Monday, July 29, 2013

Back On Track

Despite a really bad week with no exercise and bad eating...I managed to maintain at 169 - Whew.....but I still need my mojo.

CC got back from vacation and while texting back and forth she sent me a photo of her son and me at his high school graduation with the message "Look how far you've come."  I'll admit, I was very HUGE in that photo; and I replied with a "Thanks I needed that" and told her I had managed to maintain at 169.  She gave me a good job; I replied "Not good when my lifetime weight is 146".  She then replied with the best advice anyone could of given me at this no mojo time:

"Concentrate on the future, not the past."

No truer words could be spoken.  I think anyone that has lost a lot of weight only to regain a portion or all back, falls into that mindset: "How'd I let this happen."  "It will be harder to lose this time." "I'll never see that weight again."  It puts you in a negative mind set and well you lose your mojo.

So how does that mojo come back??  Well for me, it helps that I have CC to lean on.  She reads the blog, we share everything, so she knows when I need that mind push and she said it with the above.

So what are the positives I've done?  First, I joined Weight Watchers Online to get thru some weeks.  If I'm successful online, I may continue with that.  If I'm not, I'll go back to meetings - no ands, ifs, or buts.  I may try a different meeting time and leader though - mix things up a little.  Two, one positive thing I have done this summer was to join a gym-something I never thought I'd do.  Three, I'm on the ball with water today, have really lacked in that area.  Four- I've got the support of CC.  So the big 4's I've got - Weight Watchers, Exercise, Water and CC.

I can't change the past, but I can move forward and change the future!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My Weight Loss MoJo Went A GoGo.......

I've lost my MoJo where weight loss is concerned.  Actually I haven't had it in 2 years but I keep trying; but it just doesn't come back; at least not in the way it needs too and definitely not in the way it was when I started Weight Watchers in 2010.

I was watching Extreme Weight Loss last night.  I don't normally watch weight loss shows of this nature (I detest the Biggest Loser due to the "in your face screaming" the trainers seem to deem necessary), however this show isn't quite as bad and I didn't notice anything else worth watching.

The show had its ups and down...she'd lose a lot of weight, then fall into bad habits and regain - that terrible ongoing vicious cycle that anyone who struggles with their weight goes through.  At one point she told the camera that she knew she fell off track and that it is so hard to get back that motivation again.  BINGO!!

I couldn't agree more.  It is hard; very hard and finding it again is nearly impossible.

I can remember my Weight Watcher leader saying it took her 3 times on Weight Watchers.  The third time on the program was when she "Got It".

I don't believe that.  Why?  Because I "Got It" the first time around.  I "got it" that the program works; I "got it" that you have to do the program consistently to get it to work; and I "got it" that you can never stop doing it if you want forever success.  I don't need to "get it", I need to "do it".  And there lies the answer.

When the MoJo isn't there, the do it won't be happening.

Unlike the participants in any of the weight loss shows; I don't have some under lying issue that needs to come to light - that's where all that trainer yelling comes from, they want them to break down and tell all their deep dark secrets on what happened that made them turn to food.  Nothing happened to me, I just happen to like food.

So I need my MoJo.  I already have made the decision that I need to be heading back to Weight Watchers in September.  Why wait?  Because the money isn't here at this moment.  I also need to get myself back in gear at the gym and the diet sodas need to go away.

Now where does the MoJo come from??

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Royal Birth

While all the hoopla was going on with the birth of the future king of England.......our own little miracle occurred:

Photo: Baby Bryce

Yep - baby grandson Bryce was born - our third grandson!

Much better than the publicity royal one!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Vacation Coming Soon!

In 36 days I'll be on the beach!  Can hardly wait!  We were a little late making our reservations this year but the still had one available ocean it was meant to be!

I'm doing better diet wise and exercise wise...hope to keep it up!

For the very first time ever - I dyed my hair tonight!  My hair has been highlighted once or twice by my hair dresser; but completely dyed never.  And I did it all by myself.  I was terrified, afraid it would ruin my hair, I'd stain my skin, etc...  All the normal fears, I assume; but everything worked fine.  It's not a totally drastic change, very similar - maybe a little darker but the red highlights look so natural - I am very very pleased!
My hair isn't ruined (it's actually shiny and soft); my skin isn't stained (wasn't as messy as I thought I'd be) and yeah, I'd do it again!  I opted for Clairol Nice n' Easy in Medium Spice Natural Reddish Brown (#119b).  I really like that the red looks natural.

Dinner and a movie tomorrow with CC before she heads on vacation and I begin my  house, dog, cat sitting at her house for the week!

Saturday, July 13, 2013


Has it really been that long since a post?  I've had posts running through my mind for weeks, just never got them written down.

So let's fast recap:

My parents celebrated their 60th Anniversary this year.  We had a semi-surprise party/picnic for them on the 4th of July (which is actually their anniversary btw).  They thought it was just a picnic with the immediate family, but we invited family and their friends to join us as well (that was the surprise part).  Things went very well and the worries my one sister had over not enough food were over rated - we had tons left over!  The day before she went and picked up the cake and instead of it saying "Happy 60th Anniversary"; it said "Happy 60th Birthday Ann".  Plus she asked for red decorations, and they did red and pink (she hates pink).  The solution for the wording?  They scraped it off and then rewrote what she originally asked for!  Nothing could be done about the pink...hmmmm....I would of refused to accepted it or they least they could of done is take some cost off; but she, the panic over everything for the party, just accepted it.  It gave a good story to tell, but still I wouldn't purchase a cake from Giant Food/Martin's again.
Some photos:

Very hot, but lots of fun!!

On the weight front.....  well I'm averaging between 168-171 lbs.  Yes, it's probably my fault, but it's been hard getting back into.  But I'm working on it!  I did come across this smoothie type recipe that comes in at only 2 points plus, makes a HUGE portion and depending on how many ice cubes you use can be super thick or strawable.  It's was designed to be like a Wendy's frosty; don't expect that to the tee, but it does come close:

1 cup skim milk 
about 15 ice cubes
1/2 tsp vanilla
1-2 Tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder
1 small banana

Blend it all together!  That simple!

Yes, you can make changes.... you can use almond milk, soy milk, regular milk, etc..just remember, if you are counting points, changes could affect the point value - so make those changes accordingly.  Yes, you can use imitation vanilla,  Yes, you can use Nestle's Quik in place of the cocoa powder, but again, this may add points.  Play with it, make it your own..but don't make it too high calorie!

We've been dealing with no air conditioning in the middle of a heat wave at work.  No fix coming anytime soon (probably in time for winter, then I've no doubt they'll be a heat issue); so they FINALLY opted for this:

It is slowly helping!

Also on the 1st of July was my 13th Anniversary!  No photos from that day...but here's one from 13 years ago:

I got flowers and XM Radio for the car - NICE!

And my new addition:

A betta fish!  Didn't have plans for this but he was sitting in a little cup all alone on a shelf looking sad - now he is happily swimming in a nice large retro fish bowl!

That's the update so far!