Monday, May 19, 2014

An Update!

Wow - it seems like FOREVER since I've written a post!  I'd love to come on here and say "Hey, I'm really losing a lot of weight." But that isn't happening....oh, I'm still trying but the mind set just ain't there.  None-the-less I've decided to take a break from Weight Watchers and focus more on eating healthier.

I'm happy to say that Brooke from my last post went viral when Shape refused to use her bikini photo and after a few television interviews, she finally got an interview with the editor of Shape Magazine!  So they'll be doing an article on the reality of weight loss- Yay For Brooke!!

As for me?  Other than the weight thing?  It's been very very busy.  My sister-in-law has been in and out between hospital and rehab and is now hopefully in rehab to get her home.  Course she has no home to go to - where she was originally (sharing with a friend) just wasn't working out and the stairs at that place won't be an option for her anyway; so until she can get housing; she will be staying with us.  Yes, here in the itty bitty house - but what else can we do?  Hopefully it won't be long term and she'll be out and about doing her normal things.  But this is causing a lot of condensing.  One, my office is going to have to move back upstairs so there's room to move dressers to the current office location (which is actually the dining room); the spare room is used as a closet almost, so we need to move that stuff out to make room for her.  I kind of miss my little private upstairs office, so I'm looking forward to that...though the moving everything part I'm not looking forward to!!

This weekend we got this for the dogs:

An outside kennel so they can enjoy the great outdoors!  We got it off one of the FB Yard Sale sites at a great price!!  So far so good and though we have no intention of putting them in there and leaving for work; it does make it nice that they can be in the yard with us!

CC and I spent Saturday at what was suppose to be a Community Yard Sale...except 95% of the community didn't participate so it was a bust.  We ended up at 2 wineries and the Gettysburg Battlefield!  Made for a nice day!

Kevin Spacey has a new documentary that you can purchase and download at his website.  It's about the world tour they did with Richard III (which if you remember I went to see in Brooklyn twice).  Though I won't name names.....I must send out a huge Thank You to one of my Spacey Pals who purchased me a download.  It was totally unexpected and overwhelmingly appreciated.  I haven't had the opportunity to watch yet....but hopefully soon!

And that's my update!

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  1. AnonymousMay 22, 2014

    You'll love Kevin's documentary. Look close near the end while the cast is on BAM's stage for a little dog named Mini walking among them. Donna K