Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 TOP TEN

As I've done the past few's the past year in review (the good, the bad and not in any particular order):

BABY MILES!  In March we were blessed with another grandson and we love him to the moon and back!

We lost our baby Keyser to cancer this year.........   :(

We added Morgan to our herd; I don't want to get back into all those pigs again; but I do love the hairless and they are hard to find!

With no artistic ability what-so-ever - I discovered Paint Nite!  And discovered, though not perfect, I can be a Picasso (wink, wink):


We added Dexter to our herd: 

One of the worst thing that can happen, happened......we lost my nephew Chris on November 14th.  Much much too young to go, it is the most heartbreaking thing I've ever been through:

Chris was an artist and we planned to do a Paint Nite together in January.  :(

Weight loss is a constant thing I struggle with; but it was back to Weight Watchers and their new program - Smart Points.

Movies, movies, movies.... I saw so many movies this year - I lost count!  Thanks to CC for being my partner in crime, not only with movies but weight loss as well.

A successful Pet Drive and a successful Canned Food Drive.  I love doing these - thanks to all my co-workers and friends for making it happen!

Learning how to do day by day without a loved family member; that's the ongoing challenge.

For past Years in Review:

Thursday, December 10, 2015


Today was my nephew's birthday, he would of been 33.

I took flowers to his grave.......

Friday, December 4, 2015

And Now It's December......

Yep, missed the whole month of November.......

November was terrible.

November 14th my 32 year old nephew died from an overdose.  He was found sitting next to his bed. It was determined he had been dead for 12 hours.

Everything gets hazy after that.

I loved that boy (yes, I realize he was a man, but always a boy to me); I loved everything about him and it hurts so much to lose him and I guess it'll hurt forever.....