Saturday, August 17, 2013

A Quickie Post

No, of course not, haven't forgotten about this blog; life has just been so so busy!!

I don't know if I've mentioned or not but I have a new boss.  The other one retired as of August 1st (HOORAY) and the next one has started.  It's not totally unfamiliar - the new one was someone I've already worked with for 15 years - he just moved up.

The old guy?  He was so ineffective to the organization; made wish-washy decisions and always knew more than you did even though he had no idea what it was you did!  For the most part, he left the office alone; though there were some bad things during the first few years I was there.  Things settled down over time, but there are those bad things that keep that resentment there - yes, I know over time you should let it go but sometimes it just doesn't work that way.

Anyway, the new Major is doing very very well.  The other day I was sitting in one of the Sergeant's offices taking a break and I was telling of my experience interviewing for another job within the county government several years back.  The Major happened to walk in and hear most of it:

Major:  Was that before you worked here?
Me:  No.
Major:  Was it for more money?
Me:  No.
Major:  (just gave me that what was the purpose look)
Me:  Well, you know sometimes you just get sick of the crap that goes on in here.
Major:  Of course.  I certainly hope in the future if you decide to do that, or if any of you girls decide to do that, that you come to me first.
Me:  Really?
Major:  Well of course.  I don't want anyone to leave.
Me:  Funny; the last Major had to sign off on a sheet to prove he knew I was applying for the job and when I took it in his response was "Oh, it would be great if you got this because then we'll have a contact there."
Major:  You've got to be kidding me!
Me:  Nope.  I keep telling you that no one has ever cared about us before.

And that last statement is true!  He's also reviewed our salaries (that he totally wasn't happy about) and even sent the one lady a nice letter thanking her for her service when her anniversary date came.

He's a "people" person.

So, so far so good!

Saturday, August 10, 2013


I was out shopping last week and came across this new item:

And very yummy it was!!  They also have a Peaches one that comes in at 4 points and a Maple & Brown Sugar at 5 pts.  Very worth it and if you have the ability to microwave at work, a handy grab & go.

On the peanut butter front, Jif just came out with this:

Smoother, easier to spread and only 4 points for 2 tablespoons (regular averages 5-6 points) it is worth a look for your peanut butter cravings.  They also have a chocolate/peanut butter flavor.  However, I must admit that I've been using whipped peanut butter to save that point or two for several years:

I was surprised with all the hoopla over the Jif!!  There's been a version there all along!!

Friday, August 9, 2013

If I Were In Charge

David Kirchoff has resigned his position as CEO at Weight Watchers and the job has been handed to Jim Chambers.  If I were just handed the ropes to Weight Watchers????

If I Were CEO of Weight Watchers:

    First - I'd hire some really good computer geeks.  Let's face it WW - your apps and website suck.  They are slow, temperamental and just a royal pain.  SparkPeople, LoseIt, MyFitnessPal...all FREE apps who got it right!  Check them out, learn from them.  Don't overdo it - simplify.

    Second - Remember those members you deemed "lifetime"?? Really??  Your remember??  It certainly doesn't seem like it.  It feels like that once we reach that goal and no longer have to could care less.  Your lifetimers are what will sell your product - use them, thank them, keep them on a pedestal!

     Third - Train your leaders.  I'm surprised what little they know, when I can find the answers on a quick google search.  Most know nothing about the Simply Filling Plan.  Good Health Guidelines? My leader never discussed the importance of those.  Why does that recipe builder give point values to the fruits??  Oh, I know why it does...why not tell your leaders?

     Fourth - Active Link?  Oh, you weren't conning me into that - nothing more than a way to get more money out of your already paying members.  Guess what?  The FitBit, once bought, costs nothing more to use, it's website is free and that MyFitnessPal I mentioned?  Yeah, it'll sync with that.

     Fifth - Price.  This is a harder one because I know that firstly you are a business and want to make money; but some changes are needed.  I have no issue with the online costs, only that the website is hard to navigate; again simplify.  Meetings - if you miss a meeting, you shouldn't be charged for it.  I would rather see you say - after so many consecutively missed meetings - you'll need to pay a joiners fee again.  You don't have to be a genius to realize that you get more bang for your buck with the Monthly Pass; but some people just want to come in and pay cash.  Now we both know, that paying the weekly fee comes out to more in a month than the Monthly Pass - it's a no brainer.....but even though you're paying more, you get so much less. Now the goal, of course, is to get people to do the Monthly Pass - so maybe the Monthly Pass needs to come down in price just a little bit.

     Sixth - Incentives.  I love my key chain and its charms showing my accomplishments - but they stop at some point.  How about some more charms?  Other incentives?  Say you lose weight every week in a month, how about a discount on the next month?  Yeah, the stickers are cute; but I'm an adult!  Maybe gift certificates?  A free box of snacks?

And that's what I would do if I were CEO.

Saturday, August 3, 2013


As I've said before, the mojo isn't the same......  I'm still struggling and it takes absolutely nothing to fall off track.

Beth of Beth's Journey recently had plastic surgery to remove excess skin due to weight loss.  Her last post was prior to surgery, so while waiting on her next; I've been looking through some old posts.  I came across this one:  Attune Foods: Back To The Basics.  It made me feel better that there are very successful weight losers that at times, need to go back to the beginning.  Loved that post!

And it made me decide that I don't want to be this person again:

Anyway, Thursday night on our girls night out, CC and I discussed Weight Watchers and such.  I told her I was definitely going back in September - I HAD TO.  We then decided that maybe it would be better to go to a different meeting.  Though we have no issues with the leader we had nor anyone there; we thought a fresh start not walking back into the familiar will give us that needed boost to the mojo.  So that's what we decided to do!  Weight we come.