Sunday, November 3, 2013

Tiring Day....

It was a tiring day.....

CC and I headed out yesterday to areas unknown!  Okay  not actually, but we headed to some Arts & Crafts Show.

We started at one at the Five Forks Church in Waynesboro, which was a combo arts/crafts and yard sale.  Very Nice.  We then headed down the road to Howard County, Maryland fairgrounds for a large Arts & Crafts Expo featuring 200 vendors.

Though, if you live closer to Howard County then we do, it's probably worth attending; after we drove that far and paid to get in, we didn't buy much. <<sigh>>  From there we headed back towards Frederick only to detour off and head to Westminster as we are a little more familiar with that area than Frederick.

The drive seemed longer than we were expecting and we were STARVING.  But then we noticed a sign with a photo of grapes and the word "Serpent" and not sure whether it was a vineyard or a snake farm headed in that direction.  Okay, I'm kidding - we knew it was a vineyard!  We ended up at this nice little vineyard:  Serpent Ridge.  We did the wine tasting, that only costs $5 and you get to keep your wine glass and then bought a glass of wine along with bologna, cheese and crackers.  This is a nice little place and the weather was perfect.  They also have a cat named Zork who greets everyone!

Then it was Westminster for shopping and such.  We ended the day with dinner at Ruby Tuesdays which, as I'm inputting the food into my tracker, isn't so Light & Fit as their menu claims; at least not on the Weight Watcher point side!  Not a good food day!!

So I need to be on track Today and Tomorrow!

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