Monday, October 7, 2013

Square Trade

When I come across a good product, I like to pass it along.

I bought my 5 year old grandson a tablet for his birthday.  It wasn't an expensive one; I found it on  There was an option for a one year accident warranty for $9.99.  At first I was going to skip over it, but then I thought for $9.99 it may be worth having.  After purchasing however, I looked up reviews and saw nothing but complaints.  I figured I had just wasted $9.99.

Colton had the tablet less than a week when he grabbed it from his brother's hands and it hit the floor.  The display was now distorted.

I got online and begin the accident plan process.  After filling everything out, it told me more info was needed and I had to call the 800 number.  I thought "here we go".   After being on hold about 5 minutes, a very nice young man answered the phone.  I told him the issue (as it turns out the website was half working which is why it directed me to call).  Within less than 30 seconds, he approved my claim.  He then told me that since the purchase was less than 30 days, they would just refund my purchase amount.  They would email me a UPS label to send the old one and as soon as they were notified that it shipped, my refund would be on it's way via check, paypal or amazon gift card.  I chose the gift card since I would be repurchasing through Amazon anyway, he informed me that the gift card included an additional $5.00.  The whole call took less than 5 minutes.

And people were complaining about this company????

So I went ahead a reordered the new one (which is actually the upgrade now) and naturally took out the accident warranty on it!  I mean why wouldn't I?

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