Friday, June 6, 2014


Let's talk Weight Watchers.......

When I decided to join WW way back when, I chose a location that worked.  Every Thursday evening CC and I headed to the Mall for popcorn and a movie.  WW was at the mall, so we made it a habit of going to WW, having dinner at Subway, then off to a movie with popcorn.  It worked!!

Our routine changed over the years, we fell off the wagon, rebooted and tried to get back in focus - we even tried a different evening for WW but the time just didn't work.  Despite the fact that, as I indicated in my last post, I was taking time off from WW meetings; CC was still going and well, we're at the Mall - I can shop while she goes to meetings.

Last night I was waiting outside of WW while CC weighed in and I noticed a sign on the door indicating that WW was moving....wait, what, hello????  I then read further and realized that our meeting day and time had been eliminated completely from the schedule!!  That meeting is rather full and a few of the "oldies" we'd been with originally had started back - so I was rather surprised.

CC ended up cancelling her membership last night; no one seemed to be able to give a reason for this change but then she didn't stay for the meeting so we may have missed the information.  But it is very distressing.

I realize that WW has been losing money, mostly due to all the free apps and websites out there, so they look to cut where they can - but why at the expense of your PAYING members?  That makes no sense what-so-ever and I'm beginning to wonder if the WW Powers That Be need to be replaced!

The new location is across town at a hotel and I'm thinking the reason that the meetings are so limited is because they can only rent the room for a few days and they chose to make the days all in a row rather than spreading them out. At the mall the whole space was theirs to use alone and well was like a WW store; I imagine they won't be letting any supplies behind in the new place.

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