Sunday, June 2, 2013


Actually there will never be a "new" diet; but this is my starting point getting back on track with Weight Watchers.  I'm going to do it myself for the summer and then head back to meetings in September if necessary.  Right now my app of choice is the WWDiary App that I reviewed here.  Though I am counting points, I'm going to also try foods that would fall within their "Simply Filling" plan; just to see how I do.  But I need points right now to get me back on track.

I do know where my problem areas are:

1.  Lunches at work.  I need to stay in my office and not worry where everyone else is getting lunch from.  I need to pack and eat what I pack.

2.  Eating out.  I've gotten very lazy with this.  I need to stay away from fried things.  I know what to eat - I need to eat it!

3.  Popcorn!  I eat way too much of this.  Yes it can be a healthy snack...but in my case, it is not.

4.  Thursday nights at Rutter's.  This is a regular for CC and I.  I'm not saying stop it, however, I need to make better choices here - and there are some.  They have grilled chicken sandwiches, salads, fruit, rotisserie chicken, soups, etc..

To start the day off right I made some Mandarin Orange Refrigerator Oatmeal as I had all the ingredients available.  I've just started using honey in place of artificial sweetener in this.  Adds points but is healthier.  I've also been using Chobani nonfat vanilla greek yogurt.  I'm getting use to the taste of greek yogurt and I've discovered just taking a container and adding a few things in it makes a great quick breakfast as well!  I still can't do plain greek yogurt though-blah!

And then of course there is Planet Fitness.  Had my second appointment with the personal trainer last week and have another scheduled this week.  I'm assuming they'll be one more, than I'm off on my own.  In the meantime, I can always treadmill and I really have a huge interest in the ab area.  Though I know all my flab won't go away, it would be nice to have some of it go away!  I also want to try this weird type step machine they have (it probably has a name but I don't know it); I would like to start with trying to go for 5 minutes and then build on it.



Wish me luck or better yet, JOIN ME!

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