Wednesday, April 15, 2015

So I Clicked The Weight Watcher Cancel Button

And now the journey begins!

I don't have it all figured out; I have no guidance - but I know what to do and it is kind of a relief to not count points anymore.  But let me tell you, it is taking everything in me to go away from Weight Watchers completely!  In the past, even when I stopped paying WW, I still did the program (or partially did it) - the points were always there.

Just for the record - I have nothing against Weight Watchers.  I love Weight Watchers and still think they are a great dieting option.  I just was getting burned out.

But today on FaceBook I came across a posting on one of my favorite blogs Brooke Not On A Diet:

Switching Focus

That post couldn't of come at a better time!  She's been frustrated on how things have been going and she's "Over It". Her brain is burnt out thinking about food.

I mean - how wonderful that I'm not the only one!

But then I looked further and found these blogs and some things from each popped out at me:

Why I Switched From Weight Watchers To Medifast

"It's absurd to expect different results from the same behavior."

"I needed a reboot. A brand new approach."

"It was a slow and agonizing decision."

Why I Love Weight Watchers But Would Never Go Back

"The game for me was figuring out how to play the numbers so they added up on paper to the magic number. It got to the point that I could be perfect on paper but not lose a single pound."

"The problem with Weight Watchers is that as long as you lose weight, no one questions what you're eating."

I Quit Weight Watchers

"I have no intention on tracking everything I eat for the rest of my life and I certainly don't want to pay for it."

The Future Of Me And Weight Watchers

"I'm sick of tracking."

"It's not working now."

"Maybe I need something new."

Why I Bought A Scale And Quit Weight Watchers

"I was no longer really getting any new information from attending the meetings."

"I do not want to have to pick a goal weight."

"Stopping Weight Watchers does not make you a failure or a quitter."

Again - everyone had their own reasons and not all of these postings are recent decisions; but they made sense.  They gave me the push I needed to move forward rather than back to "what worked before" because what worked before, isn't working for me now - I've changed, I need a new approach.

I can't say that I'll never do Weight Watchers again, maybe I will, maybe I won't - but right now, it's not what I need.

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