Sunday, June 29, 2014

Lots and Lots of Kitties

It's Kitten Season - and your Humane Society and local Rescues are loaded with kittens.  Plus I see dozens and dozens of listings on FB with people looking at homes for kittens and have more on the way.

Why oh why???

Why would you continue to breed if you still have kittens from the last litter?  Why breed at all?

Ever see all those feral cats that live in the wild?  At some point, those cats somewhere in history started as someones pet.  Not a good thing.

Please stop breeding!!!

And for those looking for kittens - why is a female a must?  What's wrong with a male?

Remember if you adopt from a Humane Society or Rescue your kitten will be vetted - spayed/neutered, all initial shots, tested for feline leukemia, wormed and microchipped.  A cat that is safe to take home to your family and other pets if you have them.

But answer those "free kitten" ads - what are you getting?  Why does this person have kittens?  Why did they not have their cat spayed?  Is there health guaranteed?

Let's be responsible pet owners - get a kitten?  Get it fixed!!

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