Friday, May 23, 2014

Ho Hum.....

I've been feeling a little ho-hum these days, not just because of the soon to be home situation or finances; but mostly in health.

I've been dragging, overly tired and some days I feel not quite right.  Dizzy isn't the correct word, but kind of disconnected.  I had this feeling over 10 years ago, no medical test showed anything, it went away on its own.  Perhaps it is all in my head.

A new weight loss product is on the rise:  Vi (I won't honor it with a link).  Basically it's a smoothie mix.  A few people I know are posting all over FaceBook about it.  One has chosen to sell it; I went to her page for information.  I couldn't get any information without first giving my name, address and phone number - yeah, that ain't happening.  A week later I went to training with some other County employees - one of which is a Vi Team Leader - out of the blue she begins a sale pitch. I asked the obvious: "What is the monthly cost?"  I had to ask this question several times to get a straight answer, because I kept getting "If you have 3 people order with you for the month, you'll get yours free."  Eventually I learned there are several packets, but the one she recommended was $300 a month - THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS!  That's a car payment!  I then asked the obvious - "When I'm tired of drinking smoothies for 2 meals a day, how do I maintain the weight loss?"  The answer?  "You know weight loss is a lifestyle change."

 Well - DUH!  But it still didn't answer my question!  She seemed annoyed I'd asked and the conversation ended.  So I did an online search with reviews being 1/2 and 1/2 (naturally those selling it swear by it).  I came across this site:  David Modderman's Weight Loss & Nutrition Blog where he did a requested review of Body by Vi.  Once he started listing ingredients, I knew the product wasn't for me; I have hypothyroid so I have to watch soy intake and what is the main ingredient in this mix?  Yep, you guessed it!  Soy!  So despite all the headless before/after photos...I knew this was not a product for me.

Not that I planned on buying it anyway; but I always like to research.  And really?  Two drinks a day and then a sensible meal?  Didn't Slim Fast invent that years ago?  10 to 1 I could drink a Weight Watchers smoothie twice a day with a sensible meal and lose weight.  But I don't want to be limited to a drink as a meal twice a day - once, fine; twice? I'd never last!

What I need, is to kick my butt in gear and do what I need to do - the lifestyle change.  I did it once; I can do it again!  Goals:

The healthier choice over the bad one
Increase activity
Increase water intake and decrease diet soda
Limit the artificial sweeteners

Studies show that artificial sweeteners are bad for you; diet soda hinders weight loss.  I need to start limiting these.  Most sugar free products contain artificial sweetener-watch for that!  Right now they are saying stevia is the best choice; but years ago it was splenda, which now isn't.  It is a gamble.

I've been gone from the weight loss mentality for far too's time to get back in gear.

Monday, May 19, 2014

An Update!

Wow - it seems like FOREVER since I've written a post!  I'd love to come on here and say "Hey, I'm really losing a lot of weight." But that isn't happening....oh, I'm still trying but the mind set just ain't there.  None-the-less I've decided to take a break from Weight Watchers and focus more on eating healthier.

I'm happy to say that Brooke from my last post went viral when Shape refused to use her bikini photo and after a few television interviews, she finally got an interview with the editor of Shape Magazine!  So they'll be doing an article on the reality of weight loss- Yay For Brooke!!

As for me?  Other than the weight thing?  It's been very very busy.  My sister-in-law has been in and out between hospital and rehab and is now hopefully in rehab to get her home.  Course she has no home to go to - where she was originally (sharing with a friend) just wasn't working out and the stairs at that place won't be an option for her anyway; so until she can get housing; she will be staying with us.  Yes, here in the itty bitty house - but what else can we do?  Hopefully it won't be long term and she'll be out and about doing her normal things.  But this is causing a lot of condensing.  One, my office is going to have to move back upstairs so there's room to move dressers to the current office location (which is actually the dining room); the spare room is used as a closet almost, so we need to move that stuff out to make room for her.  I kind of miss my little private upstairs office, so I'm looking forward to that...though the moving everything part I'm not looking forward to!!

This weekend we got this for the dogs:

An outside kennel so they can enjoy the great outdoors!  We got it off one of the FB Yard Sale sites at a great price!!  So far so good and though we have no intention of putting them in there and leaving for work; it does make it nice that they can be in the yard with us!

CC and I spent Saturday at what was suppose to be a Community Yard Sale...except 95% of the community didn't participate so it was a bust.  We ended up at 2 wineries and the Gettysburg Battlefield!  Made for a nice day!

Kevin Spacey has a new documentary that you can purchase and download at his website.  It's about the world tour they did with Richard III (which if you remember I went to see in Brooklyn twice).  Though I won't name names.....I must send out a huge Thank You to one of my Spacey Pals who purchased me a download.  It was totally unexpected and overwhelmingly appreciated.  I haven't had the opportunity to watch yet....but hopefully soon!

And that's my update!

Monday, May 5, 2014

A Weight Loss Success

Brooke of "Brooke Not On A Diet" Fame recently was telephoned interviewed by Shape Magazine Online as a Weight Loss Success Story.

If you've never read her blog, you should - but more than anything Brooke is a weight loss success.  Brooke lost over 170 lbs. with the help of Weight Watchers and is now a WW Leader.  Her blog was featured in Woman's Day magazine so it was no wonder that Shape wanted her to tell her story.

They asked for an after weight loss picture; she sent it.  They didn't like it and requested another; she refused.  They insisted; she decided not to be part of their magazine.  I say - Good For Brooke!!

Shape only wants bikini photos apparently if your body is model thin......they don't want to share reality.  You can read all about it and see the submitted photo at Brooke's site.  Just click the link at the top of this post.

Her story made me think back to Pat.  An older woman who was in my original Weight Watchers group that lost 150 lbs.  She was like our group star!!  She wanted to be a WW Leader and help others!  The WW employee that interviewed her decided that she had "arm jiggle" and therefore couldn't represent WW.  Pat hit a low point and gained all her weight back because the employee found a flaw instead of perfection.  I still to this day say Shame On Weight Watchers!

And now I'll say Shame On Shape Magazine!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Weigh In

So how did my first week of not counting points go??  I was down 1.4 lbs. at weigh-in this evening!!

So far, so good.

Simply Filling

Why not Simply Filling?

If you are familiar with Weight Watchers, then you know besides the point system they have one called Simply Filling.

With Simply Filling there's a list of foods:  lean meats, vegetables, fruits, fat free dairy; that you eat off of until "satisfied" (not stuffed).  Yep, as much as you want.  Anything off the list?  You have the 49 weekly points to indulge.

So why not use that plan?  One - it still involves points and Two - though I do drink skim milk...the fat free cheeses and stuff just replace the fat with chemicals.  This would be such a healthier version if they'd push the processed stuff out of it.  A great plan if you don't want to count points; but points are still there and I want to graduate from that!

I do follow a few blogs where the person took what they learned from Weight Watchers and moved forward from there.  Some still do points, some do simply filling and some just took the tools they learned and moved on.  I highly suggest these sites:

Roni Noone - Roni has made a business out of her weight loss and has appeared in magazines and on TV.  She has a weight loss site, a recipe site and a travel blog.

Danica's Daily - A Simply Filling fan for the most part; she makes weight loss look so very delicious.

Brooke Not On A Diet - She took her WW experience to the next level and became a Leader. 

There's a few more, but these are my favorites.  Hopefully, I'll get a sidebar up soon.