Saturday, March 1, 2014

50 Posts In a Row #9

My Sookie kitty was spayed this week and got her rabie shot; hopefully next week we can complete the adoption and she will be officially ours - but then, wasn't she always???

When I picked up the voucher from the Humane Society I was rather disappointed that I couldn't take her to just any vet.  There were 5 listed on the voucher and my vet wasn't one of them; which seemed rather odd since they do do spays/neuters for them.  None-the-less I chose the one listed at the top and made the appointment.

As I've mentioned before Sookie is mostly feral; she's coming around but she doesn't want touched or picked up.  I was worried about getting her in a crate, but then I just used the little laser dot and she went right in.

We arrive at the vet's where you would think (since I did tell them I was bringing in a Humane Society foster) that I could of handed them the cat and the voucher and go on my way.  Nope, I had to fill out a form as if I were a new client and then wait in one of the rooms for a vet tech to arrive, who did nothing more than try to sell me more services - all of which I declined.

After work, I was able to pick her up.  When I get there I had to wait because apparently only one particular person can do pick-ups.  I then get the run down on meds (antibiotic/painkillers), the paperwork for the rabie vaccination and of course Sookie.  I was so glad to get out of there - it made me appreciate my vet so much more.

We get home and despite surgery, Sookie is pretty much herself except I notice that her front leg that the IV had been in she keeps shaking.  After about an hour I realize that the wrap they put on her leg after removing the IV is still on!!  Oh great, now I need to catch feral cat and remove actually ended up being easier then I expected but I never should of had to do it.

Anyway, Sookie is doing great and who would ever think this little thing:

Would be growing so fast:

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