Thursday, July 31, 2014


I'm sure you remember Sookie.  That little kitty who jumped up under my car at a stoplight and drove home with me?  If not or you need a refresher:

Only Me

I'm Lost....and then an UPDATE!

Kitty Update

Kitty Update 2

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50 Posts In A Row #25

It was a story so worthy of many posts!

We lost Sookie this morning.  Though she hadn't been well in several days due to an abscess (which we have no idea how that happened); she was eating and drinking and hanging around us when we were home.  We were still not allowed to touch her (she's 99% feral and never lost that instinct).  But this morning.....She was laying under the desk and I not only was able to touch her but pick her up.  Not a good sign.  Figuring she had an infection from the abscess (it had been draining); we headed to the Vet.  Once there it was determined she had no fever, so it couldn't be an infection.  Though further tests could help make a determination; it wouldn't be able to save her in anyway.

She didn't make it  :(

The Vet thinks it may have been something genetic or even a blood clot or possible an internal injury that resulted with the abscess.  We don't know, we'll never know.

I just know my Sookie is gone and I'm heartbroken.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

50 Links

Need A Weight Loss Plan?

36.  Weight Watchers

37.  Curves

38.  Atkins

39.  Jenny Craig

40.  Nutrisystem

41.  South Beach

42.  eDiets

And to finish out the 50 Links:

Even though I didn't get to Myrtle Beach this year, CC did.  My favorite Myrtle Beach spots:

43.  Mystic Sea   Nothing fancy, not a 5 star hotel; but it's clean and ocean front.  I've never stayed anywhere else!

44.  Alligator Adventure   Go see the alligators; this place is great!

45.  Broadway At The Beach  A boardwalk away from the ocean front.  Shops, restaurants and such.

46.  Barefoot Landing  Like Broadway but in North Myrtle Beach (their site seems to be down at the moment).

47.  Captain George's  My favorite seafood buffet!

48.  Liberty Steakhouse  The one at Broadway At The Beach - our favorite place to eat!

49.  Hook's Calabash Seafood  Another great seafood buffet!

50.  Myrtle Beach Boardwalk  This is only a few years old and still growing.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

I've Been To The Beach And Back.....

This year hubby and I had to give up our annual Myrtle Beach trip in August; but I managed to wrangle a beach trip to Ocean City, MD with my sister, nieces and great-nephews.

We went down from Sunday to Thursday and had beautiful weather.  The water was extremely cold (we're not far enough south for it to be warm) but I'm not a big "getting into the ocean" person anyway - though I LOVE sitting on the beach.

We had a really good time and to continue with the "50" Links; here's some things we did:

26.  The Crab Bag (LOVED the crabs here)

27.  Smitty McGee's

28.  Dumser's

29.  Bayside Skillet  (was totally unimpressed with this place)

30.  De Lazy Lizard (good but nothing special)

31. Happy Jack

32.  Ocean City Boardwalk

33.  Seaside Country Store

34.  Bethany Beach (love this area and the boardwalk is very nice)

35.  Thrasher's French Fries

Yeah, we ate alot!!!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

50 Links

Links To Places I Love:

16.  Myrtle Beach, SC

17.  New York City

18.  Ocean City, MD

19.  Boston, MA

20.  Baltimore, MD Inner Harbor

Places On My Bucket List:

21.  Grand Canyon

22.  California

23.  Ireland

24.  Scotland

25.  England

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Saturday, July 5, 2014

"50" Links

I've been lacking in posts recently, but want to do some more "50" posts in honor of my 50th birthday this year.  So I'm going to give 50 links (not all in one post) of some great, inspiring and  interesting things that I found enjoyable and hope you do to:

1.  I Wore A Bikini and Nothing Happened

2.  Maybe You Get Bad Customer Service Because You're A Bad Customer

3.  10 Signs That A Weight Loss Company Is Lying To You

4.  How To Start Again

5.  How To Clean & Organize Your Refrigerator