Sunday, January 12, 2014

Don't Make It More Difficult Than It Is

I was over on the Weight Watcher message board and notice A LOT of questions in regards to their Simple Start plan.  The plan was designed to be just that "simple"; but way too many people are over thinking it.

1.  Read the material.  It will answer most if not all your questions.

2.  The material is pretty straight forward.  You are given menus to choose from for all meals as well as snacks.  Don't like the menu options?  They have a 2 page spread telling you how to build a meal for each meal type.

3.  You are given 7-points daily to use for indulgences.

Simple Start is a two week program to get you started.  After the 2 weeks you can continue with it, go right into the Simply Filling Plan (which is what Simple Start is based on) or move onto the total points plan.

Yes - it's THAT simple.  Don't over think it.

As for me.....

I'm still doing the point tracking.  I just prefer it.  I am watching my power food intake though.  Power Foods are what Simple Start and Simply Filling are base on.  Power Foods will keep you filling fuller longer and are healthier options.  For instance, this morning breakfast was:

2 slice light wheat bread - 2 pts.
2 eggs-4 pts.
banana- 0 pts.
Eggs were cooked in 1 tsp. canola oil-1 pt.

Counting points that cost me 7 pts.  HOWEVER, were I doing Simple Start or Simply Filling - it wouldn't cost me anything - everything is a power food and you don't have to count your first 2 tsp. of oil.  So my whole breakfast would of been considered Simple Start/Simply Filling.

So why track points?  It's a preference really, it just makes me more accountable of what is going in my mouth.  But I think Simple Start is a good plan and if you can continue on from there without the point tracking then go for it!

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