Wednesday, February 26, 2014

50 Posts In a Row #6

Okay, so let's talk "The Walking Dead"....

I am LOVING The Walking Dead this season.  Well, okay - I love it every season; but I spend time on boards and hear more griping and complaining than for the nay-sayers:

The show is about survivors not the walkers (aka zombies).  So every episode does not have to be about a huge walker attack.  In reality - mankind is the biggest threat.

Oh what?  The show isn't real enough for you?  HELLO - zombies are not real; the show is based on a COMIC doesn't have to be real.  Yes, I often yell at the screen too - why would they do that?  It's easy to be critical when you're not living the situation.

There was actually someone that complained that nothing happens on the show, it's just them moving place to place and fighting walkers.  Hmmmmm......and what do you think the show should be about???
Nothing happens?  Are we watching the same show???

Anyone I've ever told to watch this show ends up hooked.  Even people who normally wouldn't watch this type of show.  Watch it to be entertained...if you want real life - go out and live it!!

I am not one of those - if Daryl dies I'm never watching again.  Sorry...I like him too; but I'd still watch.  I certainly don't base a whole show on ONE character!!

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