trouble spots..or at least you can see where a gain came from!

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