Thursday, February 13, 2014

It's Been A Snowy Kind of Day.....

Yep that big storm came in about 7:30 last night, stopped a little this afternoon, and started again this evening:

Yeah, it isn't pretty.

I've completed 4 dog walks and 3 shovelings.....good for exercise, but boy is it tiring.  The one fortunate thing was that work closed so I didn't have to go in nor use any of my vacation/personal time to cover it - they'll pay us for not being there - HURRAY!!

Hubby's work closed also; so we stayed home and watched the series "The Following" on Netflix.  It's pretty good, but they make the cops/agents look so stupid in these shows - I mean, really???  The mistakes they make are so over the top, obvious and simple.  We just couldn't continue on with season 2 - we got burned out.

It would be nice to have another work closing tomorrow which would give us an extra long holiday weekend...but I really have my doubts about that.

Due to snow, Weight Watchers was a no go...but I weighed myself anyway and was down two-tenths - not a lot but at least it is in the right direction.

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